Level Achromatopsia
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Level Achromatopsia is the 272th Level of the Backrooms. This level is one of the hardest to enter, but will most likely happen without an explorer's knowledge. Sometimes, you may enter by falling through the floor of Level 696.


Level Achromatopsia resembles the places that you have been in for the longest amount of time. The level shifts between forms to other houses that you have been inside of in your life. Every time the level shifts to another form, there is something that has caused it to do so. The most common reason for the level to shift is an entity encounter. All entities here are hallucinations, but they seem more realistic than normal. The level can shift into something new within a few seconds at the minimum, with no escape. No places can repeat more than once in this level. Real entities cannot be found in this level, and humans cannot be found either. You will usually find yourself exploring places alone, waiting for a hallucinated entity to bring you to another form of the level.


Whispers will talk to you as you enter the places, saying some things about your childhood. The voices are always recognizable, but the explorer may not be able to remember where they have heard it before. The voices usually say negative things, but occasionally, you may hear something positive. The whispers get louder and more realistic as time goes on and will sound like two familiar people having a conversation about you. They will talk about embarrassing moments of your life, and all the disappointment that you have ever caused. They will talk about your failure in life, they will talk about anything that the wanderer does not want anyone to know about. Although they may say something positive about you, but this is not enough to keep you happy. This level often leads to depression and suicide.


The level gives a strange effect that makes everything look like you are in a coma. The level is also completely black and white, with no colours, hence the name, Level Achromatopsia. During the 100th shift, you may experience flashbacks. These flashbacks are very realistic and may make you forget that you are in the backrooms. The flashbacks are all memories of your childhood. The flashbacks are all the best times of your life, all your favorite people, every time you were truly happy. The flashbacks of the 100th shift do not occur if you enter from Level Delta. They instead occur at the 30th, 50th, and 120th shift. The reason for this is unknown. It was also noted that very intense flashbacks can occur on the 500th shift of both level forms, but this is unconfirmed due to the fact that not enough people have been in this level for a long enough time to experience the 500th shift. It is theorized that on the 1000th shift, there is a place that you will visit in your future. One person claimed to have seen it and said that you will have flashbacks of your dead body in your grave. The body will then break through the floor and will look at you with white eyes. All this will happen while it is raining, and while a hurricane is happening. It is very realistic and unsettling. The person that claimed to see it is still in Level Achromatopsia.

The "Outside"

The outside of the level is always visible, no matter where you are standing. This gives off a strange effect that will confuse explorers, and even hurt their eyes. Even stranger in this level, you cannot enter the outside no matter what you do. If you enter the outside, it will change into another form. There is also a barrier that will try to prevent you from entering the outside. This wall is invisible and very hard to pass. The wall will try to push you back with the approximate strength of 4G.

Non-Euclidean Space

The level may occasionally change form while you blink, or while you look away. If an explorer goes into a room, they may exit into another form of the level. Something similar may happen in a room with multiple doors that should lead to the same place. This is a natural thing that will almost certainly happen in this level.


This level has confused the M.E.G. for a long time, but they managed to gather enough information to explore and document the level. Once they entered, they realized that they all were separated into different areas. This means that this level is infinite, with infinite possibilities. The level can transform into other levels from your thoughts. This means that you can think about something, and the level may turn into it. It was also noted that the oxygen in the level is very limited, and causes explorers to have difficulty breathing. This means that running in this level is hard, and explorers may lose stamina very fast. It is recommended to save as much energy as possible and only use it when needed.
Recently, u/LcY2K07 was sent to explore Level Achromatopsia and is currently in the process of reaching floor -9999 in Level 696. The user said that they would keep Reddit updated daily as soon as they reached Level Achromatopsia. More information about the user here

Shift Method

Level Achromatopsia uses a shift method similar to the effect "data mosh". This means that while the level is shifting, everything is pitch black, and when it does shift, the objects will start to get detail. Every time the level shifts, it gets slightly more pixelated. The most pixelated it can get is ~240p. Photos here have been deemed impossible due to the fact that grabbing any object will cause it to disintegrate.

Object Discovery

A Level Key was found in this level that read "Level Achromatomaly". This is the only object that did not disintegrate upon contact. It is unknown where the location of the exit is1, but it is thought to be nearly impossible to find the exit due to the limited time in each level form. The closest anyone has ever gotten to exiting the level was when an unknown Reddit user managed to make their way to a locked door. They were about to unlock the door but the level shifted to another form, and they lost their Level Key. They have not given any instructions on how they got to the exit other than "run". Communication with people in this level is harder than normal, due to the buggy atmosphere of the level. The M.E.G. have managed to figure out a safe communication method with users that find themselves inside of this level, but until now, nobody has found an exit.


In this level, you may hallucinate seeing people, and those hallucinations should be avoided because they may drive wanderers to extreme mania and even suicide. This is because the hallucinations will multiply while out of sight, and make unsettling and eerie noises that wanderers were unable to describe. The hallucinations will then start to haunt the wanderer in multiple ways, including manifestation and attachment.


