Level 370
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@ Egg1RL | AKA Adalyn, Ada, No Season Two :,(

Egg1RL Today at 12:02
Heyyyy come on, pick up James! Picky up up up
This is a DM, and you're not on red, so I imagine you're seeing this?
I can give you a few minutes?

OnlySilly555 Today at 12:41
Crap, no sorry, I am here

Egg1RL Today at 12:42
Sup! 😁
You wanna meet up? I'm bored, and I miss you a lot. A shipment from the postal division recently brought in a whole new set of board games to tryyyyyy?

OnlySilly555 Today at 12:44
That entirely depends on where you actually are right now, el-oh-el. Where are you even calling home nowadays right now?

Egg1RL Today at 12:45
Oh, right now the settling and mapping division's brought me to The Pool Rooms! Mainly to look back at it, and see what's salvageble.🤩

OnlySilly555 Today at 12:46
You're gonna have to tell me which one that actually is, nearly all levels we initially set out on filling in are completed.

Egg1RL Today at 12:45
Oh come on, it's Pool Rooms, dummy! They're historic, apparently. That's what my superiors say at least

OnlySilly555 Today at 12:46
I've… Honestly never heard of it. What levels does it connect to?

Egg1RL Today at 12:47
Admittedly… No idea- I'm looking up the public graph, but I really don't think you'll know any of these levels. 196, 82… and I think 598? But there's, like, over 20 listed for this place.

OnlySilly555 Today at 12:50
Christ. I definitely have a few options. I'll ask a few people about a good route though. I'll probably take about a day or two.

Egg1RL Today at 12:51
Oh, that's perfect timing! We'll be gone in three days, so hopefully you get to spend anywhere from one to two days with me!

OnlySilly555 Today at 12:55
Wait, you're only in the place for a few days?
That would have been nice to know before I got my backpack out.

Egg1RL Today at 12:57
Sounds to me like you're dead-set on coming over :)

OnlySilly555 Today at 12:58
El-oh-el, yeah I am. I'll try to keep in touch whilst I travel! Keep safe, see you soon.

Egg1RL Today at 13:00


Class 1e - Environmental

  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Non-Entity Effects



One of many tables with Level 370, showcasing an abandoned game that was in-play.

Level 370 is an finite, indoor landscape consisting entirely of empty rooms of varying sizes, with each room containing fully functional pool tables. The rooms themselves vary in size and width, and are painted and carpeted in various warm shades of brown, yellow, orange, and red, as well as occasionally in blue. The rooms do not take on simple shapes, and can have divets and extensions which can often contain bookcases, cabinets, shelves, and even small drawer tables with shelf space.

These storage areas usually house various books on playing variations on the billiard pool games, such as eight-ball, blackball, nine-ball, ten-ball, seven-ball, straight pool, one-pocket, and bank pool; assuming that these books haven't been taken by wanderers in the past, which is an incredibly common occurrence due to the finite size of Level 370, only being approximately 20 rooms long and 45 rooms wide.1

Each room is separated from one another by either hallways or doors, although it is common to witness doors that open directly into the end of a hallway. All rooms, whilst being indistinguishable from another on the surface, each contain small differences which make them unique. Whether it be unique floor plans, unique pool tables, specific books which are unique to one room, unique wall or carpet colours, or even random chips and blemishes in any of the decor which make each room feel lived in and unique.

. . .

Calendar: 04/05/2039

Item list

  • Refillable water bottle
  • Four day's worth of travel royal rations
  • Flashlight
  • The worn sack
  • "Pete" the Scaraback
  • The level route plan
  • Paper copy of the level sheet

Getting an actual definitive route for getting to the "Poolrooms" has been a pain to get. The phone gave me 12 different routes, all with varying levels of danger, and every person I asked had a different idea of how to get there. I swear, half of the levels mentioned I either didn't recognise, or were just mentioned once as some needless addition to the route. I think I've devised a good route, it unfortunately will take me two days, but it's safe. I've let Adalyn know, so it's just a matter of setting off.

. . .


An example of an empty hall that connects two rooms together.

The pool tables of Level 370 are placed in random locations across each room. Sometimes, pool tables may take up every square inch of a room's floor plan, or indeed some rooms may have only one, or no pool tables at all. Whilst certain pool tables contain anomalous mechanical quirks,2 the physical builds of the pool tables are constructed with no non-euclidean or supernatural quirks.

