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Elevator to nowhere
M.E.G. Archives

"Shutting your eyes won't stop the nauseating smell of drying paint and industrial cleaner. Even that isn't as bad as the creepy feeling of being watched. Two floor-to-ceiling mirrors in this narrow hallway face each other, creating an infinite loop of thousands of your reflections. One of your reflections suddenly turns the other way on its own and departs. Welcome to Level 365."
- - Anne Dunne, Investigative Scholar of the Paranormal


Level 365 is a complex labyrinth of mirrored hallways that lack rooms. Mirrors can be found mounted on the walls of these halls, either on the left, right, or both sides. Darkened passageways with mirrors covering the walls, floor, and ceiling turn dazzling flashlight beams into colorless kaleidoscopes. Some are like carnival mirrors and distort what you see.

Other mirrors are opaque, colored black entirely; they are dubbed Night Mirrors. One would hesitate to call them mirrors at first, and the classification has been disputed multiple times before, but the reflections they provide are more metaphorical than they are literal. People who gaze long enough into them report cryptic nightmares relating to the self, many of which end up being prophetic in nature in some way or another. Not all those who stare into these abysses have come out unscathed.

To explain the physical properties of Level 365 more, it has been noted that the labyrinth conforms entirely to Euclidean physics, and its layout has not experienced any significant shifts in structure. The white paint on the walls is always fresh and drying. The floor seems to be made from a chaotic hodgepodge of tiles and linoleum. Doors only lead to more corridors and mirrors. There are elevators to nowhere. Everything is immaculate.

Two known entities are documented here: an abundance of Wretches and a rare population of Phobic Centipedes.

Paranormal research continues on a third entity that seems exclusive to this level: Sightless Seers. They inhabit a realm within or beyond the mirrors. These specular intelligences are ethereal in nature and feed on negative emotions. The psychic connection between predator and prey occurs at the exact moment the wanderer realizes that the reflection in the mirror acts differently.

Sightless Seers are blind. Psychic links with prey enable Seers to "see" through the mind of the nearby food source. Seeing means feeding.

The Seer instantly launches its parasitic Psychic Attachment to latch onto the wanderer. This is not a visible wound treatable with antiseptic and bandages; it is a sinister control mechanism that poisons physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Under its influence, reflections in the mirrors become more insidious and hallucinations based upon ghoulish fears and thoughts manifest.

Psychic Implants also contribute to foreboding senses of doom and despair. The Seer materializes these metaphysical objects within a human's etheric or energy body to accelerate the damage. Implants prolong and amplify negative thoughts and keep the source of the meal fearful and docile.

Seers are the reason for the abundance of Wretches on this level.

As the wanderer weakens, the Sightless Seer charges up. Finally at full power, it has the energy to come through the mirror and manifest in the Backrooms. Witnesses compare the slow, flying predator to an electric jellyfish. Seers can only pass through mirrors. Not walls. Not doors. Like a fish out of water, their time on our side of the glass is limited.

Important: Stay hydrated and don't give in to fear and negative emotions. Do not stare into the mirrors, but touch every mirror on this level so that if one of them is capable of leading you out of the labyrinth, you'll be able to no-clip away swiftly. Enter every elevator to rest and check for supplies, messages, and maps.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level. However, M.E.G. Team "Looking Glass" stocks as many elevators as possible with water, non-perishable foodstuffs, messages, and maps. They are constantly on the lookout for wanderers in need.

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Anne Dunne.

I was the keynote speaker for a paranormal-themed cruise sailing through the Bermuda Triangle. The lecture was entitled "A Unified Field Theory of Metaphysics." I was in my tiny cabin on the Atlantic Ocean, about to apply lipstick, when I tripped and stumbled forward. I held out my right hand to stop my fall and my outstretched arm went through the mirror.

There was no pain. No blood. I jerked my hand back, not knowing what I would see. The mirror was perfect. I had no lacerations. Curiosity poked a finger into the glass and pulled it out safely. I passed out and woke up in this crazy hall of mirrors. A good Samaritan from the M.E.G. found me.

They tell me that these are the "Backrooms."

They also tell me that there is no known way home.

I was warned not to join this cruise. An anonymous telephone caller threatened me with dire consequences if I did not immediately cease my investigations and destroy all of my research. I remember laughing at him. I remember his laugh.

Because of my training in Reiki healing, I now work in this level with M.E.G. Team "Looking Glass" to free wanderers from psychic attachments and malicious implants. Many are infested and never know it.

Yours in research,
Anne Dunne

Staying Alive! Use The Elevators

Elevators are the only sanctuary on Level 365 as there are no mirrors inside. Wanderers are safe from hallucinations here. Rations of water and nourishment, as well as messages and maps, are often provided. You can rest and restore yourself.

Despite the trappings, these elevators do not go anywhere. There are two buttons inside every elevator. This pair of buttons select choices instead of floors. The choices might be "life" and "death" or "danger" and "safety." Some seem silly. "In" and "out." "Hot" and "cold." All that these buttons actually do is open the elevator doors. There are no consequences to pressing them; it seems as though the level has generated them to manipulate and intimidate clueless wanderers.

Thomas Oliver Greer
M.E.G. Team "Looking Glass"


This is a top priority message.

It is confirmed that Sightless Seers and Phobic Centipedes are now engaged in mutualism for the benefit of both species. Sightless Seers are seen herding bewildered wanderers into the waiting arms of Phobic Centipedes. Without rhyme or reason, Phobic Centipedes take positions at dead ends, only to suddenly be in the perfect spot to intercept a fleeing wanderer.

The result of this mutualistic relationship is too gruesome to elaborate upon here. Led to one scene by the sound of horrific screams, four M.E.G. officers from Team "Looking Glass" discovered a maimed wanderer in the clutches of a Phobic Centipede, with a Seer flashing to the rhythm of the depraved torture. The Centipede paused if the perverse feeding went too far, too fast, and allowed the Seer to catch up. There was absolutely no hope of rescue.

This mutualistic relationship between predators cannot stand!

Thomas Oliver Greer
M.E.G. Team "Looking Glass"

Entrances and Exits


The M.E.G. protects two mirrors that will consistently no-clip them to Level 365. Touching an arbitrary mirror at the right time in the Backrooms will no-clip you here. The effect is random.

No-clipping into a tall, bronze mirror on Level 148 will send you here.

There exists a singular case where paranormal researcher Anne Dunne no-clipped into Level 365 directly from the Frontrooms.

Certain elevator doors on Level 208 will lead you here.


Touching one of the many mirrors on this level might no-clip you to Level 1. The effect is random.

No-clipping into a tall, bronze mirror here will send you to Level 148.

Certain mirrors here are more liquid than solid. Walking through these mirrors takes wanderers to Level 725.

Touching a distorting fun house mirror here when you hear ambient carnival music can no-clip you to Level 345.

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