Level 4.2
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The only known picture of this Sub-Level taken by u/carolyncoolio.

Level 4.2 is an unconfirmed Sub-Level that has only been visited 3 known times. It seems to correspond with Level 4, as Level 4 is an abandoned office building and offices usually have parking garages. The only official information about this level was obtained through a post on r/backrooms by a Redditor named u/carolyncoolio, and messages with her.


Level 4.2 appears to be like an abandoned parking garage. Only one picture has been taken on this level. There is no natural light, the only light source is the lights on the ceiling. The ceiling also seems to have some sort of pipes on it, similar to the ones in Level 2 and Level 3. The walls are white and blue tiles, and the floors are grey with some darker spots. Two columns are shown in the picture with white tile. There are two signs, and the only readable letters say, "No Entry". A doorway is only shown next to one of the signs, but a column may be blocking a second doorway. No entities have been encountered here, at least that are known of. The general aurora of this level is green, blue or yellow. Visibility here is also low, yet cameras seem to work pretty well.

Expedition Log:

As of April 12th of 2020, there are still only 3 known expeditions and only 2 explorers who have gotten there. After messaging u/carolyncoolio she has given us some information about the Level and how she got there. She no-clipped into the backrooms from her school in a dream. However, it is unknown exactly what Level she was in before she came here. More efforts will be made to contact her and u/Epic_Doge_Boi, however, please understand that contacting such explorers is difficult due to their tendency to end up in hard-to-communicate areas in Levels.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts, or communities on this Level.

Entrances And Exits:

According to the information obtained so far, Level 4.2 is extremely rare to access. The entrance is still unknown, as people wander there from unorthodox locations. The level may be one in which the Backrooms itself chooses certain people to enter.

To exit, it is possible to find some doors that have been reported to lead to other Levels, such as Level 0 or Level 1. It is speculated that Level 4, Level 5, and other levels are possible exits.

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