The SpaceScape
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The SpaceScape is the 297th level of the Backrooms.

The Level is a planet that has been named "Kryok" (Cry-oak).



Drawing of the stars in The SpaceScape.

The SpaceScape is a reddish blueish planet that has been named "Kryok." The area can only be entered and exited by going into and waking up from a coma within the Backrooms. The gravity of this level is very low, similar to that of the moon. Due to the fact that very few wanderers have ended up in The SpaceScape/Kryok, not much is known about this Level.

The SpaceScape possesses a unique entrance and exit. As stated before, you can enter and exit through a coma while in the Backrooms. There is a mostly unknown process of accessing this Level, beginning with being conscious, dropping into a trance-like state, and eventually waking up inside The SpaceScape.

Similar to Mercury, there is a colossal crater on the planet. This crater has been given the name of "CRAT-2736" and despite the best efforts of explorers, nobody has been able to reach the other side of the crater. Not many entities have appeared in this level, however, some have said they have seen people wearing astronaut suits out of the corner of their eye, there are also aliens that live within Kryok1. Also, you cannot die in this level. Attempting to harm or kill yourself with any object on this Level will result with it phasing through your body, leaving you unharmed.

Other than the crater, other landmarks/topographical structures have also been found. Most notably, random wanderers and M.E.G. Members have discovered little igloo shaped facilities. Inside the facilities are tables, chairs, beds, school supplies, empty mini fridges, and broken astronaut suits. The suits are usually plain white with black stripes, and they do have a logo on them. The logo resembles a black square with a black X inside, with some horns on the outside. They seem to always be roughly the same shape and size. It should be noted that upon leaving the dome, it will promptly disappear and you will be unable to return.

Kryok seems to have a solar system, similar to The Frontrooms. However, trying to get to other planets have been deemed impossible despite the low gravity. These planets have been called Zeek, Proto, Visti, Moik, Crypt, EX-123, and POZA-808. Although there are planets, there does not seem to be any moons. The planets seem to rotate, but do not move around in the solar system. The planets appearances are as follows:

  • Zeek: The closest planet to Kryok. The planet is a yellow-orangish color with a massive white spot and black lines.
  • Proto: The second closest planet near Kryok, and it resembles a green planet with rings, similar to Saturn.
  • Visti: The third closest planet near Kryok, and it resembles a pink and purple planet, it seems to never rotate or spin. There are rumors that a massive UFO came crashing down onto the planet, and since has fallen out of orbit, which would explain why it doesn't spin or rotate.
  • Moik: The fourth closest planet near Kryok, and it resembles a green planet with massive brown veins around the surface of the planet.
  • Crypt: The fifth closest planet near Kryok. Crypt and the rest of the planets after are hard to see, but are possible. (Besides POZA-808) Crypt's appearance is of a red and black planet, with massive pitch black veins around the surface of the planet, similar to Moik.
  • EX-123: EX-123 is very hard to see with the naked eye. However, it is a grey shiny planet, presumably made out of metal.
  • POZA-808: The farthest away from Kryok. Its appearance is unknown.


There are two one types of entityies that exist in this level., The astronaut, and The Aliens.

The astronauts resemble as one of the many broken suits that are barren within the domes. This entity doesn't do much, and just stalks people consistently. Attempting to physically interact with them has been unsuccessful. No information exists if this entity is harmful, what it is, etc.

The other group of entities that exist here have been named "Aliens". Whether the Aliens are an illusion created by the coma is still being debated by The M.E.G.. The alien entities resemble the stereotypical depiction of pop-culture aliens with a big head, big eyes, small mouth, and a skinny body. This creature usually fades in and out when approached, most of the time it'll straight up disappear. If you go up to it without it running away from fear or fading away, it will stare at you. The entities do not appear to have any hostility towards humans, so interacting with it isn't a death sentence.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

Due to the methods of entering and the properties of the level, it is deemed impossible to create a community or outpost.

Entrances And Exits:

The area can only be entered by dreaming whilst in a coma, whereas exiting the area involves waking up from your coma.

Astronaut Disappearance Log

Leading Team: M.E.G. Team "First Response"
Wanderer Within The SpaceScape: Michael Jonas
<Start Log>

First Response Member 1: Member 2, is the wanderer in the bed?

First Response Member 2: All clear, and that is correct. The wanderer is in the bed in front of me, you may enter the room.

First Response Member 1: Copy that.

[Sounds of somebody walking in, holding some type of box.]

First Response Member 2: The chip is in there?

First Response Member 1: Yeah. Implant it now?

First Response Member 2: We have no time to waste, implant it!

First Response Member 1: Okay, okay! I'll implant it now.


First Response Member 2: Is it in there?

First Response Member 1: Yeah. Turn the device on, try to transport communication within the level.

First Response Member 2: Alright, turning it on.

[Sounds of buzzing, along with tapping on keys.]

First Response Member 2: It's powered on, and I can see the wanderer. It seems I can't talk to him physically, but I have other ideas.

First Response Member 2: Alright Member 1, go and turn on the radio waves in his brain, maybe we can send him morse code, or hopefully, plain text.

First Response Member 1: Okay.

[Text to speech plays on the computer.]


First Response Member 2: Damn it! Knew it would be morse code only.

First Response Member 1: What do I send in?

First Response Member 2: Just send in "Can you hear us?"

First Response Member 1: Copy that.

First Response Member 1: Alright computer, put in "Can you hear us?"



First Response Member 1: Yes.




First Response Member 1: What now?

First Response Member 2: Now we wait for a response.

Michael: Ugh, my head. How long has it been now? At least a few months. Am I even dead?

[Michael checks his notebook he had collected from one of the domes, he has been keeping track of the days he has been here. 127 days.]

Michael: Make that 128. [He adds another line to the piece of paper, once empty, now filled with lines and lines.]

[All of a sudden, a screeching noise comes from the distant space.]

Michael: Wh— What? What is that annoying sound? Sounds like— Morse code! [He immediately brought out his book and starts listening to the beeps.] Long.. Short.. [After he thinks he translated them, the noise abruptly disconnects.]

Michael: "Can you hear us?" Y— Yeah! [He screams into the void.] Loud and clear!

[More sudden beeps start playing again, and stop as fast as they came.]

Michael: "You are alive, this is The M.E.G. Team "First Response". What the hell is M.E.G.? Is it a group?

[A very loud bang is heard throughout the planet, coming from behind him, but very far away.]

Michael: Was that a person? [He runs in the exact direction for answers.]

[When he finished running for what felt like hours, he encountered another human. Well, it looked like one. He was in a suit, similar to the one he found in those domes. He was just standing there, he almost looked dead.]

Michael: H— Hello?

[Shuffling can be heard.]

Astronaut: What? A visitor?

Michael: I've been lost here for months, stuck in a coma, I think.. Anyways, who are you?

Astronaut: My name does not matter currently, but you may call me Astro. What matters is that. [Astro points to Michael's pocket, inside is a key.]

Michael: T— This key? You want this?

Astronaut: Yes, that is what I need. You know what? We can make a deal. You give me that key, I can let you out. How does that sound?

Michael: How can I trust you..?

Astronaut: You have nothing to lose, don't you?

Michael: Fine..! But first, why were you stalking me all these months?

Astronaut: I do that to anybody who ends up here. I watch them so I can see if they have what I need, or in other words, what you have.

Michael: W— You know what, deal!

Astronaut: Oh thank you, sir. You will wake up… around… now.

Notes: After this incident, Michael did indeed wake up. After he woke up, the astronaut was running away with the key. The astronaut was never to be spotted again, and Michael got a full recovery.

<End Log>

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