Level Domain
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-.-- --- ..- / .... .- ...- . / .... . .- .-. -.. / ..- ... / -... . ..-. --- .-. . .-.-.- / .-- . / .- .-. . / -. --- - / .- ..-. .-. .- .. -.. / - .... .. ... / - .. -- . .-.-.-

we call out to you, friends, in hopes that you will keep us alive.

-.. --- / -. --- - / .-.. .. ... - . -. / - --- / - .... . / ...- --- .. -.-. . ... .-.-.- / - .... . -.-- / .- .-. . / .-.. -.-- .. -. --. / - --- / -.-- --- ..- .-.-.-

we stand around the corner of every decision and choice, watching your every move.

..-. .. --. .... - / .. - .-.-.- / ... - .- -.-- / .- .-- .- -.- . .-.-.- / - .... . -.-- / -.- -. --- .-- / -. --- - .... .. -. --. .-.-.-

don't be afraid to take the first step, as it will never be your last.

.. - / .. ... / .- / - .-. .- .--. .-.-.- / .- .-. . / -.-- --- ..- / .-.. .. ... - . -. .. -. --. / - --- / -- . ..--..

What the hell are you?

we are exactly what you believe us to be. we exist all around you. we always have, and always will.

d4 d5 c4 dxc4 Nc3 Bb4

all things are certain, including this one thing:

11 - 15 ::: 23 - 18 ::: 9 - 13 ::: 24 - 20

you will never escape us. not even in death.

1 5 4 7 3 2 6 9 8

Please let me go…

we are not real. you and you alone perceive us. you are by yourself here. even if others have gone before.


maybe, if you looked, you would have all the knowledge in the universe. but you choose to bask in ignorance.


therefore, these thoughts will follow you forever. you were chosen. you cannot leave us.


Why was I chosen? Why not someone else?

Hello? Is anyone there?


Class 0

  • Predictable
  • Consistent
  • Entity Infestation : Conceptual



A 3-D render of what explorer John Kassidy claims to have seen in Level {ʡ}.

Level {ʡ}, from here on out referred to as “Level Domain”, is a level containing Raimar Wulkenhaar’s conjecture the Collatz conjecture all solutions to the mathematical equation x = x, where all solutions fall into the range of all real numbers including people entities realities concepts the range {ʡ}, where "ʡ" represents the range of all concepts that belong to at least one exact concept and all inputs that fall under the domain {t}, where "t" represents all theoretical concepts. An “Exact Concept” is defined as something that is consistent throughout realities and is, or was, within the mental possession of at least one thing at one point in time. For example, math will always be true throughout realities. It does not matter if the symbols or the math itself means something different across regions or realities, it will always be true. Therefore, math is an exact concept. All concepts that fall within the exact concept of “math” fall into the range. Across all realities, reality is true throughout all of them. Therefore, reality is an exact concept. This fact that the concept of reality is always true across all realities is theorized to be how this level exists. Across all realities, gravity is true, and therefore is an exact concept and present in Level Domain. Disproven, 2 realities conceptualized. Gravity is not present in Level Domain.

The level appears as

a long, single string, with everything in the domain and range attached

infinite strings, each one representing an exact concept, with every exact concept under those exact concepts as a string tied onto their respective parent string

a gay pride parade, with every person or thing representing a concept

an infinite library, with each book in the library containing every exact concept in relation to a parent topic

nothing, because the human brain is unable to comprehend infinity

a restaurant from the Frontrooms known as the “Hudson House of Pizza”

a large bean burrito

the explorer’s own body, as if they had died

a 3-dimensional space made up of only soft blue regular polyhedra in a grid-like pattern stretching on towards infinity in every conceivable direction. At certain vertices, a nuclear green transparent or translucent blue orb is present, measuring approximately 9 feet 3 meters feet inches in diameter. Each orb contains a concept, and, when touched, will project a mental plane into the mind representing the concept in the orb. It does not have to be a physical or a tangible object, and it may not be seen. However, all orbs are fully tangible and can be conceptualized. Each area, or zone (with each zone measuring approximately 9.2 million cubic miles) is encompassed by a large sphere, which is theorized to be a larger version of the orbs containing each concept. These larger orbs represent the Exact Concepts.

