Level 36
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A photo taken in Level 36, by an unknown user.

Level 36 is the 37th Level of the Backrooms. It appears as an empty airport terminal. Every Gate has an airplane, and has many real-life businesses.


As Level 36 may seem empty, it has businesses, and typical food laid out in styrofoam boxes. It is extremely recommended to not eat the food, as it may lead to poisoning and death within 30 minutes. At the businesses, the vending machines can only produce Almond Water. This can be drinkable, unlike the other levels. This is the perfect time to stock up on Almond Water if you are venturing to Level 703. If you look up your location if you have a smartphone, it will mysteriously tell you that you are in Houston, Texas. Regarding the Exit from the airport, it is highly recommended to not go through the exit doors, as they may lead to places worse than the backrooms. If you see another figure in this level, they may be another traveler. Talk to them, as if they are friendly. Also regarding the gates, they all have real-life airliners. Going through the gates will lead to other levels in the backrooms. At a Frontier Gate, a Random Entity may walk out of the gate and come for you. The only way to avoid them is to either outrun them or fight them.

The Airport Basement

The Airport Basement is a newly discovered area of Level 36. It appears as an endless enclosed area. This goes on infinitely. This area was explored on 2/29/20 by u/GabenOsu after falling down the main area. There is also a tram at the perimeter of the wall. If you go into a staircase, it will go on forever. These might be portals to Level 54. If you see an elevator, you can go on it. There is a 3.55% сhance that it can be Entity 81. Those elevators will take you to other known levels in the backrooms. Another way out is by going on one of the trams. If you go on a tram bound to "Terminal A", then you will see a staircase and go back up to the main area of Level 36. If you go on a tram bound to "Terminal E", it may lead to Level 703.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Flight 914

This community can be found by going through an American gate and going into an airplane filled with people. All these people were from the Missing Pan-Am Flight 914 that went missing in 1955. The pilots are on, the passengers are on, and the flight crew members are there. If you tell them to get out, they will refuse. They said that all of them gotten so tired at the middle of the flight and then they ended up in the backrooms.

Backrooms Airways Base Teiran Level 36 Branch

Base Teiran has members, usually in groups of 5 to 12, scattered across the level. This Base is not just focused on Level 36, but also on its singular sub-level, Level 36.1. Base Teiran is open to new members and are open for trading. If you see people wearing clothes with the Backrooms Airways logo on them, you have stumbled upon Base Teiran.

Entrances And Exits:

The only known entrance to this Level is by going on The Metro at any level available, but it has been said that it can be found between Level 11 and Level 9. The exit to this level is by going through the gates. American Gates can go to Level 4. Delta Gates can go to Level 0. Southwest Gates are rare, although they may lead you to Level 42. Spirit Gates will lead to Level 34. United Gates will lead to death. Gates not specifically marked are not recommended to enter, but they may lead to undiscovered levels in the backrooms. Another way to exit is to wait for around two to three weeks on this Level, (you can survive without food), and then at that time an announcement for Flight 855 will be announced on the intercom with an unknown voice. Walk through the airside then when you reach the gate, you will go into Level 36.1. You can also go into the airport basement and go into a staircase or elevator.

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