Level 292

Video Log 398

Date and Time: February 1, 2023 at 9:21 AM
Location: Level 6/Level 292/Level 360
<Begin Log>

Daniel: Stephen, I know this is a dumb question, but what level are we on again?

Stephen: Oh for God's sake — how do you not know that this is Level 6?!

Daniel: Unlike you, I don't spend twenty-five hours a day on the database. I have a life!

Stephen: Well, practically everyone knows Level 6! It's literally one of the first levels dis-

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, whatever, I just wanna get out of here! Maybe with your ridiculous nerdiness, you could do so!

Stephen: Yes, but man, please stop shouting!

Daniel: Look at yourself!

[Daniel and Stephen wander the halls for a few more minutes. While walking and putting their hands against the wall, the two discover that the same wall is no longer made of cocnrete.]

Daniel: Yo, is this… paper?

Stephen: Who put paper here?

Daniel: You think it could be some sort of exit?

Stephen: Probably. Try ripping through it.

[In an act they would instantly regret, Daniel and Stephen rip through the wall and fall into a void. They yell and hang onto each other for dear life.]

Daniel: Why the [EXPLETIVE] did you think that would be a good idea, you [EXPLETIVE]?!

Stephen: Well, you thought it could be an exit! Look at yourself!

Daniel: I swear, if we die like this, you are-

[Daniel and Stephen abruptly pass out.]


Both of them wake up and find themselves as stickmen on a paper.

[Both Daniel and Stephen start bursting in laughter.]

Daniel: Did we get stuck in a five-year-old’s "drawing"?! This is the stupidest piece of [EXPLETIVE] I have ever seen, man!

Stephen: (wheezes) I know — oh my God — I can’t-

???: Hello, and welcome to the Stickman Adventures!

[A screen appears, covering up the duo's view of themselves.]


Behind this screen, a baffled Daniel and Stephen find themselves laughing even harder upon hearing the childish voice speaking to them.

???: Hey, I wanted to show you guys how this level works and how to get out, but if you don't wanna hear that, I guess you're on your own.

Stephen: Okay, sorry, sorry! We've just… never encountered something like this in our lives.

???: That's what I thought, you punks.

[Daniel chuckles. Stephen instantly silences him. The screen that was covering them vanishes without a plausible reason.]

???: So anyways, lemme show you this place and stuff. As you know, you both are two stickmen on a paper. You can move forwards by trying to walk like you usually do. To turn backwards, you turn around. If you turn around half the way, it'll look as if you have no face. You have to turn around all the way.

[A very light puff of wind is heard.]

???: You're supposed to get out of here by avoiding all the obstacles. You'll learn how they work once you interact with them. Here, walk a bit further.


Daniel and Stephen come up to an obstacle course. They attempt to look slightly surprised, but for some inexplicable reason, they appear expressionless instead. Daniel mutters something about "horrible quality".

Stephen: Damn. So we have to learn how all this stuff works by ourselves?

???: Yeah!

Stephen: I see. Daniel, how about you try first?

Daniel: Oh, don't try to use me like that, you lazy piece of [EXPLETIVE]! You go!

Stephen: Twenty bucks?

Daniel: Never mind — I'll do it.

[Daniel attempts the obstacle course, and after a few minutes of failed attempts, he figures out how some of the objects work. The bouncers launch him in the direction the object is facing. The conveyor belt speeds him up because both of them are going to the right. The wormholes teleport him to the closest wormhole with the same shape drawn in it. Daniel reaches the end of the obstacle course and chuckles.]

Daniel: Steph, you try!

[Stephen also attempts the obstacle course; however, he finds a shortcut when he accidentally falls into the triangle wormhole. He manages to make it to the other side much faster than Daniel.]

Stephen: Hey, I found a skip! If you fall through this wormhole, it teleports you up here!

???: No fair!

