Level 304
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Class Variable

  • Varied Safety
  • Varied Security
  • Varied Entity Count

This article was a joint effort between the M.E.G. and Val.

Hello wanderers, I’m Val, the resident knowledge dump of Level 304 and co-writer of this article. If you wanna learn more about me, I was allowed to write a separate article to introduce myself in more detail, and I would really appreciate it if you would check that out after reading this page. All you need to know for now is that I provided most of the information here, but I found the M.E.G.’s writing style to be much better for describing the level in an accessible way.


Level 304 is a finite complex of bakeries, or Panaderias, as they are called in Spanish. Thirty of these have been explored. We — both Los Panaderos (see below) and the M.E.G. — started exploring these after a random M.E.G. member ended up here when she ate some pink cake on Level 67. Our groups got acquainted, and we decided to make an effort to document everything here in great detail. After a bit of traveling, we found out that conditions vary wildly across the entire level, from being full of both people and decorations in some places, to being incredibly dangerous and unexplored elsewhere. The M.E.G. does a much better job of explaining the specifics than I do, so they’ll take it from here.

Habitable Panaderias


Class habitable

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  • {$three}

One of the habitable panaderias in Level 304.

Habitable panaderias are filled with colorful decorations, such as small candles, baked goods in display cases, wooden table sets covered in festive cloth, paintings exhibiting Mexican Culture, colorful Alebrije and Calavera sculptures, and papel picado. All baked goods served here are safe to eat. This includes (but is not limited to) donuts, empanadas, arepas, pan de muerto, pink cake, croissants, bagels, and standard bread. Some panaderias even have fridges containing Almond Water and purified water, both of which restock infinitely.

Wanderers are highly recommended to remain within the safe bounds of habitable panaderias and wait for further notice from the M.E.G. before attempting to explore further.

Paranormal Panaderias


Class unknown

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  • {$two}
  • {$three}

Paranormal panaderias are much larger in size than their habitable counterparts, and much less friendly. They should be avoided as far as possible.

A habitable panaderia is generally connected to a paranormal one by a long hallway made entirely out of wood, with the entrance to the former at one end, and the entrance to the latter at the other. Meanwhile, a door between two paranormal panaderias takes a wanderer directly from one to the other. In terms of their interior, a paranormal panaderia is usually completely empty, lacking all furniture save for a display case, upon which rests a singular small candle. Towards the beginning of the level (i.e. La Panaderia), these rooms are surprisingly clean by Backrooms standards, though they are poorly lit. The wooden floors appear to be well maintained, though rather loud and creaky. As wanderers venture further into the level, paranormal panaderias become progressively darker and more dilapidated, with plenty of cobwebs and broken floorboards strewn about.

Many wanderers have reported feelings of intense fear in paranormal panaderias due to the dim lighting — not to mention the many real dangers held within, such as Smilers, Death Moths, the Owner, and most notably, baked goods. Pastries found or made within Level 304 are known to possess paranormal effects, including causing spontaneous no-clips into other levels. The specific effects of each kind of pastry have been documented below.

Do not eat undocumented pastries.

Effects of Pastry Consumption

Within Level 304, pastries carry a paranormal effect – consuming a bite of one may, among other things – transport the one eating to a completely different level instantly. Different pastries produce different effects, and a list of the effects of all tested Pastries has been included below. All Pastries first eaten outside of official tests will be marked by a “?” symbol.

There are several types of croissants with varying effects.

  • Butter: Nothing happens… pretty damn tasty to boot.
  • Chocolate: Teleports the wanderer to the nearest habitable Panaderia.
  • Sandwich: Transports the wanderer to another level depending on what is in the sandwich.
    • Ham: Level 1
    • Grilled Cheese: Level 18
    • Turkey: Level 714
    • Ham & Cheese: Transports wanderers to any level located in a school building.
    • Turkey & Cheese: It’s seemingly random, but Level 11 and Level 4 are common. However, this is not recommended as wanderers also report being sent to SD class 5 levels.
    • Ham & Turkey: Also seemingly random.
    • All 3: Level 158 (note that this is the safest exit from the level).
    • Anything else: Either Level 67 or Level 458
  • Almond ?: According to the wanderers who have tried it, eating this pastry is ill-advised as the effects are too gruesome to describe. All testing of croissants has ceased after this was reported.


The Owner

The Owner is an incredibly powerful entity that is rumored to exist on this level. Most knowledge is merely chatter, but 4 details are always consistent across each version of the rumor.

  • The entity can shapeshift.
  • It wields purple fire
  • It always carries a journal.
  • It has some vague ability to control Level 304.

The rest of the details vary wildly, but they are being investigated. There is a single person who claims to have encountered this entity. However, any attempts to reach this person, or the Owner, have been futile. The only leads we have on the Owner are journal pages that have been found in paranormal panaderias. No one has been able to determine the origin of these pages.

I really don’t think this entity is real. The M.E.G. insisted on including this section, so I’m writing to point out that this is, again, just a rumor. I feel like someone just needs to be more careful about what they eat because this sounds like your average Backrooms hallucination. I wish that the M.E.G would listen to me, and I’m really hoping that my worst fears about The Owner are just part of my imagination. It’s really just a rumor or a myth. I have no idea why it’s being taken so seriously by the Meggies.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Los Panaderos

Spanish for “The Bakers”, this group is a mix of wanderers and facelings running some of the panaderias on this level.

  • Some claim to have gotten here directly from the Frontrooms. These cases are being investigated.
  • Will gladly help wanderers traverse the level.
  • They like to put up altars approximately once a year to celebrate a Frontrooms holiday known as Dia de Los Muertos. The group encourages wanderers to include memorabilia of people who have passed away.

Los Panaderos, the ragtag group that formed when a handful of people ended up in some mysterious panaderias after going about their business in the Frontrooms. It’s honestly the best group of people I could have gotten stuck with. All of them are incredibly nice, and there are even a few people that I knew in the Frontrooms.

Before anyone gets confused, I’m… not exactly a member of Los Panaderos since I don’t really stay in one place. I tend to wander around the level and try to make things safer by gaining knowledge, all of which has culminated in this article. None of that is to say that I don’t have a home or anything, I’m just not going to tell you where I stay because I’d prefer to keep it private.

Habitable Panaderias

La Panaderia

  • The location where wanderers enter the level
  • The safest part of the level
  • Contains a water fridge
  • Frequently visited by Val

Princess bakery

  • Within close proximity to La Panaderia
  • The M.E.G. is attempting to set up an outpost here

Oasis bakery

  • A resting point for wanderers attempting to find a door to the outside
  • Contains a water fridge

Alebrije bakery

  • 18 panaderias away from La Panaderia
  • Traveling to or past this outpost is only recommended if wanderers are in a group

Panaderia de Calavera

  • Traveling past this point is not recommended
  • 30 Panaderias away from La Panaderia
  • Contains a water fridge
  • Contains the most resources out of any habitable panaderia

Entrances And Exits


  • The wanderer can enter the level by eating pink cake or pan de muerto on Level 67. Neither of these will have any additional effects regardless of how much you desire them, however, both are extremely rare.
  • Entering a bakery on Level 11 has a chance of sending wanderers here.
  • There are rumors wanderers have gotten here directly from the Frontrooms. The M.E.G. has yet to confirm this is true.


  • Eating the pastries in paranormal panaderias may send wanderers to several different levels but testing has stopped after a wanderer ended up in Level 404. A concrete list of tests can be found in the test logs above.
  • There are rumors of a door leading to an outside area that may be Level 11, but it is not recommended to try this as the M.E.G. have yet to hear substantial progress from any operatives who have attempted to find this door.

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