Level 30

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Level 30's skybox.

Level 30 is the 31st level of the Backrooms.

The level itself is known for its memory-altering abilities, the presence of Memory Lurkers, and its distorted nature.


Level 30 resembles a large daytime skybox1 with clusters of islands inside. The islands are around 2,000 square miles in size and 100,000 square miles apart from each other. These islands are always flat, with a thin grass surface above, and some stone and rocks below.

An odd function within this level is its memory-altering abilities, making people imagine the entire level like a dream. How this occurs is when one interacts with a Memory Lurker. Memory Lurkers are small, squid-like entities that fly around the skybox frequently, often lurking around islands. When a wanderer interacts with a Memory Lurker, the entity will grab the wanderer's head and take full control of the brain. Then, it will turn the wanderer's surroundings into what the Memory Lurker wants them to be, which usually varies.

The entities that appear here are the exclusive Memory Lurkers, the occasional Smiler, Wormlings that roam within the dirt on most islands, and unconfirmed sightings of The Birds.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

There are no known Bases, Outposts, and Communities on this level anymore. Though, at one point, an outpost did exist. It is theorized that it was destroyed. Below is one of the many notes left by them:

Hello? Can anybody hear us?

Look, I think this is supposed to send in some type of note about us encountering an entity or something. But listen closely.

Something is wrong here, the description is short for a reason. They don't know what is going on, therefore they can't explain too much. but we know everything something. We will try to remake this draft, okay?

Well, I'm out.

The outpost was destroyed by Memory Lurkers. Do not listen to them; they are under the level's many effects and trances.

Entrances And Exits:


You can end up here through Level 843 via No-Clipping.



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