Stephen: Pfft. Cry about it. Besides, I'm doing you favors by finding flaws so that you or whoever runs this place can fix them.

???: Aw man! Fine. Walk further, there's more you have to do. You'll find new obstacles to work with.


While walking towards the next set of obstacles, Daniel and Stephen realize that they can walk through one another. They are immediately dumbfounded and barely notice the new obstacles.

Daniel: This place just keeps getting stupider and stupider!

Stephen: I know — (cough) my stomach hurts from laughing so hard — I just can't-

???: Okay I'm leaving you guys to figure it out for yourselves.

Daniel: Wait, wait, sorry! We promise that we won't do it again!

???: Okay then. Now take a look at these obstacles.

Daniel: Alright, Stephen, you go now.

Stephen: If you go, I'll give you ten more bucks.

Daniel: Fine.

[Daniel tries his luck with the new trial that awaits him. He immediately discovers a shortcut that requires grabbing onto the rope from the ground without the help of the spinner.]


However, due to a lack of momentum, he slams his face into the wall. He feels no pain, but nevertheless, Stephen falls to the ground laughing.

[About thirty seconds pass before Daniel makes it past the rope and is thrown into a number of wormholes. After clearing his dizziness by shaking his head, he is met by two platforms that appear and disappear every two seconds. He makes it through them swiftly. He then responds to one of Stephen's insults.]

Daniel: Bet you can't do it in one try either, huh? If you do it, I'll give you your ten bucks back.

[Without a word, Stephen races towards the challenge. Unlike Daniel, Stephen uses the spinner to reach the rope. He rapidly finishes the course and gives Daniel a smirk. The latter sighs and hands back ten B.N.T.G. credits.]

???: Okay. Here is some more obstacles, but with some creatures to help you do it. They're called- wait, I dropped my cue cards, guys. Give me a minute!

[Daniel and Stephen wait for two minutes.]

???: Okay, I'm back.

Daniel: Hey, that was two minutes!

???: Was it really? Sorry guys. Anyways, the creatures are called "flexbirds". If you jump on them, they'll give you a ride to the other side. Beware of the evil flexbird, though, because if you jump on it, it'll throw you against a wall.

Stephen: Can't we just drop down and get to the other side like that?

???: If you do that, you will find a wall that comes with the next section. Don't try it.

[Stephen nods.]


With a smile on his face, Stephen climbs onto a platform. Daniel waits for him to get up.

[Stephen begins levitating as he climbs onto the platform. After two seconds of floating, he falls onto his desired destination. Daniel follows shortly after.]

Stephen: Hey Daniel, you should try getting on this huge one over here!

Daniel: Yo, I'm not that dumb, you little [EXPLETIVE]! Here, you go!

[With unnatural accuracy, Daniel launches Stephen onto the giant evil flexbird. It does not hesitate in flying towards the wall and slamming Stephen against it. Due to the anomalous effects of the level, Stephen doesn't feel any pain, but that does not save him from Daniel maniacally cackling at him.]

Daniel: Oh, how I love karma! That was so damn deserved!

Stephen: If you're gonna laugh at me like that, then gimme my twenty back!

Daniel: You'll have to go fetch it!

[Daniel throws the credits and they land behind the wormhole. The credits are now unable to be retrieved considering the very small gap they fell into.]

Stephen: Hah! I always get the last laugh!

[Stephen looks up and realized that Daniel had already made it to the other side and was running against a conveyor belt, staring at him and rolling his eyes.]

Stephen: … Oh.

Daniel: Quickly! My legs aren't that strong!

Stephen: Okay! One second!

[Stephen reaches Daniel and the two follow the conveyor belt to the next section.]

???: Alright. This next section is the first one that can actually kill you.

Daniel: … What? I thought this place was child friendly! Why is there death?!

???: I never said this place was child friendly! But whatever. You have to use these disappearing platforms to avoid the creatures known as "blasters". Every two seconds, they shoot a huge laser. Here's an example of what happens to you when you get shot, using a test dummy.


