Level 386
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The first image taken of the level.


An out-of-place street lamp.

Level 386, also known as "The Alleys" is the 387th level of the Backrooms. Level 386's main layout consists of an endless series of concrete paths and tunnels in perpetual nighttime.


The only known accessible parts of the level are the concrete pathways which lie in between the buildings and structures that make up the walls of the level. These areas take the general appearance of urban alleyways lit by street lamps of various origin and scale. Although Level 386 seems mundane at first glance, it has strange properties that contrast its basic appearance. For example, objects can sometimes be seen floating in the air or can be found in a hovering state as if entirely unaffected by gravity, or even be positioned inside of another surface and violently shaking as if being forced inside the other object. Further contradicting any ideas of normalcy, some areas seem to repeat, often with many identical copies interconnected in a maze-like fashion. The repeated areas are known to have the same properties as the rest of the level, except for the fact that they extend infinitely in one direction, contain objects from nearby areas, or directly copy other parts of the level. This property in particular can lead to wanderers getting lost. In addition to these anomalies, wanderers have noted that the level has a strong alluring, nearly nauseating effect on them, and it is believed that this is used to lure wanderers further into the level.

Additionally, rain is common within the pathways and has been deemed safe for consumption by the M.E.G. An anomalous factor of the level is that many of the walls lining the pathways contain various man-made images and messages, such as graffiti, poems, murals, and what appear to be ancient "cave paintings," as well as a variety of symbols drawn in human blood. From outside the alleyways, sounds of automobiles and people can be heard, and these sounds become more frequent the further into the level one travels, becoming significantly more common when travelling long distances. The origin of these sounds is unknown and cannot be accessed, though measures have been attempted by M.E.G. to locate their sources and find their origin point. Previously, wanderers who have attempted to access these sounds have either gone missing or have been found dismembered in unnatural ways. It is theorized that any attempts to escape from the alleyways leads to this, though recent reports have surfaced pointing to the sounds themselves as being the cause of the mutilations, however, as no witnesses were present in any of these occurances, this cannot be confirmed. In addition, wanderers may be drawn to open doors attached to buildings or walls, often emitting a bright light, though accessing these doorways is not advised as they are unstable and may shut and lock autonomously at random intervals. Other than the water from rainfall, no useful resources can be found in this level.


A recently recovered photograph from an expedition far into the level.


A handful of hostile entities can be found in the alleyways. These include wretches, skin-stealers, clumps, transporters, wheels, and crawlers.

Clumps can often be found in ventilation shafts, pipes, or any secure enclosed space they can find connected to the buildings. Unless they are in their hunting state, skin-stealers will tend to find shelter or hide from the rainfall.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts, or communities in this level.

Entrances and Exits


An image captured by an anonymous wanderer.

  • Within Level 1 a door can be found in The Hub that is marked "Level 386” which leads to this level.
  • Within certain houses in Level 9 one can find an out-of-place light bulb that upon contact may transport a wanderer to this level.
  • During a blackout event in Level 141 there is a small chance a wanderer may be sent here.
  • Exits for this level can be found in the form of doors with engraved wooden signs depicting the level it leads to. These doors usually lead to Level 387 and Level 9, but other levels can potentially be accessed by these doors.

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