The Body
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The Body is an empty room with red wallpaper, under which are tubes of an unknown substance that have human blood flowing through them. The pipes themselves protrude through the wallpaper and rhythmically pulsate to the monotonous sounds of the contraction of the wanderer's heart.

Although a person's consciousness remains unchanged, irreversible changes take place in their body the longer they stay in the level. The Level changes the diseased parts of the human body to healthy ones. The process itself is painless. It is not known where the new organs come from, but often they are very different from the original ones and may not even fit a person in size. For example, an adult's hand can be replaced with that of a child's. Despite this, these new parts of the body work as if they normally would.

Entrances And Exits:


The only way to get to the level is through sleep. A wanderer with sick or failed organs sees in their dream a door in the form of a human body. When they pass through it, they will find themselves in this level.


You can leave this level only after the end of the organ replacement process. After receiving new organs, the wanderer will find themselves in the place where they fell asleep, but with renewed body parts.

But are they really new?

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