Level 27
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Interior hot spring of Level 27.

Level 27 is the 28th Level of the Backrooms.


Level 27, also known as "the Bunker Springs," is a relatively peaceful and small level completely devoid of entities. The level appears to be finite infinite, with the only accessible part being the approximately 200 square feet (18.6 square meters) hot spring that houses both the entrance and exit to this level that houses all entrances and all but one exit. The water in this hot spring is potable and mineral-rich. Wanderers who have drunk the water of Level 27 report feelings of clear-headedness and heightened energy. The temperature of this water averages around 90°F (32.2°C), similar in temperature to a common hot tub. From the walls of the cave, there are two openings where two small waterfalls deposit new water into the spring. The small pool is drained by means of a small tunnel near the corner of the cave, which is too small for humans to physically crawl through. Do not attempt to explore it. It is unknown where this water goes and comes from, but the source appears to be infinite.

Level 27 is an extremely popular level among those who reside in levels such as Level 11, due to its easily accessible and constant exit and entrance. If you decide to visit Level 27, please be respectful of any other Wanderers you may encounter bathing in the springs. It is not recommended to enter the waters if there are more than thirty or so other Wanderers currently bathing.

The waters of the spring have been proven to have beneficial effects on Wanderers who bathe for at least an hour in it. Wanderers have consistently reported feeling less stressed, calmer, and more optimistic than before. Wanderers from Level 11 have also shown higher levels of productivity in their jobs. The waters are also known to help alleviate minor physical ailments such as soreness, bruises, rashes, acne, and small cuts. It is not recommended, however, to bathe for more than two hours, as prolonged exposure to hot waters may result in dizziness and nausea. Since this level is very popular and widely used among the residents of Level 11, it is also recommended to leave immediately after bathing to make space for other Wanderers.

The walls of the cave have been determined to be limestone. Despite the natural warm temperatures of the water and the humid air, there is absolutely no vegetation or even living beings of any kind anywhere in Level 27. The level is even devoid of bacterial organisms. It is unknown why this is the case. I had the misfortune of finding out why.

You thought that this level was going to be just a simple, happy little spring, right?

A little spark of hope and safety in this terrible place we call the Backrooms?

Thousands of people thought that was the case. I thought that was the case. They still use this level to this day to unwind from their otherwise stressful lives. It’s blissful. It’s peaceful. It’s beautiful.

That illusion was destroyed for me. I’ll never visit this level again. But it’s still safe to enter. It’ll still be your lovely, cute hot spring, as long as you don’t read on. But I know who you are.

You’re a Wanderer.

You’re curious by default – that’s the very nature of our poor souls. So if you really wanna know what this level is… I’ll show you my discovery.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no bases, outposts, or communities on this level due to its size and its history.

Entrances And Exits:

Level 27 can be exited and entered through the same way. Near the corner of the cave by one of the waterfalls, the M.E.G. have constructed a stairway that leads up towards the tunnel that the waterfall flows out of. The tunnel is wide enough to walk through alongside the stream. Following it will lead out of Level 27 and back into the same location you entered it from. Level 27 can be easily entered through turning a functional shower or bath to its hottest setting and closing your eyes while inside it. The most popular way to enter Level 27 is through Level 11. This will always bring you to the tunnel entrance, where you may descend the staircase and enter the springs.

Don't climb the other waterfall tunnel. It leads to nowhere.

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