Level Achromatomaly
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Level Achromatomaly is the 271th level of the Backrooms. It is similar to Level 272, but it does not shift between places.


Level Achromatomaly makes every colour look dull. This effect is similar to the colour blindness achromatomaly, which explains the naming of the level. The surroundings of this Level are independent on locations that the Wanderer has visited and remembers vividly, but every room is filed with computers on standard desks. Koko is capable of accessing these computers, and is seen in this level more often than Level 272. The level and all of the computers inside it seem to be manufactured by the Backrooms Robotics Headquarters. It is thought that this level, Level 272, and Level 696 are all bugs created by Backrooms Robotics Headquarters, but were eventually scrapped. These levels still have ways to be accessed but most entrances are extremely difficult to find.
Talking to Koko seems normal, meaning that the buggy atmosphere of the level has not caused Koko to break down, similar to interactions in [Level 272.
Entering this level has been very difficult, and only a few have succeeded in entering this level. This is due to the fact that you must find a rare Level Key in Level 272, find an exit, and unlock the exit door, all in under 5 minutes. The fastest time to exit was 4 minutes and 58 seconds, so exiting Level 272 is thought to be almost impossible.

Log 1, Day 1

It took me way too long to do this. I made it in, and I am unsure of an exit. I will document discoveries on Reddit for now, but I will keep myself anonymous.
Everything is dull, the colours don't seem as strong as they should be, so the name fits well. Almost like I actually do have achromatomaly, and this level is giving me a headache. The air must be pretty buggy, because I don't feel well. Wait, I just said that didn't I? I think this level is messing with my memory or something… I'm gonna take some Almond Water.
That's better. Alright, this level has a lot of computers set up in every room. This room gives me nostalgia, but it is not shifting. Must be a version of Level 272 that does not shift, and that is good because I might be able to exit. There isn't a confirmed exit, but I want to stay here to document discoveries. I'll end my log here, and I'll make another log the next day with more discoveries.

Log 2, Day 2

All computers here seemed to be powered by Backrooms Robotics Headquarters, and some computers are controlled by Koko. Seems that Koko is nicer than usual, and I find that strange. This may be due to the atmosphere of the level.
I also found out that every room gives me an extreme sense of nostalgia. Level Achromatomaly is just a huge building filled with memorable locations of my childhood.
This level is making me a bit sad too. This might be because of the nostalgia.

With these logs, we can also add that Level Achromatomaly's atmosphere is glitchy and may cause headaches to new explorers. Almond Water is recommended. This level also seems to make explorers forget things, which may cause them to look at a single object for multiple hours without realizing.
Koko will also act differently due to an unknown bug in the level's Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi in this level is very strong, but may cause a lot of bugs.

Lost Explorer

The following Log was made by a lost explorer seeking for help to escape this level.

Hello? Is my radio working? Whoever can hear this, I want you to know that I'm stuck. I don't know what happened, I got to the exit of Level 272 after… I think 5 weeks, and the colours look so bright! It is the first time I'm seeing colours in 5 weeks though, which may be the reason. I want to figure out how to get out of this level, please help. This is day one.

The above log is the explorer's first day in Level Achromatomaly
The below log is Day 3.

I missed Day Two. The computers here are glitchy, and I am talking to this thing and it is talking back to me. Seems like a robot, but I am unsure. I still have not found a way out, and may try suicide as that worked in Level 696. Hopefully I don't just die. Please help.

The explorer said he would commit suicide, but that never happened.
The below log is Day 37, but the explorer forgot most of the days due to the memory loss that the level causes.

Help!! I have been here for 6 days and I cannot even die! I cannot die!! How do I get out??!? Please help me, I have had enough of these colourblind levels, just let me out! These 6 days felt like an eternity! I have asked that robot to tell me a way out, and it just said something along the lines of "find a red door from your memory". I have never seen a red door, so I may never find a way out. Send help!

The explorer seemed to have lost track of the days spent in the level.
The below log is Day 103

I FOUND A DOOR! IT LOOKED ORANGE-Y BECAUSE OF THE ACHROMATOMALY EFFECT! I found my way out, it took 19 days, finally!! This level was the worst experience in my life. Time seems to slow down. I can finally get back to the M.E.G. and rest for once. Thank you robot, I am out of here!

The user then stepped out of the level, and is thought to be in another colourblind level. This is still unconfirmed, and needs more research.

The Outside

The outside is an unconfirmed region of Level Achromatomaly. Breaking a wall in this level has a very low chance of leading to the outside world. It is always day outside, but it is cloudy and foggy, making it hard to see. Once the outside is entered the building behind will start to disintegrate rapidly. The outside looks similar to a place of your childhood. It is colourless and will start to disintegrate slowly, showing a pitch-black void in broken areas. After a while, the entire outside will disintegrate, and according to the single user that has experienced this, leads to Level 1.5, or The Blue Channel. The user reported seeing both levels flash in his vision, until he woke up in Level 1.5. The Users fate is still unknown.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

Backrooms Robotics Headquarters Base A1

  • Open for trade.
  • Can be found in every version of the level.
  • Population of ~5 at all times.

Backrooms Robotics Headquarters Base A2

  • Second base in this level.
  • Hard to locate.
  • Population of ~8 at all times.
  • Still unfinished.

The Computer Room

  • Full room made out of only computers
  • May display childhood memories
  • Unknown entity, open for trading
  • Very difficult to locate, has only been seen twice

Entrances and Exits


Entering a door in Level 272 using a Level Key leads here. This is difficult due to the fact that once a Level Key is found, the level will transform to something else in exactly 5 minutes.


Opening a colour specific door will lead to unknown levels. The colour of the door can be found by asking Koko.
Going to the outside and jumping into a disintegrated area will lead to Level 1.5 or The Blue Channel.

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