As explained within the books on this level, the pool tables themselves are arranged in virtually any popular iteration of billiard pool, which can be easily learned from the various books in the level. However, it is extremely easy to rearrange and change the amount of balls, or indeed play the game however individuals choose. Individuals can even decide to pocket or break any of the pool equipment. The level lacks any form of self-cleaning or self-healing qualities, and as such breaking or stealing equipment is not recommended. As well as this, mainly due to the lack of the above effects, the entire level is often subject to grime and ageing. It is believed that, should the level be abandoned for long enough periods of time, the entire structure of it could naturally deteriorate.

Should any equipment ever happen to go missing or break within Level 370, there are at least occasional wall-embedded storage units which are found in the hallways between the main pool rooms which often come stocked with new pool cues, pool cue chalk, and an abundance of tin boxes filled with pool balls. These rooms are often non-Euclidean in depth, spanning back by as much as 15 meters in select examples despite there being rooms behind where the storage unit reached back to.

. . .

Diary: 05/05/2039

(I swear to god, the "standard" layouts for all these diaries are terrible.)

First day of travelling has concluded, I had to spend a good extra hour actually finding a level safe enough for me to call a home for a night. Whatever, though, I'm here, and it'll be worth it in time.

I'm currently cooped up in a mall level, I think the first mall level ever found? It has a low number, I'm sure. At the very least it's insulated and warm, so long as I don't go out too far. I won't drone on about the actual travelling here, since it was just very dull. I passed through twenty forest levels, at least seven cities, and god knows how many bland interior spaces. Sometimes I honestly couldn't tell if I was changing levels at all. I swear I even found a new level on my travels, it was some purple forest, I really didn't care enough about it to call the helpline and report it. It's just another level.

At the very least, I'm somewhere. It's definitely nothing like the De-acider town, but it's also still just a generic space. Not to say my destination is any different, but at least Adalyn's there, so long as I make the right steps when actually in these Poolrooms. Frankly, I still don't trust there to not be danger in levels. Even in the modern day.

At least I know the rough trajectory from here on out, this dumb travelling should be done by tomorrow.

. . .


A game being played by one of this level's groups.

Despite coming across as ordinary, each of Level 370's pool tables produce "prizes" upon a game of pool being won. Whilst regular billiard pool3 is exceptionally easy to cheat, winning in this level has to be done fairly; following all predetermined rules of the table itself. Should one play fairly, the winner shall receive material prizes such as catalogued, anomalous objects, money, perishables, or occasionally even trophy cups which contain unique inscriptions on fake golden plaques.4

Whilst losing individuals are not subjugated to any form of punishment for not coming first, an incredibly rich and competitive culture has formed around Level 370, which has shaped its usage and existence from as early as the 2000's. Even when the level was in a more dangerous state, tournaments were held in quinquennial gaps by many former groups such as the F.T.B, Hyperia, many towns on Level 11 prior to that level's unification, The M.E.G, The Border, and even The Republic of the Valley.

Of course, in more recent years, Level 370 has become less used after the initial amalgamation. The tournaments that would previously bring entire organisations together across The Backrooms have been moved to take place mainly on Level 11, or Level 13.1. This shifting has been done to reduce travel times of spectators and players alive, given the increased age of the veteran players, among other factors. In the years following the unofficial departure from the level, maintenance crew have occasionally been sent into Level 370 in order to maintain and upkeep it. This upkeeping is done mainly as a preventative measure in order to ensure that the theory about the level decaying if it is not maintained does not occur, should it be true in the first place.

. . .

Diary: 06/05/2039

I think I'm almost here now, finally. I basically abandoned the initial route I was taking entirely now, not like I really followed it yesterday anyways, and now I'm just hopping from level to level to ask townsfolk from various villages about where to go to reach my destination. Adalyn could not have picked a worse level to be working at.

Right now, I'm just cooped up in some weird old cave level. There's no communities here from what I can tell, besides some abandoned base that looks to have come from one of the old groups, but I know where to go from here, I'm just one or two levels away from making it to these goddamn Poolrooms.

