The Platform
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Class Argos

  • Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • Eyes of Argos presence

The Platform enables the Eyes to pursue targets in oceanic environments like Level 48.


The Platform is an oceanic bastion of the Eyes of Argos. The installation resembles a modern oil rig, and is believed to function as a forward base, supporting the activities of the Eyes within aquatic and marine levels of the Backrooms. Observations suggest the base possesses substantial amenities, including a living complex, storage units, fuel tanks, and a mezzanine level beneath the main structure used to stow patrol craft of various sizes. The internal floor area of the facility is estimated at 250,000 square feet1. However, other installations of the Eyes (including The Headquarters) are known to possess anomalous internal structures and as such, the true size of The Platform is unknown.


Very little is known about the internal structure of The Platform.

Operations launched from The Platform are no less meticulous than those carried out by The Headquarters. However, the Hunters of The Platform are often overt, sometimes even subjecting wanderers to searches upon contact. The Eyes of Argos have not commented on the specific nature of items they consider contraband, but often confiscate Memory Juice, Liquid Silence, Rixa Gas, Wall Masks, and Lightning in a Bottle. The Eyes are also known to assist wanderers on the open ocean, frequently responding to distress signals and participating in search and rescue operations, especially those involving the scattered civilizations of The Lost.



The Platform has been spotted in numerous aquatic levels, such as Level 134.

The Platform is stationary, but unique in that it appears to be capable of instantaneous relocation to any aquatic level capable of supporting its size through yet undetermined means. Whilst this ability has never been directly observed, The Platform is known to operate in Level 7, Level 48, and Level 134. Unconfirmed sightings have been reported in Level 97, Level 121, and Level 201. Due to this unique property, the facility occasionally hosts representatives from various groups for the purposes of diplomacy and trade, though almost always at the request of the Eyes themselves. Visitors are extensively monitored; photography, audio, and visual recordings are expressly forbidden. The Platform is thought to be largely self-sufficient, but is also rumored to sometimes source supplies from communities within its zone of operations, such as The Veroka Farmers of Level 48.

The Platform may be boarded no differently than any normal oil rig, but the waters surrounding the installation are heavily patrolled. Those caught trespassing in proximity to the base are interdicted, searched, and punished at the mercy of the Hunters. Due to the elusive and erratic nature of the Eyes of Argos, it is strongly advised that wanderers avoid The Platform at all times.

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