Level 275: "Parkson's Elevator"
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An image of the Elevator's cage, taken by an unknown wanderer and found later by a B.N.T.G member.

Level 275 consists mainly of a mysterious, anomalous elevator, known simply as The Elevator. It was discovered by Dr. Alice Parkson, the namesake of the level, on February 10, 2023.


It must be noted before continuing, that only one wanderer can exist on this level at any given time. Any attempts to enter this level while someone else is already in it will not work.

Level 275 consists of two sections, The Entrance Hall and The Elevator. The Entrance Hall is the place where most wanderers will appear upon entering the level. It is a small hallway consisting of maple wood side platforms, a concrete ceiling, and a white checkered floor. Upon entering the door, it will mysteriously disappear behind the wanderer. There is not a known way to escape the level in this area, and wanderers will have no choice but to continue onward.
After a short walk through the hallway, the wanderer should encounter the main point of interest in the level, colloquially called The Elevator. The Elevator's design is similar to a 1950's elevator. Its car is six feet wide and is mostly brown with a few wooden planks scattered about it. On its front are copper bars with an open door on the right of it.


The image of the shaft The Elevator travels upon. The wanderer who took this photo said they managed to noclip into the ceiling and take this photo before they were forced back into The Elevator.

Once a wanderer walks into The Elevator, the doors will shut behind them and The Elevator will then begin going up. At this point, one of two voices will greet the wanderer in The Elevator, dubbed Question and Rose. They will both say some variant of the following line: "Welcome to {speech unintelligible}, it's a pleasure to serve you and we hope you enjoy your time at our humble abode."

From there, the wanderer will be locked into The Elevator for an indefinite amount of time. How long this is differs for different wanderers. Some claim that the journey only felt like hours, others days, and in extremely rare cases, months. Through The Elevator's limited view, wanderers can see a gray concrete stairwell spiraling around them. During their trip, they will be provided with food from an unknown source, which appears suddenly where the wanderer isn't looking. This food is typically a grayish substance in a bowl that is described as tasting similar to cooked pork; however a small bowl of honey-flavored cereal and/or a chocolate chip cookie have also been reported.

At some point, Question will tell the wanderer inside some variant of the following phrase: "Unfortunately, (Wanderer's name), it appears your stay is over. We are honored that you chose us for your services, and we hope you come back!" Once this is said, they will instantly noclip into the ground and be transported to a random level.

Entities and Events

Level 275 lacks entities of any kind in The Entrance Hall. However, in The Elevator, three voices speak to the one inside throughout their time in the Elevator. These are:

  • Question. Question is a British male voice who comes online at random times to talk to the wanderer about a myriad of general topics, including "fun facts", a short description of a random level, and advertisements for fictional companies, among other things. He additionally hosts an event called "Trivia Time", in which he directly interacts with the wanderer by stating trivia questions usually related to computers and technology. From there, he will wait for them to give a response. A small ring will play if an answer is correct, and a loud buzzer will sound if an answer is wrong. The game continues for 5 questions, then ends. Nothing is known to be gained or lost from winning or losing this game.
  • Rose. Rose is a Japanese woman's voice who will come online to begin a conversation. During these conversations, Rose will usually act very friendly and gives the wanderer compliments and life advice for a period of time before going offline, presuming that they are actively talking to her. Many describe Rose's tone to be calming, yet strangely cold and uncanny. She is also involved with many strange events, including the ones listed below as well as some more unique ones. For example, many claim that she will randomly come online to list a random set of numbers beginning with the number "22".
  • 22. 22 is rarer than the other two voices. When it does come online, it will play one of two things: audio of two American men repeating the phrase "Enjoy your precious time here" in a monotone voice repeatedly before abruptly shutting down, or audio of someone knocking on a door, which gets louder and more aggressive before stopping suddenly. This is also the only voice that never greets a wanderer when they first enter the Elevator, at least according to known reports.

In addition to these three voices, multiple strange occurrences may happen while a wanderer is in The Elevator. The following list displays some of the more commonly reported events:

  • Openings. Openings are when The Elevator suddenly stops and the doors will open up for the one inside to see what is outside. Most of the time, these will be glimpses into other levels; however, there is always some sort of obstacle that prevents them from exiting The Elevator. For example, during an opening, a wanderer might be able to see The Hub while in The Elevator but be blocked from actually entering it due to a barbed fence covering the face of the Elevator. There have also been rare cases in which the doors open up to reveal environments that resemble no known levels in The Backrooms. Examples include a long wooden hallway with alternating red and yellow lights and a grayscale version of Level 0. The most common theory to explain these events is that they are illusions or "sets" created by the level, although the reason the level does this is still unknown.
  • Dreams. Occasionally inside the Elevator, one may begin to feel extremely drowsy out of seemingly nowhere. They will then begin to imagine that they are in some different place, whether it be in the Frontrooms, Backrooms, or somewhere else. Many of those who have experienced the event say that the whole experience felt dreamlike and discomforting, no matter how 'normal' the location was. Some reports say that a strange woman in red clothing will appear somewhere in the location. This will last for a few minutes, when suddenly the wanderer will snap back inside the Elevator, and their trip will resume normally.
  • Blackouts. Sometimes, the light in The Elevator will suddenly turn from yellow into an extremely dim white, and Question will come online to administer a countdown from 200 to 0. During this countdown, some have claimed to hear Rose whispering gibberish under Question's countdown. Once he counts down to 0, the light will suddenly return to its yellow color, and things will mostly return to normal, although the lights will still flicker occasionally for the rest of the wanderer's stay.
  • Fallings. In Fallings, one will feel the Elevator suddenly stop for a few moments, then slowly start going back down the shaft. The speed of the descent will slowly escalate until it spirals into full-on free falling. During this descent, many wanderers claim to hear a woman's voice resembling Rose's talking or even screaming to them. This will last for a few seconds until the Elevator suddenly stops and resumes going back up.

Bases, Communities and Outposts

There is no possible way for a true base, outpost or community to form due to the nature of Level 275.

Notes and Additional Info

The following collapsible contains a page from one of the journals of Dr. Alice Parkson, the official discoverer of Level 275. Once someone connected to the B.N.T.G, she decided to go on a journey to find the level after rumors of a mysterious red door in Level 5 swirled around Backrooms forums. Eventually, she found the level, and was subsequently trapped within the Elevator and left with the voices. This page of the journal was later found by an anonymous B.N.T.G worker in Level 33. This is the last known trace of Parkson, and she has not been seen since.

Entrances and Exits


There are many ways to enter Level 275.

  • The most common method of entry is by walking through a red wooden door that can appear on Levels 3, 5, 13, and 36 at certain times.
  • Pressing the number "275" inside an instance of Entity 81 will instantly transport a wanderer to this level's Elevator.
  • Opening a secret door behind an unlabeled, out-of-order gray arcade machine on Level 40 will lead to Level 275.
  • Looking at a picture of a hotel room with red wallpaper in Level 57 for about one minute will transport a wanderer to this level.


There is no known way to willingly leave this level. After an indefinite period of time, one will noclip through the floor of The Elevator and end up in a random level of The Backrooms.

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