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Credit to "U/KingSheep17" for finding this Picture.

Level 293 is an Infinite Modern Beach House.


The Hallways are painted white, with the doors leading to more rooms, the floors are a dark oak wood, and the carpet is made of cotton, with a black Greek "Zig-Zag" Pattern on it. The lighting system and switches seem to work, and will light up the rooms and hallways while inside. There are kitchen rooms, with very little food, and all drinks are "Boiled Almond Water", Regardless of brand. There are a few Closets in the halls, with small stacks of neatly folded clothing. The Bedrooms have beds, a few desks with various items inside, and there is a "Glass Door", that seems to lead to a beach, but it is locked. The Entities in this Level are just harmless Deathmoths, and even fewer Death Rats. After wandering the level for a few hours, people have reported faint screaming noises, and the source of the noise cannot be found. Multiple people reported that after a few days they have found a Map Room, with a bunch of old artifacts and a map of what seems to be an Ancient City. Only one person reported what caused the door to the beach to unlock in one of the Bedrooms after this event.

The Beach:

When entered, The waves are slow and calm, while you can hear seagulls in the background, while they're never seen in the area, in-fact, no Entities are seen at all. The water seems to be normal, and enterable, once entered, the person reportedly was able to breath in the water. This person reported no Entities, and reportedly seen and entered a flooded Temple under the water.

The Temple:

This area seemed old and abandoned, with sea overgrowth everywhere. The temple has a 'α' symbol on the top. The Temple is very small, and has beautiful statues, which are mostly broken. This Area has one door, which is held shut, and cannot be opened. This Temple is the only accessible area in the beach's ocean as of now.

The Note:

There was a few sheets of paper discovered by The M.E.G., these notes was left by a wanderer in the Early 2000's, who's name is assumed to be "Ben" due to a part of the note with that name. here's what all notes combined reads:

I have no idea where I am, and I have no idea how I got here. I was crawling around in what seems like a attic or something until i fell through it. And now I'm lost in this beautiful house, which seems to go on for miles, I've been eating the food i have stored in my backpack, and it's running low. The question of 'When will I find some food' has been floating around my head for a few days, and I'm starting to worry about that.

I finally found a kitchen, surprisingly, there is not much food, but there seems to be a whole lot of Almond Water, and I mean a lot. Well, I gotta keep moving.

I'm kind of worried that i have only seen a few Moth things flying around, and nothing else. I don't know why I feel worried, because i should be really happy that there is no monster running towards me.

I was running a for a few minutes now, i heard a man screaming in the distance I can't even think what happened to that person, it's so quiet now, too quiet.

I found a Room with antiques and artifacts they look like all of them came from around the world. I found a strange map, it look like a city in the middle of an ocean. I don't know what's going on, I just need to find more food.

Come on Ben, I need to Find more food.

Ok i found some more food, so I'm good on that and i also fou-

(The rest of this part is unreadable, as it was ripped out. Due to this a lot of parts are missing)

I have entered the beach, and it's quite peaceful out here, I'm just gonna lay down and get rid of all the stress this place gave me.

(Another part is missing)

I hear a woman singing, it sounds like it's coming from the ocean. I need to see if it's a survivor.

(A lot of parts are missing again)

I see the tentacles they told me about, after giving an offering.

I must fi-

(Part was Ripped out again)

(More parts are seemingly missing/)

I've opened it, he wants to see me, I must greet him.

It seems that this man has seen the Temple and explored it, and this man has also encountered strange entities that are still unknown.

The Journal:

This Journal was found in the Map Room by a member of the M.E.G. "Team Antique", it seems to be from the man who owned the beach house named "Jameson P. Timothy" , before it became apart of The Backrooms, The journal has it's original name ripped out, and has a newer name called "Silence In The Dark" here is what it reads:

Log 1:

"September 24th, 1983: We are settling in with our luggage here, in our new home for me and my family, and my expedition can soon begin, it was a lot of money to move here, and start my expedition, but, my son David, seems pretty happy here, and my daughter Lilly, is setting up her room upstairs, what about me you ask? well, I'll be setting up my Antiques and treasures in my Map Room, and set up the expedition plan there. I'll be working for a few weeks."

Log 2:

"September 28th 1983: We got it! the national explorers group, has raised enough money to start our expedition! but, this will not be an easy task to complete, the expedition will be dangerous, we'll be going to be buying the supplies now, Scuba Gear, Compasses, Cameras, Big Machinery, you name it!"

Log 3:

"September 29th, 1983: My Wife is terrified at the fact that I am doing this expedition, but this must happen, I have been trying to find this Ancient City for my entire Life! my entire carrier was based off of this one expedition, this one expedition. Yes, I know, I'm being way to self absorbed at the moment, and I do know I have a family to take care of, but I must… Find this place."

