Level 281
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Hello, traveler. Quite a journey this was, right?

Oh, dear Heavens… where are my manners? I forgot to introduce myself!

Welcome to my domain, dear traveler. My name is Maxwell, pleased to make acquaintance with you.

Fear not, my domain is entirely safe. Everything "dangerous" is dealt with swiftly.

Are you hungry, thirsty? I have a lot of food and water; please make yourself at home!

You don't have to worry about this; it is my pleasure to help those who I come across on my domain.

Things are rather wild out there, aren't they? I have heard countless stories…

Listen, dear friend, I have a proposal for you.

You can stay here from now on; there is no reason you should further embark on your journey to perish.

I have gotten quite lonely here as well, and I would absolutely entertain your presence here.

Are you sure?

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