Level 4.1
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Class 2

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A picture of one of the hallways.


A picture of a fusebox room.

Level 4.1 is a Sub-Level between Level 4 and Level 5, Except that there's no reality distortion, like Level 1.5, which is very strange.


This level was discovered not too long ago by a 13-year-old boy when he was exploring Level 4. When he noticed one of the walls was very weak, he broke the wall to find out about this level. He went inside, and he hasn't come back. It is unknown where he went. There are only two known photos of this level, both taken in the same maze-like areas.

Level 4.1 is split into two areas: a maze-like area and another empty building area.

People have stated that the walls are a much darker colour somewhat like mahogany and the floors are a dark velvet carpet while being slightly stained. The majority of this level is built like a maze. The only entity type here is Male Deathmoths, so it is a perfectly safe level. Also, the Deathmoths seem to be extra friendly here, so you can tame them very easily. However, the rooms in the building area are not safe at all.

When you escape the maze, it opens up to an empty building area with no known signs of life at all, except for the Male Deathmoths that happen to fly out of the maze. The building is very dirty and can cause damage to the lungs due to high dust concentration.

there is another entity believed to be in this level, referred to as "the tooth fairy". Within the building section and possibly the maze section, many bodies have been found with incisions on the face, specifically the nose, eyes, and mouth. The bodies are also missing all of their teeth. It is believed this process is not what kills the victim. It is unknown what the tooth fairy is or why it attacks, however it seems to attack all who enter the level at some point.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

No known communities reside in the maze or the building area. Though people have reported that they can hear the faint murmurs of multiple people, but nothing was there. It could likely be a psychological effect.

Entrances And Exits:

The only way to enter this Level is to break a wall in Level 4, it doesn't matter how. It will open up a hallway, and you can go in that way. You can also exit by no-clipping the hallway after having walked down the hallway for roughly 15 minutes.

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