Level 38
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Class 5

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An area of Level 38 showing qualities from Level 4, Level 5, Level 6 and Level 9.


The outcome of most photos inside Level 38.

Level 38 is the 39th Level of the Backrooms. It is a conglomeration of all Levels between Level 0 and Level 37.


Level 38 is an amalgamation of all regular Levels that fall above Level 38. It is believed to be a point where all Levels throughout Level 0 to Level 37 fold in on each other. The cause of this folding in is due to the fact that the various Levels of the Backrooms follow no definitive structure, meaning when Levels fold over each other to create entrances and exits certain sections of these Levels end up overlapping and existing inside one conjoined area.

As well as having all the physical properties of the previous 38 Levels, Level 38 also shares some of the same effects as all previous 38 Levels. These include the intense darkness found in Level 6, the intense mould found in Level 28 and the decay found in the outer sections of Level 33.

Level 38 is comprised of two areas. These areas are not defined, and there are multiple of each area within this Level. The areas in question being the Interior and the Exterior.

The Interior:

The interior is the blanket term for any locations that exist in areas that are not contained within a skybox1 . These areas are the most common area of Level 38, and will, most likely, be the first area one ends up in when travelling here. Due to the effect Level 12 possesses being carried over to Level 38, taking pictures of these areas is almost impossible. So far, only two images of Level 38 have been taken without them corrupting or distorting.

Despite the seemingly random layout in which the Levels intersect and cross, patterns between what gets merged with what and which aspects of a Level make it into the final geometry have been spotted and are as follows:

The Exterior

The Exterior is the term for any areas of Level 38 that exist in outdoor spaces. These spaces are a lot less common, due to there being less exterior Levels in between Level 0 and Level 37. Despite this, correlations between how the Levels splice and collide into one another have been identified and documented.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Former B.N.T.G. outpost: The Merchant.

When Level 38 was initially discovered, the B.N.T.G. attempted to create and sustain an outpost. Its intentions were to dish out Almond Water and other supplies (such as Twin Fingers) to wanderers who travel to this Level on accident. The outpost was abandoned, however. This was due to the instability of Level 38, as well as the constant Entity attacks.

Entrances And Exits:


It is possible to enter Level 38 by wandering around Levels 0 through to 37. While walking, one may notice the landscape to shift and become more messy and generally filled with intersplicing and conflicting designs. While doing this, there is also a chance one may end up in Level 263.


Exiting Level 38 is functionally identical to entering the Level, while traversing, one may notice the surroundings start to shift and take a stable form. Depending on the area of Level 38 one is in, the Level an individual will end up on may vary. If in the exterior, they will exit to any Level that exists under a skybox. If in the interior, they will exit into any Level that consists of any quantity of rooms.

Alternatively, if one is able to climb or use a roller coaster in The Exterior, there's a chance you'll be able to noclip out of the skybox to enter The Blue Channel.

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