Level 31
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A rink inside of Level 31 .

Level 31 is the 32nd Level of the Backrooms. It is a looping roller rink with different portions that are all unique.


Level 31 is a 90s-style roller rink that loops rather than goes on and on compared to other levels. The level can only be accessed through a door in Level 2, Level 3, Level 427, and rarely Level 6. The area most explorers end up in is the roller rink area of the level, the arcade being rarer. The roller rink section is the largest and safest part, although this level is still generally safe, the only entities being Hounds, Facelings, and the entity native to this level known as “the Coach”.

Muffled radio pop songs can be heard playing in the main area, and the DJ station at the base of the rink can occasionally be seen having a docile faceling sitting inside selecting songs. Other sounds, such as the sound of skates hitting the wood floor of the rink and laughter can be heard. The scent of cheap pizza and soda pop radiates from the direction facing the food court. There is a smaller, children’s only rink not too far from the main area. The carpet has neon planets and stars graphics, and has a moist-like quality and scent to it, much like the carpet found in Level 0. Benches and seats on both sides of the rink can be found, and are safe to sit on. There is a Wi-Fi connection. Travelling past the rink to any direction can result in entering the arcade, skate rental, or food court.

The arcade resembles the arcade of Level 40, with similar sounds, visuals, and sensations. Rather than being infinite, it loops around back to the entrance at its base. The Coach can be found here, but is typically spotted at the skate rental section. The only entities in the arcade are Hounds.

Travelling towards the scent of pizza and soda will result in entering the food court, a small section with a dining area, typical cheap roller rink food (which is safe to eat), a soda fountain dispensing almond water, and an employees-only section behind the counter which can lead to Level 176's lounge. The food court's sole entity is a faceling wearing an employee uniform with a blank name tag. This entity is docile, and will serve food and almond water for free if asked. However, asking it questions about the Backrooms will upset it, causing it to stop giving you food and will tell you to leave.

The skate rental can be reached easily by heading towards a small dining section that has posters of various media from the Frontrooms on its blue walls. The skate rental has numerous sizes of roller skates and a counter with a US measurement size chart. Going into the skate rental can result in getting lost. The rental is run by the native entity to this level known as the Coach. The Coach is a faceling that is incredibly complex and intelligent, appearing as a faceless brown-haired man in a striped coach's uniform. He is friendly and very smart, and will offer a free roller skating lesson. Accepting will lead to him giving you a pair of skates in your size and explaining how to live safely in this level. Declining will cause him to sadly sigh and ask you to come by if you ever want a lesson. He can also lead you out of this level if asked.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

While it is possible to have communities in Level 31, none have been formed yet.

Entrances And Exits:


To enter, you must find a wooden door in Level 2, Level 3, Level 427, or Level 6 that has what sounds like mid-00s bubblegum pop playing on the other side. However, it is moderately rare to find such a door in those levels, and is increasingly rarer to find in 6, but is easier to find if it occurs.


To exit, either no-clip into any working game in the arcade portion, and you will be transported to Level 40, or find an employees-only section that will take you to the lounge in Level 176. Another, although rare, way to exit is to find a pair of roller skates in the rental section that looks like it could be worn by a Skin-Stealer and touch them, resulting in being taken to Level 0.

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