Log 4:

"October 1st, 1983: It's has begun, we are moving into the position of the lost city by boat, once there, we will put on our diving gear, and we will go down into the depths, and find the lost city. How do you know it is there you ask? well, we have made a Sonar Scan about a year ago, and it reveals a large city underneath the waters. this is it, I know it is."

"I am speechless… it was there last year but, it's… gone… I can't even think straight right now… we have scanned it so many times last year, it was for sure there… I don't… I don't know what to do anymore…"

Log 5:

"October 3rd, 1983: Maybe it was not there… maybe it was just a glitch… My Wife and Kids came to comfort me when i returned to our new home, which we bought all for nothing… I appreciate them trying to help me, but it's not working, all of my life's work lead up to, gone, literally disappeared."

Log 6:

"October 4th, 1983: I cannot believe it! It's back, but in a different spot, closer to our home! It's… it's moving, I have absolutely no idea how, but we need to get there before it's gone!"

"We are making our way to the lost city, or the "moving" city I should say, we will do the same routine as last time, I just hope it is still there."

"Here it we go, we are about to discover… The Lost City of Atlantis!"

"I cannot explain what happened, we were there, we took pictures, video, everything! It just… fell… not even crumbled, it just fell. Through the sea floor, as if nothing was there… the photographs, and video tapes, corrupted, glitched, gone… and no one will believe us…"

Log 7:

"October 6th, 1983: My family thinks I'm crazy now, from the lost of all my work, I don't know what to do anymore, my family left to go out shopping for food. Today, I'm just going to lay down on the beach side, forget about everything, and release the stress… by myself."

"I don't understand what happened, a Temple, of some-sort, just appeared out of the water, but never made a sound, as if there was no water, i went in to see beautiful statues, and water fountains, although, it smells strange, almost a nutty cent, while inside, I saw the symbol "α (Alpha)", it has to be apart of Atlantis, it has to be. there was a door, that i could not open, i found citizens of Atlantis, Fish People, the Mermaids have an amazing voice, they told me that the city moves by their leader, a Octopus Leviathan. The Temple is still here on our beach, i called my family to see it. I can finally continue my work!"

"It's gone, i was to late, now my family is talking about, "Needing Help", i will not listen, and i will not give up! I know it is real, I know what I am seeing is real, I must continue."

"I don't know where i am… i'm in my house but, it's not, i was sleeping, getting ready for the day, when i saw the Temple, it has risen again! i went to wake my family up, but when I stepped out of my room, i was not alone out there, i saw that… that thing… it, smiled at me, all I can see was it's eyes and smile! I started to run to my families rooms screaming out of fear from what I saw, we were all terrified as we all saw this huge being with Tan skin, it looked like a zombie, acted like one. My wife ran off to protect the kids, I grabbed whatever i could find to protect myself, and my family, but this creature kept breaking everything, I have gotten a huge chunk of my skin ripped off from this creature, I ran to the kitchen to get some medical supplies that we have, i used it to protect myself from the tear i had… by then it was to late, i heard my wife scream, and then… everything is silent… in the dark… just Silence… Silence In The Dark… Until we met again, The creature that smiles, at the end of the hall… i thought this was it… it started sprinting towards me… until everything fell through the floor… The i woke up… in my house, in the hallway, as i thought it was… i thought i might have been dreaming… I thought I went insane… until I realized… my house never ends…"

Log 8:

"I Don't know what the date is: I have been here for a long time now, on the beaches of my former house… the halls of my former house, my Map room… Of my former house… i don't know if i am alone, if i will ever find someone, but, i'll leave this book here, i do not need it anymore, i'll leave it for anyone that can find it, if there is… anyone out there, for now i'm alone, alone forever, in the silence… Silence In The Dark."

It seems that this man has found a one way entrance to The Backrooms through the Lost City, and entities can leave The Backrooms through this city, as it seems that Jameson and his family had an encounter with a Smiler and Skin-Stealer, in the Real world. This Journal has confirmed the explorer named "Ben", and his notes that there is "Fish People", and "Leviathan" Entities in this Level. but for now, they are still unknown.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

M.E.G. (A.k.a The "Major Explorer Group") "Team Antique"

  • This Team was made to explore this Level.
  • Has set up a base in this Level close to the Exit.
  • They have around 54 People and expanding.
  • They are willing to help Wanderers in need.
  • Their main goal is to explore this Level, so everyone can be safe in this Level.
  • They have found most of the information on this page.

Entrances And Exits:

To enter, you must find a pair of twigs and leaves of the floor in "Level 4.1" and place them in a pot, or as the Note states wander around "Level 19", and fall through the floor. And Recently the door labeled 'α' in "Level 51" has been opened, and you can now enter this Level from there. To exit, you must find a locked door, and you must grab a key from the 'Map Room', and enter that door, it will lead you to "Level 42".

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