Locations that level may form into may include: Your childhood home, a relative's house, a friend's house, a past school, places visited in dreams, places visited on holidays, vehicles, video game worlds, and more. The level randomly will form into one of these locations when you would least expect it. The transformation of the level may cause seizures due to the method it uses (data mosh), but, since the level is completely black and white, seizures are slightly rarer.

Known Explorers

There are 6 known explorers in this level. The M.E.G. only has contact with 4 of the 6, and one of the explorers has stopped responding to radio calls. The other explorer is completely unknown, and mysterious. The rest of the explorers have been reporting their discoveries back to the M.E.G. and will keep doing so until an exit is found. Another explorer is being sent to the level and is in the process of reaching floor -9999 in Level 696. This new explorer has helped the M.E.G. document multiple levels.


It is impossible to die in this level. Trying to commit suicide leads to a similar effect as The Blue Channel. Since entities do not naturally spawn here, there is no way to die naturally. Falling from a high place may cause extreme pain, but never death. Usually, when falling from a high place, the level will save you by transforming into another form, but rarely, the level may glitch, and it will cause it to not transform. As loud, ominous, and intense as hallucinations are in this level, they cannot cause death because they are not real. Most explorers in this level forget that the hallucinations are not real and quickly go manic. The hallucinations look real but are very glitchy due to the atmosphere of the level.
If a hallucinated entity is spotted, and an attempt to run in the opposite direction is made, an effect similar to "running in dreams" will occur. This means that an explorer will be unable to run at great enough speeds to escape the hallucinated entity, and this will prompt the level to transform into another location. This is why it is better to let yourself get caught by the entity, to reduce stamina loss. It is unknown why an explorer is unable to run, but it is thought to be because of another glitch in the level.


These are some lines sent by an unknown Reddit user upon entry of the level.

Where am I? I was just in floor -9999 and fell through the floor.. everything is black and white and I am having difficulty breathing. Everything looks dreamy and glitchy, and I swear this is a place of my childhood.

I hear whispers, they are saying bad things about me, better ignore them.

am I hallucinating? what was that..? It looks like a person…

the level completely changed?? What is happening? I can see the outside, but there is something blocking me from exiting. Almost like a physical barrier…

God, my stamina runs out so fast… it's annoying at this point.

I am having flashbacks of my childhood, everything is so realistic.

Wow, this shift is very realistic and nostalgic. Almost like there is something special about it… I have no more Almond Water.

So many flashbacks, so realistic, sometimes I forget I am in the backrooms. This level is so unique and strange, and this is the only form that has not caused any weird glitches to occur.

The shifts look like that one effect. I think it was called data mosh.

This log provided more information. During the 100th shift, some explorers may witness vivid and realistic flashbacks that may make them forget that they were in the backrooms. It is also noted that the 100th form has no Level Key, and will not shift to another form for over an hour.

Places Re-Seen

There are multiple places in this level that have been spotted more than once. This is thought to be another bug with the atmosphere of the level. 5 people reported seeing the same airport, 3 people reported seeing a deserted island outside of a room, and every person found in this level reported seeing one of their dreams at one point. It is theorized that explorers could meet up in this level if they find themselves in the same spot, at the same time. This would most likely cause the level to shift, but it is unconfirmed and is still currently under research by 5 explorers. Another possible theory is that they are normal liminal spaces that almost everyone has seen at some point in their lives. The fact that the level is infinite makes the research much harder to conduct, but it is still being attempted.
Update: 2 explorers reported seeing each other for a split second before the level quickly shifted. The level was reported to be buggier after the encounter. Hallucinations started happening more frequently to the 2 wanderers that saw each other, and the whispers got worse. The level also started shaking, with the power of a magnitude 4 earthquake for the 2 explorers. The aftermath is caused due to the glitchy atmosphere of the level.
Update 2: 3 explorers reported seeing a purple island at the same time. The explorers were all at different forms of the level, meaning that the location of a wanderer does not stop them from seeing specific things. One of the wanderers was in one of their dreams and looked outside a window. They saw the purple island and then their vision worsened. They reported seeing static in their vision for a few seconds before the level shifted. The second explorer reported being in their childhood middle school. They said that they "looked outside a window and saw an island" and that they "felt dizzy after looking at it". The third explorer was in a pitch-black room and hallucinated seeing a island. The explorer then passed out for 5 minutes, and reported waking up in the hospital they were born in.4

Info: 2 more explorers reported seeing Level 0 in this level, but as a colourless version.
3 other explorers reported seeing a flashback of an unknown entity.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

Due to the unpredictability of the level, it is impossible to create an Outpost here.