Theoretically, It is possible to calculate exactly where any concept in this level exists, and it is also theoretically possible to use the function v3 + w3 + x3 + y3 + z3 = k and holding a Level Domain level key or key fragment while imagining the solution as in the range of complex concepts, where a “Complex Concept” is any concept throughout any existence that could theoretically exist, regardless of whether or not it does. Doing so correctly will transport you to as close to your destination as you could conceptualize. Using this method incorrectly or conceptualizing a destination outside of the range of all concepts that belong to at least one exact concept sometimes has dire consequences, including creating temporal and spatial anomalies and manifesting them into your personal, or our, reality.

Explorer John Kassidy recorded that with the incorrect calculations, he accidentally manifested an abnormally small, pure white wyrm, which attempted to bite off his hand. Before it was able to reach him, it demanifested into methane gas and then even the gas was gone after a few seconds. He explained that he was lucky if he was able to summon mythical Frontrooms beasts, as he could have summoned something completely different, much more dangerous, and possibly permanent. It is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED that anyone use this method of travel in the future, until a solution is found to this issue, or a new equation is found that works in place of the current one. If you must use this method, DO NOT attempt to conceptualize anything that does not exist.


The instability of this Level, due to the constant changes and creation of new realities as well as the destruction of old ones makes it near impossible to construct a reliable base or outpost in this level. It is also extremely expensive to transport people to this location in the first place, not to mention just them simply resting has the chance to drop them into a different level. However, every theoretically possible and impossible base and outpost already exists somewhere inside of Level Domain. Whether they are real or not has not been determined.


Any known and unknown conceivable or inconceivable entity is present at least once in Level Domain, repeating for every exact concept it is a part of. However, they are only conceptually real and do not exhibit what we would consider “normal” behaviors.



One way to enter Level Domain is to find a level key in Level -2, The Blue Channel, Level 18, √2 (currently, only one key has been found in this Level, and it took a team of over 20 people to find just one. Not reliable. The key also wasn’t physical), or on a key chain in Level 9. By closing your eyes, holding the key or key fragment and conceptualizing a pattern or concept that is consistent across all realities, you will be transported to Level Domain.

There is about a 45% chance that the key vanishes upon use. It should be noted that only about 27% of the key is necessary to enter, and only that portion of the key will vanish if it does. Only one person can use a key at once, i.e., multiple people holding on to the same key or fragment of key will only transport a single person if successful. Recently, a weight limit of 250 kg was discovered for each trip, when attempting to see if Level Domain would be useful as a supply chain.

The only other known way to enter Level Domain is by completing the “High School Dropout'' achievement on tgochi.exe (sit through a total of 30 hours of Mr. Freeman’s lectures, and then knock over a desk) and redeeming the reward. Upon doing so, you will be instantly transported to Level Domain. This can only be done once per account.


It is surprisingly easy to leave Level Domain, seeing how limited the entrances are. Typically, falling asleep or going unconscious in any Exact Concept zone will transport you to a different level. The only reasons this process is not reliable are the costs of about 6 uses per key, the possibility of variation, and the previously mentioned limits.

Falling asleep in the Exact Concept zone of “Punishment” will usually cause you to wake up in Level 52, sitting at a desk in one of the classrooms. It has an extremely small chance to cause you to wake up on the grass-covered island of Level 448.

Falling asleep in the Exact Concept zone of “Privacy” will cause you to wake up in Level 12.

Falling asleep in the Exact Concept zone of “Space” will usually transport you to Level 78. On one occasion, the explorer was transported to Level 20.

Falling asleep in the Exact Concept zone of “Peace” will cause you to wake up in Level 63.

Falling asleep in the Exact Concept zone of “Fun” is STRONGLY advised against, given the name and previously found correlations.

Others have not yet been tested.

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