The Mountain Village
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A typical, well lit road of The Mountain Village.

The Mountain Village is the 265th level of the Backrooms.


The Mountain Village appears to be an alpine village of unknown size. There is a lack of natural light due to the daylight cycle being absent, similar to levels 9 and 11. Faint snow continuously falls from the sky but will not change the current level of snow on the ground, it is unknown if the snow from this level melts naturally or not.

Streetlamps are the only source of light available in The Mountain Village, and they act as some sort of “heat source” : staying in the light of a streetlamp will guarantee a somewhat “bearable” temperature (although still considered as “freezing”). The further someone wanders from the nearest streetlamp, the colder it will get; being too far from a streetlamp will result in a lethal outcome.

Houses in The Mountain Village are mostly empty, though sometimes one may find alpine-themed furniture. In rare cases, bottles of frozen wine and even canned food can be found. It is freezing inside these houses because of the absence of heat, however it will not get as cold as outside.

There is one unconfirmed and previously undocumented entity that inhabits The Mountain Village. It appears to be of humanoid form, rather tall yet skinny, pitch black skin and has what looks like to be blue glowing cracks on its face and appendages in the shape of fir branches on its head. It was witnessed once, appearing out of nowhere in the middle of a road whilst the observer was inside a house. A few seconds later, all streetlamps near the entity went off. The observer theorized that, if he happened to be outside when the entity appeared, he would've froze to death almost instantly due to the lack of light. To this date it is unknown if the entity has a physical form or any kind of hostility towards human beings.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level.

Entrances And Exits:


The Mountain Village can be entered by finding a very cold room full of air conditioners in a building of Level 11 and sleeping in it. Once waking up, you'll find yourself in The Mountain Village.


There is no known strategy to escape this level, the only person who has been in The Mountain Village said that he once opened the door of a house to find himself in the Main Hall of Level 5.

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