If you spot a computer in this level, it is recommended to ignore it. This is because all computers in this level are controlled by a clone of Koko, and they may self destruct due to the glitches in this level. The computers have an off-brand logo of "Backrooms Robotics Headquarters" on them. Computers can only be found very rarely in this level, and there have been a few documented cases of Koko self-destructing due to a bug in the Wi-Fi of Level Achromatopsia. There have also been cases of safe communication with Koko, but they are mostly unconfirmed in this level. The explorers who reported talking to Koko reported that it was "nicer than usual" and that it was "helpful". These are still unconfirmed and need more research. It is also thought that this level was coded by Backrooms Robotics Headquarters, and is actually just a bug level scrapped by them. The same goes with Level Achromatomaly and possibly Level 696.
Koko also predicted the existence of Level Achromatomaly, and possibly even more colourblind levels like Level Achromatomaly, Level Deuteranopia and so on. These levels are still unconfirmed, and may not exist. Koko has never mentioned any other colourblind levels, which means they may not exist. Any attempts to ask Koko if there are any more colourblind levels will lead to the reply "sorry, I am unsure".5

Entrance from Level Delta

One explorer reported falling through the floor of Level Delta in a less colourful room. The explorer said that they ended up in a black and white place of their childhood and that they could hear whispers. This explorer also said that they saw static. This means that entry from Level Delta leads to static vision, and possibly, a special version of Level Achromatopsia just for wanderers that enter from Level Delta. The explorer said that they would keep the M.E.G. updated.
Update: The explorer wrote a log about what happened in the level.

I fell through the floor of Level Delta after about 3 minutes of entry. I ended up in this place with a static vision. I could see Level 1.5 in my vision as I was walking through the rooms of my childhood. I think I also saw a weird version of The Blue Channel but it was completely colourless. Even my imagination sees in black and white in this level so I can't see colours no matter what. I have seen multiple hallucinations but they would just vanish when I looked at them, and the level would shift every 15 minutes. I was told that this was not normal and that I might be in a different version of Level Achromatopsia. Right now, I'm in a room that looks like my uncle's apartment. I also have been looking for a key, but I haven't found one. Apparently, this "key" is somewhat common in some specific parts of this level, but I was looking for 20 hours with no luck. I will update you guys tomorrow if I see something interesting.

Update 2: The explorer created another log 2 days later.

I had a weird flashback in the 30th form of the level. It was a fun time of my childhood and I stayed in the form for over 2 hours before the level shifted. I also had a similar flashback in form 50, and form 120. Right now I think I'm in form 134 and I will keep you guys updated with more discoveries. Oh yeah, I also saw my dead brother in the corner in my eye. It was most likely a hallucination but it was creepy. I didn't like it. I also have not found a key yet, so I will just give up looking on it. It's a waste of time at this point.6

Entrances and Exits


  • To enter this level, you must travel to floor -9999 in Level 696 and then fall through the floor. This usually happens a few seconds after you see the staircase to floor -10000.
  • There is also an entry from Level Δ, meaning that entry in this level is easier than first thought.7
  • There is also a very rare chance of entering through Level 158 and Level 141 during the blackout stage.
  • Entering through Level 141: Falling through the floor during the blackout stage has a chance of leading here.8
  • Entering through Level 158: If you find yourself in The Empty Room and you go to the edge of the court, you can no-clip through the wall and end up in Level Achromatopsia.9
  • There is also a chance of entering through Level 263 by falling through the floor upon entry. This happens because the level does not spawn you high enough to touch the floor, causing you to fall through.
  • It is also possible to enter from Level 71. It is unknown how as of now, but an anonymous Reddit user reported being in Level 71, and then the next day in Level Achromatopsia. The Reddit user said that they forgot they were in the level, meaning that this entry wipes your memory of being in Level 71.


  • Every time the level transforms into another level, there is an exit from there leading to Level Achromatomaly. This was confirmed by the anonymous Reddit user that found the door. You require a Level Key labelled "Level Achromatomaly" to open this door.
  • It is thought that you instantly exit after the 1000th form into Level Achromatomaly. This exit is unconfirmed, and only one user is thought to have exited like this.
  • If the level shifts into a party and you open the door, you have a chance of entering Level Fun. This should be avoided at all costs You should try opening the door to enter the party =)10
  • If the level forms into a casino, imagine Level 777 and go to a computer. If you run EXIT.exe and QSL.zip within one minute you have a 5% chance of teleporting to any Quantum Stable Level. Most commonly Level 3. Files found in QSL.zip are L1:8.exe and delete.BIN. To exit, you must click L1:8.exe. Clicking on delete.BIN will cause the level to shift to another form.
  • Going on a computer, going to files, and clicking on FTR.tp will lead to Level 393.
  • Going onto a computer and unzipping FTLR2.zip you will see 3 files. "LR.1", "TLR.1" and "LRM.1".

Clicking on LR.1, you will teleport to a random location in Level 393.1.
Clicking on TLR.1, you will teleport next to a castle or tower in Level 393.1.
Clicking on LRM.1 leads to a mountain in Level 393.1.

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