Of course, this trip hasn't been all bad, no trip ever is. Especially after chatting to a few locals of the levels I've stopped by at, this nightmare hell trip is now just a mere nightmare trip, which really is as good of a compliment I can give it. I hate travelling.

I'm gonna sleep now, but tomorrow I'm waking up wide and early to begin my travels yet again.

. . .

Bases, Outposts and Communities


An archival image of a competition. The player in this photo, Amanda Townsend, was a member of the Winner's League until passing away in 2030.

Despite falling into virtual disuse in the modern day, Level 370 is still inhabited by a small-scale, privately run group that—whilst still falling under the M.E.O.D. umbrella—is not strictly governed under the same exact regulations and leadership, and exists moreso as an independent hamlet that can be reconglomerated when needed. This base is different to regularly named towns, as individual citizens of other levels are not able to move to it via usual renting, letting, or purchasing property due to the proprietary governing of each of theses. This major group within Level 370 is as follows:

Winner's League

A small clique of more elderly individuals, the Winner's League is a semi-private town formed of a few specific winners from approximately the first ten years of the pool league's official commencement. In recent years, a few of the groups members have succumbed to old age, and have been successed by their descendants. Whilst not open to non-league individuals living at their community, or even open to direct communication, they do allow passersby to take brief respites, and are unofficially known to challenge individuals to pool.

Winner's League was formally run by the late James Crane, and has recently been successed by their daughter Anya Crane. She, alongside the aid of the other elderly yet still able-bodied members of the group, govern the choices and lifestyle of the level, and were the ones to decide against acting as strictly a part of the M.E.O.D. Their lifestyle is quaint as basic, relying on crop cultivations from neighbouring levels and a combination of tents, crude beds, and wooden homes for their food and sleep respectively, akin to the likes of camping retreats found in Level 10 or Level 205.

. . .

@ Egg1RL | AKA Adalyn, Ada, No Season Two :,(

OnlySilly555 Today at 13:01
Hey, so I'm here now.

Egg1RL Today at 13:04
Oh, excellent!! Where specifically are you? I'll come grab you ASAP, we're currently with the oldies.

OnlySilly555 Today at 13:04
I'm… Honestly not sure where I am, these places are really weird and bland looking. I'm honestly not sure if I could explain where I am

Egg1RL Today at 13:05
Well, fair enough! This level is kinda a smaller one anyways, I bet I can find you if you're willing to stand in place for an hour? I'm sure I'll get you in that time

OnlySilly555 Today at 13:06
Oh, thank god it's small then. The architecture of this place is bizarre. Could you bring me new shoes, too?

Egg1RL Today at 13:08
Huh? New shoes…? Why do you need new shoes? Did you break yours on all your travelling?

OnlySilly555 Today at 13:08
No? They're soaked. I wish you told me the floor of this place was water

Egg1RL Today at 13:08
Did you huff something before coming through? This place isn't water, dude
Take a picture of where you are-

OnlySilly555 Today at 13:10
Why do you need a picture?

Egg1RL Today at 13:11
Oh, no… Dude…

OnlySilly555 Today at 13:11
What? Don't tell me I'm at the wrong place, please don't.

Egg1RL Today at 13:11
It really doesn't seem like you're at the right place

OnlySilly555 Today at 13:15
What?? Adalyn, don't mess with me here, please. I followed the instructions, I took the routes given to me by dozens of people, I'm in the Poolrooms, just look at it! Just tell me this is some practical joke.
Are you there?

Egg1RL Today at 13:19
Sorry, yes! I'm here. I realise what's happened, and I'm so so sorry
You've gone to the Poolrooms, and I'm in the Pool Rooms. The one you're in is apparently known far more than the one I'm in, hence why people probably took you there

OnlySilly555 Today at 13:20
You are actually kidding me

Egg1RL Today at 13:20
I wish I was

OnlySilly555 Today at 13:21
I didn't even know either of these levels existed! How the hell did I mess things up this badly?? I figure there won't be time to even make it to the "Pool Rooms" now, will there

Egg1RL Today at 13:22
Most likely not… I think by the time you did get here, we'd already be gone.

