Level 26
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Class 5

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A hallway in Level 26.

Level 26 is the 27th Level of the Backrooms. This Level is a large expansive urban household.


Level 26 is a finite level that expands over millions of kilometers. This Level is reminiscent of a typical urban household. It can be described as similar to Level 0. Many segmented rooms can be found along with confusing architecture. This includes random doorways, stairways, and hallways that lead nowhere doors that lead into walls, and many others. Some hallways are very compact and dangerous to go down. Houses seem to be stitched together. (See Additional Information). Other things such as furniture can sometimes be noclipped through and lead to negative levels with stairways that can lead to The Basement. Windows can sometimes not be Entity 2 and can be opened into an "outside." This outside area looks like the Frontrooms except for a blue mist that is always present. This mist is not toxic; however, it will eventually melt eyes.

This Level has many abandoned items and other randomly generated items. Liquid Pain, Smiler Exterminator, Almond Water, and Royal Rations can be found in fridges and kitchens around this level. Other objects such as Level Keys, Electrical Outlets, Lamps, Scarabacks, and Firesalt can be found in random locations. Occasional spots of Wi-Fi can be found as well. Bookshelves with books full of random characters.

Large amounts of entities can be found at this level. Some appear in specific rooms. These entities include Windows, Smilers, Deathmoths, Clumps, Dullers, Hounds, Facelings, Skin-Stealers, and many other entities. These entities infest the entire level.

Additional Information

As many people say, this Level is continually growing and shrinking in accordance with the Frontrooms. The rooms in Level 26 all correspond to a room in the real world. It appears that when you enter this Level, it will cause you to materialize in the area of the Level that corresponds to your own house.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

Abandoned Outpost - "Engineers"

This is an outpost that spans a couple of kilometers. Throughout these kilometers are scientific equipment and many unknown objects. This outpost has significant stockpiles of necessary supplies. Any person that was part of this outpost has disappeared.

Entrances And Exits:


This Level has only one entrance. This entrance is on Level 13 at Floor 1000.


You can exit to negative levels by noclipping through certain furniture. The other exits are found through staircases that can lead to The Basement.

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