Level 260
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Level 260: Aurora Liminalis
Class: Zero Secured Devoid of Harmful Entities

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« Description »


Fig. 1 — Level 260 and the Aurora Liminalis

Level 260, also colloquially “Aurora Liminalis”, is the 261st level known to exist in the Backrooms. Level 260 is a snow-coated tundra upon a decently-sized plateau in a constant state of night or twilight. Level 260’s plateau appears to be near-barren of distinct features — such as mountains or valleys — only lakes and slight depressions exist in the terrain of the level; the plateau of the level also appears to simply end abruptly with a nigh-vertical degree instead of displaying features which would normally determine the termination of the plateau. Level 260 is only inhabited by select forms of flora; very few species of trees exist in 260, most originating from the genus Picea - frequent examples being Norway spruce, black spruce and dark-bark spruce.

Level 260 appears to maintain a fixed climate with a weather cycle of 7 days. This cycle only affects the temperatures and clarity of the sky and surroundings. The following table shows Level 260’s weather cycle. It is to be noted that this data was collected within a 7-day time window between 8 Jul 2015 and 15 Jul 2015 (current figures may not be accurate to the data displayed).

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

1.7°C (35°F)

85% Visibility
40% Overcast

1.9°C (35°F)

70% Visibility
55% Overcast

1.5°C (35°F)

55% Visibility
30% Overcast

1.2°C (34°F)

50% Visibility
15% Overcast

1.6°C (35°F)

65% Visibility
20% Overcast

1.4°C (35°F)

70% Visibility
35% Overcast

1.7°C (35°F)

80% Visibility
40% Overcast

The defining feature of Level 260 and the level’s informal namesake is the Aurora Liminalis. The Aurora Liminalis appears to be a brighter version of the Aurora Borealis of the Frontrooms and is the main light source of Level 260 as Level 260 lacks any celestial objects aside from the stars; due to this, the plant life of Level 260 is heavily dependent upon the Aurora Liminalis to absorb as much light as possible; this is, furthermore, the main heat source of the level; however, it is unknown why it provides such importance toward Level 260’s nature.

The Aurora Liminalis also appears to heal all organisms present in Level 260, virtually allowing all inhabitants to live permanently; when healing an organism, it appears to pave over the wound with the creature’s epidermis and begins reconstructing the affected internal structures. Once the healing is complete, the subject is typically recorded to be in finer condition than before the wound was inflicted. The Aurora Liminalis is incapable of healing if an injury is considered too large by the Aurora, such as an amputation or organ failure. The Auroras, however, cannot treat diseases as it does not consider illnesses as injuries; although, when a disease causes tissue damage within a subject, the subject’s tissue is healed within seconds.

« Discovery & History »


Fig. 2 — First Photograph of Level 260.

Level 260 was first discovered on 21 Nov 1973 by a group of four wanderers who had previously been exploring Level 118. On 15 Apr 1975, two of four wanderers had revisited Level 260 and explored the level further; this led to the production of the first photograph of Level 260. By 1976, these wanderers had constructed the first and only current community to exist in Level 260.

Mass-knowledge of Level 260 was only started on 20 Jan 1999 after the M.E.G. began Expedition 118-03. The following shows a log of the happenings during M.E.G. Expedition 118-03.

« EXPEDITION 118-03 »
« 20 Jan 1999 »

M.E.G. Operative XV: Search Team 118, please enter Level 118.

ST 118-02: Understood, entering now.

After 55 minutes of exploration, Search Team 118 deactivates their receivers. The receivers are reactivated by ST 118-07 when the Aurora Liminalis becomes visible to the search team.

ST 118-07: What is that glow?

M.E.G. Operative XV: What’s wrong?

ST 118-04: It looks like the… the Northern Lights…

M.E.G. Operative XV: Could you please photograph what you see?

ST 118-08 takes three photographs of Level 260, one of which being of the Aurora Liminalis.

M.E.G. Operative XV: OK, now please exit the level. This is an expedition into Level 118, not a new level. We can sort that out later on.

ST 118 attempts to exit through how they entered; however, Level 118 had disintegrated seconds prior.

ST 118-04: I don’t think that’s an option. Level 118 is gone.

M.E.G. Operative XV: Well, then just look for an exit. We’ll guide you back to Base Omega.

ST 118 deactivates their receivers while looking for an exit. After 2 hours, ST 118 discovers the exit to Level 135

ST 118-02: Finally, we’re out of there. We’re currently in Level 135.

M.E.G. Operative XV: Alright, we’ll send a guiding team there. Just stay put.


Six expeditions have been carried out by the M.E.G. Only one expedition has yet been logged.

« EXPEDITION 260-02 »
« 12 Dec 2000 »

M.E.G. Operative XIX: Search Team 260, please enter Level 260.

ST 260-03: Understood, entering Level 260 now.

Search Team 260 spends 1 hour and 32 minutes in Level 260. Receivers are activated once ST 260 encounters the Aurora Republic.

ST 260-02: Operative XIX, I believe that Level 260 has its own communities.

M.E.G. Operative XIX: Acknowledged. Please offer the spare receiver to the nearest civilian.