The duo was immediately astonished by the blasters' power. They try to figure out how to make it across straight away.

Stephen: Okay… how do we do this… uh…

Daniel: Wait… what if you just used the disappearing platforms as meat shields? They appear again just before the blasters shoot their lasers.

Stephen: If you were a true friend, you'd be my meat shield instead of those things.

Daniel: Are you [EXPLETIVE] high?! Never in a million lifetimes would I sacrifice myself for your filthy [EXPLETIVE]!

Stephen: Okay man, I was joking, calm down! Just do it!

Daniel: (whispering) Sometimes I wonder why I'm friends with this dude.

[The two friends successfully avoid the blasters and move on to the next section. However, they are infuriated when they are notified of what is coming next.]

???: So, the next few obstacle courses will be just obstacles you've seen before. It's for practice.

Stephen: What the [EXPLETIVE]?! No. No you are not doing this to us. You're really gonna let our minds rot like that?

???: I'm sorry guys, but I don't run this place.

Daniel: Can I speak to the mana-

???: No, he's dead. We're looking for a new one.

Stephen: (whispering) What kind of joke is that?

Daniel: (whispering) I'm serious! You don't like this, and I don't like it either! There has to be something done about it.

[The next seven sections were simply remixes of the obstacles they had seen and used before, as the unknown voice said. Due to not much notable happening in this part of the log, it has been trimmed and only includes pictures of each new section. A note or quote may or may not be provided under each image.]


Something of note here is that each blaster shot at different times in a fashion similar to a chain reaction. Daniel and Stephen had to take a few seconds to understand the order in which they shoot.


ignore this


ignore this


Daniel: "What kind of sick-in-the-head [EXPLETIVE] thought it would be a good idea to build each of these with maximum annoyance in mind?!"


ignore this


The trick to passing the first part of this section is to touch the miniscule wormhole that is placed near where Daniel (left) is at. This sends the wanderer to the triangle wormhole above.


In the part of the obstacles Daniel (left) is facing, three of the six disappearing platforms are made to never disappear. However, in the part of the obstacles Stephen (right) is facing, all of the disappearing platforms activate and deactivate randomly.

Daniel: Finally done with this [EXPLETIVE]. What's next, are you gonna tell us that we're stuck here forever and we're gonna keep doing this until we die?

???: Uhm… actually, no! Since you've been attempting these courses for so long, here's a little break for you. You get to sleep in these energy beds! When you lay down in them, you instantly fall asleep, and when you wake up, you'll be ready to go and feel better than ever!

Daniel: Damn, I didn't expect that. Thanks, anyways…


Daniel is very pleased. Stephen is also happy, although it is not visible in this picture since he is yawning.

[After a quick rest, the duo make their way to the next segment, which happens to be the beginning of the final part of the entire level.]

???: So… this is the finale! You just have to make it through the next three sections like normal. The only difference is that there's a three minute timer that runs through all of them! If you unfortunately don't finish in time, you immediately die. Just walk through this portal to start the timer. Good luck!

Stephen: Wait… what the hell are these stupid new obstacles?! We've never [EXPLETIVE] seen them before! How do we [EXPLETIVE] know what to [EXPLETIVE] do?!

???: So?

Stephen: Well, why couldn't we have had these [EXPLETIVE] obstacles in the seven overly tedious and [EXPLETIVE] worthless sections we just did?!

???: You see, those last few courses were just a stupid prank idea I had to get revenge and to just get a funny reaction. Since you were calling this place terribly made and stuff, I decided to replace what you normally would've gotten with lots of boring "pratice" sections. And oh boy, did it work out well. Look at your faces!

Stephen: Oh for [EXPLETIVE] sake! You're twisted out of your [EXPLETIVE] mind!

???: Fine. I'll tell you how these objects work, but only because you're so desperate.

