Level 264
Barnaby Bun's Fun Emporium

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Class Integral

  • Important Files
  • Varied Reality
  • Documented Phenomena


Barnaby Bun's Fun Emporium is a level that resembles an abandoned, early 80s era children's party restaurant. Although history about the restaurant is limited, it's known that the company behind Barnaby Bun's Fun Emporium went defunct less than a year after the restaurant's closure in 1990.

The presence of this level has brought forth a plethora of theories of the Backrooms' relation to the concepts of Heaven and Hell. The evidence to suggest this is due to the nature of the entity and items found that suggest demonic rituals and similar activity.

Items pulled from this level are as listed:

  • Barnaby Bun party decorations
  • Expired ingredients
  • Expired soda that has high traces of iron
  • Party themed merchandise
  • Frozen pizza




Only one entity has been documented within this level. It is described as a large, Leporidae-like figure- bearing a striking resemblance to the company's mascot. As such, the entity is documented under the moniker: Barnaby.

Entity Behaviors:

  • Barnaby rarely reveals itself, only appearing from the dark with a steady, crimson gaze.

  • Barnaby seldom speaks, any audio that has been taken of its voice has resulted in said audio becoming unintelligible.

  • Barnaby's attitude towards trespassers goes in cycles. Sometimes it doesn't acknowledge their presence- other times it takes their lives without as so much as a word. The location of the bodies is unknown, despite numerous investigations to recover the corpses.

  • Barnaby cannot leave this level, despite having signs that indicate a higher level of intelligence.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

  • No bases are to be set within the level at any cost due to the lethality of Barnaby as no known weapons in our arsenal can harm it.

Entrances And Exits:


As of yet, the only way to enter this level is by entering an elevator on Level 4 with the Barnaby Bun logo. Only two of these elevators have been located and are monitored closely.


Entering the elevator of which an individual has entered will bring them back to the entrance. Occasionally, the elevator will not open its doors. At this point, the remaining possibility of exit is the janitorial closet and waiting until the elevator begins to function again. This isn't a guarantee of safety as Barnaby may have had enough of one's company and simple wood is sure to not hold him for long.

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