Level 274
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A section of Jerry's Room.

Jerry's Room appears to be Jerry's home. This is the main base of operations of the Followers of Jerry.


Jerry's Room is a large room similar in appearance to a lounge, with enough space to fit almost 200 people. Several large paintings depicting Jerry are hung up on several walls of the room. They are said to be made by the Artist. A section of the room has a larger painting of Jerry on the back wall, with a simple wooden bird perch in front of it. This is where Jerry will sit while his followers kneel before him and praise him, as well as where he sleeps.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

The Followers of Jerry

This room is the base of operations for the faction known as the Followers of Jerry, who use this base to worship Jerry, plan attacks, and spread pro-Jerry propaganda. While they are not hostile, they will attempt to indoctrinate you into becoming a follower. You can avoid this by pretending you already worship Jerry, but its safest to just run away.

Father BlueBird

According to a M.E.G. spy who has infiltrated Jerry's Room, a man named "Father BlueBird" seems to be the commander of the F.O.J. He keeps himself in extreme secrecy, and can only be identified by his blue robes which always keep his faced covered. The followers regard him as both a military and spiritual leader, and typically refuse to talk about him.

Entrances And Exits:

Even though Jerry's Room is technically easy to enter (You can just walk straight into a door in Level 2), it is highly dangerous. The Followers will indoctrinate or kill anyone who attempts to enter that isn't a member of the F.O.J. Also, Jerry is often in this room, which could attempt to assimilate you. Exiting this room is as simple as walking out the door, but at that point you are already a dedicated Jerry Follower.

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