Level 36.1
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A photo taken in Level 36.1.

Level 36.1 seems to be a Sub-Level between Level 36 and Level 37 that was discovered by an Unknown User. It appears to be an infinite Passenger Plane from around the 1950s to the 1980s.


The rooms consist of long hallways that look like the insides of a passenger plane. The windows in this Level show that you're above the clouds with a bright blue sky, wings can be visible in some areas. The hallways have seats all around, and after walking for around 40 minutes, there will be junctions in the hallways that are physically impossible.

After a while you will find a door to another hallway, inside will be Child and Adult Facelings all docile and sitting in the seats as if they were passengers and Hounds in Cages, like normal Dogs. The only Entities that were found were Hounds, And Child and Adult Facelings that all have the same effect from Level 11 as mentioned before. There have also been occasional sightings of Skin-Stealers.

There is one more Special Entity who is the "Flight Attendant", a woman in a blue suit and blonde hair. She is very Friendly and will serve food and drinks if needed, the food is good for consumption and the drinks are all "Boiled Almond Water", regardless of brand. She can also answer a limited amount of questions, she will not answer anything about The Backrooms, or how this level was created, but she can somehow take you to the Control Room if asked.

The Control Room is a room only accessible by asking the "Flight Attendant" to take you there. The room is filled with buttons and levers and two pilot seats. It is unknown if the buttons have a function. The room also has a microphone, that is usable through normal means, and can be heard all throughout the level.

At around 4:30 PM within the level, you will hear the voices of the pilots on the microphone, announcing that you will be arriving at your destination shortly, and insists to put on your seat belts, but it's not needed. At this time you can find another door, that will take you to a random level that is related to a city, Level 4, Level 11, Level 13, Level 25, Level 30, Level 32, Level 33, Level 34, and back to Level 36, regardless if it is a building or not.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Backrooms Airways Base Teiran Level 36.1 Branch

You can find Base Teiran by looking for people sitting on airplane seats wearing the Backrooms Airways logo on their clothes. Base Abyasyon is open to trade and open to new members. Base Teiran focuses on both levels, Level 36 and 36.1, as they are both related to aviation and flight in general.

Entrances And Exits:


To enter, you'll need to wait a few weeks in Level 36 until "Flight 855" is available and announced on a speaker by an unknown voice. Then walk through the gates to enter the Level.


To exit, wait around 4:30 PM, to enter a random City Level or return to Level 36.

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