OnlySilly555 Today at 13:22
Great. I'm sorry I fucked this up, I wanted to see you again

OnlySilly555 Today at 13:23
It's my fault, I should've known this error could've happened… I should've looked into it and told you

OnlySilly555 Today at 13:23
No, it's okay. I'm stupid too for not once finding it odd that you'd be in some flooded tile rooms, instead of somewhere more habitable.
We will find the time to meet up, I promise. But for now… I'm going to leave, my shoes are still completely soaked
Good luck with your work

. . .

Entrances And Exits

Level 370 is accessible through a fairly large array of other levels, as are most well-documented levels of The Backrooms. Whilst not all entrances and exits have been listed below, due to the quick rate of new entrances and exits being found rendering the current list quickly out of date, a large selection of the "main" entrances are listed below.



The sign to an entrance to Level 370, found in Level 209.

  • Level 370 can be accessed from Level 11, Level 153, and Level 209, by finding a British pub anywhere down the respective level's roads.5 In a similar vein, Level 370 can be accessed from Level 82 via going into any stalls based around pub, alcohol, or billiard pool.
  • Within Level 20, Level 598, and Level 21, occasional doors constructed out of a dark black wood act as direct access to Level 370, with doors in the latter level usually appearing with pool ball images inscribed onto them.
  • Level 108, Level 214, and Level 853 all contain an unknown, yet small number of rarely appearing billiard pool tables. Attempting to play any kind of pool game with these tables will result in all players transporting to Level 370.
  • Walking into any door on Level 196 labelled with a blue sign that is printed with a full set of 15 coloured pool balls will go to Level 370.


  • Going through glowing doors of gray, black, white, or yellow wood will lead to Level 11, Level 64, Level 218, and Level 410 respectively.
  • Ascending up any flights of stairs leads to Level 54.
  • Exiting to Level 215 can be done by entering into any closet space which appears eroded and covered in rust.6 In a similar vein, closet interiors covered in bright neon lights lead to Level 808.
  • A singular wall on one of Level 370's outer walls has been recorded to resemble that of the exterior of a mall store. Going through the door on this wall leads to Level 224.
  • Noclipping through any windows displaying sights of trees usually leads one to Level 309, and noclipping into windows which display a more suburban aesthetic tend to lead to Level 995.
  • Noclipping into any bookshelves on Level 370 that more greatly resemble store aisle shelves will lead to either Level 423 or Level 480.

. . .

Diary: 12/05/2039

Well, it's basically time to head back now. I've been here for almost a week at this point and I think I'm ready to finally start heading home properly. I just hope I won't get distracted again.

Being here at Level 370, I refuse to call it the Pool Rooms as that name just annoys me now, has been interesting to say the least, definitely a slightly eye-opening experience. And no, I'm not mispelling or swapping the numbers by accident. I've done that enough times on my previous diary entries to know the difference. Initially, it felt like coming here was a mistake. Adalyn would've already been gone by the time I even set off, and from Level 370 I couldn't find a single group to speak to, so I had no way of knowing a good route. Thank god for my phone.

The oldies and their kids have been really nice to me the past few days, as I've already written about before, and they've really helped me turn this into a less dreary and less pointless expedition. I learned pool, I made some friends, and learned some interesting things about this level, and other levels too.

This trip… Has not been at all what I expected. When I started out, obviously I never thought I'd end up in the spot I'm in. I didn't see Adalyn, my lower half got completely soaked with chlorine water, and I definitely sustained a few scrapes along my walking, but looking back… It's been interesting.

Even looking back on the levels I went through has been an interesting thought. Many were bland, similar, and definitely didn't help substitute my

Diary: 12/05/2039

hate for travelling with my love for interesting scenery, but walking from level to level and seeing the accomplishments we've made in the forms of little towns, and the fact we've even discovered and documented these levels at all was fascinating to me.

Where I am in The Backrooms is absolutely not where I wanted to be, I don't think many people would actually expect me to screw up the journey I've done, but the end point I've reached feels just as good as where I wanted to arrive at. Sure, there's no Adalyn, but I can always just meet her again. At least now I have her, and my new friends here. The best of both worlds, in a way.

I'll be packing up and leaving tomorrow, but unlike before leaving De-Acider Town, I'm actually excited to begin another voyage. I know a route now, it's unbelievable just how much these people know, and I'm equipped for whatever else comes my way. Here's to a new outlook on life.

(The Winner's League also gave me a neat postcard, they say it's rather vintage. Definitely keeping it)


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