Stephen: I swear to Go-

???: Do you want me to or not?!

[Stephen immediately stops talking and nods.]


???: "So, as you can see, these objects can move now! If you look up top, you'll see that there's a blaster that'll kill you if you don't jump fast enough. Next, both of you have to press these buttons so that the disappearing platform can deactivate. You do that by touching these blocks with numbers on them. When you do so, the number on them will go down, and when it hits zero, they disappear. You also do all of that last part while you're upside down."

Stephen: Okay. Are there any more new obstacles in the last two sections?

???: Yes, but I'll leave you to figure them out because I'm still angry with you. But they're quite simple to understand, so you won't be sitting there for long.

Stephen: Fine. Daniel, c'mon! Let's start this.

[Daniel nods and steps through a portal that starts the timer. They quickly clear the beginning of the finale, and without a second to spare, move on.]


The duo dashes towards a portal that flips them right side up. However, they are baffled to see a giant cloud of black that blocks most of their view of the section. They then turn their eyes to the unexpectedly colored potions that lay before them.

Daniel: Damn! There's color now? That's pretty nice.

???: Why thank you very much! The last s-

Stephen: Shut up! We got no time to waste! Just go and drink the god damn thing!

[Daniel and Stephen consume the drinks and are given night vision, clearing the black cloud from their vision. However, the effect does not apply to the camera, which is why no other images of this section have been provided.]

Stephen: We gotta hit ourselves against this wall with this giant evil… whatever it's called! Go!

Daniel: Chill man, we still got like a minite and a half left!

[After using the evil flexbird to launch themselves over, Daniel grabs what he thinks is a rope, but is in fact a zipline.]

Daniel: Grab it!

Stephen: I'm coming!


Daniel and Stephen now hang over a moving platform that's just above a blaster. The unknown voice begins to speak.

???: Hey, I didn't think you'd make it to the end! But here you are. Get to the trophy and jump into it quick, because the blasters you see are going to activate one by one and eventually make this section impossible! Also, unlike the other blasters, these bad boys will decimate anything! Not just humans!

Daniel: I have so many questions. Why is the paper flipped on its side? How come there there's col-

Stephen: Shut up! By talking, you're distracting us!

[Daniel and Stephen get through most of this last section with ease, figuring out how the pink objects, the purple box, the brown see-saw, and the peach swinging ball work. The pink objects disappear when someone gets near them, forcing one to memorize their layout. The purple box can be pushed around, while the brown see-saw acts like a normal see-saw. The peach ball swung side to side, and in this course, it is used both as an obstacle and a helping hand.]

Daniel: (muttering) The trophy looks really, really weird. (chuckles)

Stephen: Daniel, can you go first?

Daniel: Fine.

[Daniel gets hit by the swinging ball into a wormhole, which sends him towards an exceptionally fast conveyor belt. He uses the rope and barely makes it to the other side. He pants heavily.]

Daniel: Quick, Stephen! We got like 15 seconds!

[Stephen also gets into the square wormhole, but unforunately realizes that he can't see. He had only drank a sip of the potion from earlier, causing his night vision to wear out as soon as he finished the second-to-last course. This indirectly created a lack of momentum, causing him to slam his face into the wall.]

Stephen: Daniel!

Daniel: Steph! No! No! No!!!

[Stephen is killed in a matter of seconds. Daniel, overcome with grief, has no choice but to jump into the trophy himself. With only a second to spare, Daniel gets inside it. He then finds himself in Level 360, all alone in the middle of the road.]


Screenshot taken merely milliseconds after Daniel entered the trophy. It appears as if the level completely dispappears after it is completed.

Daniel: (holding back tears) What was this level again?

<End Log>

Epilogue: With the discovery of this new level, M.E.G. researchers have been continuously analyzing the log and compiling data to write its page. They have also asked Daniel for a Q&A session to discover more about Level 292, because the log will only provide so much information.

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