ST 260 Spare Receiver is offered to A.R. Civilian for a brief interview. ST 260-05 informs A.R. Civilian to respond to questions asked by M.E.G. Operative XIX.

A.R. Civilian: Hello?

M.E.G. Operative XIX: OK, could you please state what settlement you belong to?

A.R. Civilian: The Aurora Republic.

M.E.G. Operative XIX: Alright, please state when you got here.

A.R. Civilian: I believe… sometime in June 1993, but I may be misremembering.

M.E.G. Operative XIX: OK, thank you. Now, how did you get to this level?

A.R. Civilian: So, I had been in the Whiteout; had been there for about 2 or 3 days. I found a broken window, and there was powder on the floor, and I found that it had been snow, so… I took a shovel that I had brought from another level — perhaps Level 165; I don’t really remember because it was so long ago — and I dug around the window, and I found somewhere that was not blinding. It was a night sky with the auroras. I investigated and found this level. I tried to get back to the Whiteout, but it seemed the snow turned into the ground. I even tried to burrow down to the window I came from, but it didn’t work. Really was a shame because I had left so many supplies in there. Once I found this community, I just let it go.

M.E.G. Operative XIX: Now, have you noticed any anomalous properties when in this level?

A.R. Civilian: Well… it can heal injuries; doesn’t seem that it treats illnesses though because I’ve been living here for about 7 years, and I have noticed people suffering with symptoms of the flu and measles, and they end up suffering for the rest of their lives. We end in executing them and burying them in the snow to stop spreading the disease. It’s unfortunate, really.

M.E.G. Operative XIX: OK, that should be all. Please return the spare receiver, and we’ll be heading on our way.


« Bases, Outposts & Communities »

« Aurora Republic »

  • LEADER: Prime Minister: Anthony Grahams (since 4 Dec 2015)
  • POPULATION: 96 (permanent residents)
  • DESCRIPTION: The Aurora Republic is the only community located within Level 260. The Aurora Republic was founded in Dec 1976 near the largest lake in Level 260 by two wanderers that had lived in Level 260 for the lesser of two years. After an interview with Prime Minister Anthony Grahams, it was discovered that the level was chosen due to secrecy and the healing properties of the Aurora Liminalis.

« Entrance & Exit Points »

« Entrances »

Entrance into Level 260 is mainly done accidentally, unless under specific conditions. Level 260 can be accessed from six different levels: Level 118, Level -5, Level 93, Level 198 or the Whiteout.

  • Level -5
    • When in Level -5, events that only seem to happen in the winter season begin to occur. During these events, the Aurora Liminalis will appear in the sky, and it will become a state of twilight; the temperature will also gradually decrease and hover around 2°C (36°F). If enough time is spent outside during an event like this, the subject will enter Level 260.
  • Level 93 - “The Summit”
    • To enter Level 260 from Level 93, it is required to pitch a tent near a tree during the first & second stages. Once these conditions are met, the subject, tent and the tent’s contents will be transported to Level 260.
  • Level 118 - “Camp”
    • From the point of origin in Level 118, walk NNE for 60 minutes. By the 45-minute mark, snow will begin appearing on the ground in patches, and spruce trees will increase in number. After 50 minutes, the temperature will heavily decline to approximately 2°C (36°F) within a matter of seconds; if a wound is exposed when this occurs, the subject may enter shock due to the rapid change in temperature. By 55 minutes, the Aurora Liminalis becomes fully visible, and entities present in previous stages will not attempt to enter within this vicinity. After 60 minutes, the subject is officially in Level 260; Level 118 will appear to disintegrate into small flakes from the perspective of the subject.
  • Level 198 - “Descent”
    • Entering Level 260 through Level 198 is a nigh-completely random outcome that may occur when in Level 198. The upcoming entry to Level 260 is made obvious if the level is mostly dark aside from the appearance of the Aurora Liminalis.
  • The Whiteout
    • To enter Level 260 from the Whiteout, it is required to exploit a broken window. Broken windows do not exhibit the same properties as their fixed counterparts as they always have snow as a replacement for a great amount of light. Digging away the snow will lead to Level 260. Returning through the same method does not work.

« Exits »

Exits from Level 260 are only currently known to exist in Level 198, Level 93 and Level 135. It should be noted that Level 198 and Level 93 both share the same exit.

  • Level 93 & Level 198
    • To enter either Level 93 or Level 198, it is required to leap from the edge of the plateau. It seems that the level the exit leads to is a nigh-random result. Temperature and phase of day adjusts to the level’s constant configuration. It should be noted that if Level 260 is exited, Level 198 will not direct to Level 260 once the level is exited.
  • Level 135 - “Skazka”
    • Level 260 can lead to Level 135 through a dense forest. Like Level 118’s entrance, the exit to Level 135 is paved by the plateau until a certain point. From the subject’s point of origin, the subject is to walk for 30 minutes into a densely forested area. By the 20-minute mark, the snows of Level 260 begin to disappear as the leaves of the trees adapt to autumn conditions while sacrificing the resistances of the winter. By the 25-minute mark, the Aurora Liminalis fades from view, and the sky emulates dawn. Once 30 minutes have passed, the sky has fully become noon, and the subject is officially within Level 135.

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