Level 284
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One of the cities surrounded by the cracked desert.

Level 284 is the 285th Level of the Backrooms. While now a fractured hellscape, it was formerly an infinite desert with small city blocks scattered throughout. The dramatic change likely occurred when on 10/14/20XX Frontrooms Standard Time, a massive detonation of energy was felt in levels connected to 284, specifically in Level 11. This event would come to be known colloquially as "The October Surge," and shockwaves of this energy were detected even as deep as The Blue Channel. Interviews with well known reality warpers and other energy-sensitive individuals have described the surge as feeling "like a balloon bursting after continuously being filled with water." The M.E.G. is currently looking into what may have caused this reaction, but current theories suggest a high-tier reality altering being may have been using the level as a type of "spatial dumping ground" for any excess energy they couldn't internalize. As mentioned prior, research is still ongoing.


Level 284 in its current form is an infinite stretch of barren land, twisted into a non-Euclidean plane sprinkled with a few areas safe to travel. Aside from the occasional decimated city, the only structures on the surface are massive fault lines and cracks in the ground that lead into unknown spaces in The Backrooms. The sky of Level 284 isn't even a sky at all, instead being an upside down mirrored version of the ground. The "ceiling" of the level is accessible, as after about 200m of vertical ascension, gravity will switch directions. Be advised, if you do wind up in Level 284, attempting to access the ceiling is not recommended. The "switch" takes place far up in the sky, meaning it's very likely that you will fall to your death if you attempt to reach the "roof." The unusual gravity isn't the only thing to be cautious of: It is strongly recommended that you do not stay in Level 284 for long to relieve the possibility of "White Blindness."

White Blindness

White Blindness is the name given to a phenomena that occurs to long-term exposure to the environment of Level 284. Minor exposure can leave one's eyes feeling aches, blur one's vision, and leave the mind in an almost "dreamlike" trance. More extreme cases cause ocular bleeding, and can even cause one's eyes to implode and burst from their sockets. It is theorized that this unique phenomena is caused from the combination of the residual distortive energy left from "The October Surge," as well as the psychological effects that the completely color-drained level can have on the human psyche. Considering early symptoms of White Blindness closely mirror that of the effects of "White Torture," (A type of sensory deprivation,) this might just be the case.


Level 284's changes were discovered by M.E.G. researcher Seymour Watts, on an excursion to the Level in order to upload a large amount of files from his personal drive to the group's database.

Unique Entities

Something unique to Level 284 is the strange, disturbing, and esoteric entities that reside within the cracked desert. While this is par for the course in most levels of The Backrooms, the extremely unstable reality in level 284 has caused its inhabitants to "mutate" into almost unrecognizable creatures. Information on these special "mutations" is currently ongoing, but its estimated that most of them came into being from the fusing of existing entities that resided on the level before its sudden change. The majority of these known to the M.E.G. are from records found in agent Watts's field journal, which can be seen below.

Outdated Versions

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