Level 399
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Seats in Level 399.

Level 399 is the 400th level of the Backrooms. It is a level that resembles the interior of a 16 seater motorcoach. While rumours of Level 399 have long been widespread among wanderers, its existence was first confirmed through photographic evidence taken by an unknown wanderer on 4/7/2004.


Level 399 is the interior of a moving coach. The air-conditioned coach has 16 seats lined with cushions, and bottles of Almond Water can be found in the back pocket of each seat. A quiet hum of an engine can be heard throughout the level. Soft vibrations can also be felt from the surface of the floor and windows. In the driver's seat, an entity who goes by the name Richard can be found driving the coach.


The view seen through a window of Level 399.

The view seen through the windows of Level 399 is a busy highway filled with other moving cars, trucks and buses. Buildings can be seen lined up behind the highway, lit up with lights. Despite the presence of electricity in the buildings and the movement of the vehicles on the highway, there are no observable entities in sight.

It is also commonly seen to be raining outside, and while Level 399 has no fixed time cycle, most wanderers recall the setting being around late evening, just around sunset.

Despite Level 399 appearing to have an exterior outside of the coach, there is currently no determinable way to exit the coach onto the highway and the buildings beyond. Forced no-clipping through the coach only leads to other levels. Therefore, the level is currently assumed to exist as the interior of the coach only.

Wanderers that enter Level 399 wake up in the seats of the coach. Most report feeling a sense of cosiness and calmness when awoken. Although it is possible for wanderers to get up from their seats and move around the level, it is recommended for wanderers to instead take the time to relax and rest in their seats and go back to sleep. It is also worth noting that wanderers will automatically fall back asleep after a prolonged period spent in Level 399 even if they do not choose to do so.


Richard is the only entity that can be found on Level 399. Richard can be seen driving in the driver's seat of the coach. Richard is friendly to wanderers and non-hostile. Though mostly silent, Richard will engage in friendly conversation with wanderers if prompted. While Richard appears to have a deep understanding of the Backrooms, any conversation regarding this topic will be met with silence.

Addendum 1: From 4/9/2007 onwards, wanderers have reported that they now wake up with a newly added handwritten note in their hands upon entrance into Level 399. The content in the note has been transcribed below.

Hello there! You must have woken up.
Don't worry too much about where you are right now, we will be arriving at your destination soon. In the meantime, help yourself to the water, sit back, relax. Take a nap if you want. You'll be safe here. I promise.
- Richard
P.S. I'm in the driver's seat! Come have a chat if you need something else.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level.

Entrances And Exits


Though unconfirmed, it is currently theorised that this level can only be entered by lone wanderers in the midst of making long journeys between levels. The level is accessed through sleeping. Wanderers' physical bodies and belongings would all be teleported into Level 399 upon entry.


Wanderers who fall back asleep in Level 399 would exit and wake up at their desired level. It is also possible to no-clip through the coach's door to Level 50, Level 69 and Level 80 though this is strongly not recommended.

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