Level 277
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Office space found within Level 277.

Level 277 is the 278th level of the Backrooms. It is a sprawling complex with an amalgamation of facilities resembling those of a car factory. There exists little to no documentation on this level, given that intentional entry has been unsuccessful as of now. As per request from Base Omega, The M.E.G. is conducting an ongoing search for any accounts that may pertain to Level 277.1 Records should be posted in the final section of this article for posterity. It is suspected that this level is the reason for certain eyewitness reports of disappearances popping up over recent years, which were previously assumed to be the work of an entity or a form of delirium.


Level 277 is a mix of different corporate and industrial environments, primarily ones found in vehicle manufacturing plants. Noted regions include mailrooms, locker rooms, storage warehouses, cab assembly lines, frame welding lines, paint facilities, and cubicles, as well as sections that serve no discernible purpose. All of these areas are interconnected and often collide in places that would normally render production impossible. The building as a whole is in various states of disrepair and abandonment. Despite these conditions, the site remains running to some degree.


Industrial section, incl. example of 277 marking.

Its size is thought to be exceedingly large but not infinite. Based on limited readings and inferences, it expands at least several hundred kilometers in any given direction. Currently, it is unknown if any part of the environment is nonlinear.2 It has been confirmed that forested vegetation lies outside of the structure, but it remains unexplored in any capacity. One easily identifiable and distinct feature of this level is the fact that its number can be spotted in most areas due to numerous visible markings. There is also a viscous red substance that coats some surfaces, the properties of which are under open investigation.3

Known Entities

Though rare, a few entities have been sighted:

  • Adult Facelings donning worker's outfits that carry out tasks ranging from the operation of machinery to more ineffectual and repetitious chores. They exhibit traits that are uncommon in most Facelings, notably swift and purposeful movements combined with above average intelligence. They refuse to engage when provoked and are speculated to hold a limited comprehension of human body language.
  • Dunks performing menial duties alongside Facelings. Attempts to tame them have proven unsuccessful.
  • Skin-Stealers, although this has only been observed once. Other accounts are needed to corroborate this one due to its potentially dubious veracity (see: LOG-277-C).
  • Supervisor(s). It is undetermined whether this is an actual entity or the manifestation of a severe deleterious cognitohazard within the level (see: LOG-277-E).

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts, or communities on this level.

Entrances And Exits:


Access to Level 277 has been determined to be a random occurrence, the odds of which are evidently extremely low. It is theorized that entry is achievable via any level as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Either no-clipping in an attempt to access a separate level or crossing through an open door.
  • Being a male between the approximate ages of 18 and 60.4
  • Possessing an electronic device that has GPS capability and/or the means to download and install applications. It does not matter if the device itself is functional as it gains anomalous properties once inside the level.


Evidence points to there being no exiting from Level 277 via typical methods. So far, there are only two confirmed means of escape:

  • Completing a number of routes via the Securitus app while "on shift", then following the app's guide to an exit. The amount required depends on the person. It is probable that this returns you to your location prior to being transported to Level 277.
  • Being assigned a "new facility" via the Securitus app. More data is required on how to achieve this outcome. One possibility is that it is linked to a prolonged unwillingness to follow your designated "shifts" (see: LOG-277-B). Given the verbiage used, the exit may be random in this case.

Additional Information

Securitus App

Once someone enters Level 277, an electronic device on their person will undergo several changes, the most conspicuous of which is a program bearing the name Securitus that is automatically installed.5 The app is similar in function to ones that security companies use to ensure that employees finish their patrols while on duty.6

In lieu of a system to clock in or out is a display informing you of whether you are currently "on shift". There is no immediate penalty for failing or refusing to complete a patrol. Instead, you will receive a series of motivational quotes, guidelines, and warnings through the app's SMS system based on your level of compliance (see: LOG-277-D). The tone of these messages is generally more positive the more you adhere to your "shifts".

Any device that contains the Securitus app is unable to be turned off and does not need batteries nor other forms of energy. The app cannot be removed unless one exits Level 277, after which it uninstalls itself and the affected gadget returns to normal. No thorough attempts have been made to destroy a device while it is altered, but it is heavily advised not to test this, as it would likely render you unable to leave.


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