Violet Tones of the Sunset
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Class Violet

  • Life of Violet
  • Love of Violet
  • Death of Violet

The delicate scent of violets and lilacs clouds your mind. Here you're not alone

Did it hurt me? Was I scared? How else can I describe the emotions that filled me when I met you.

From sadness to unbridled joy. From anger to outbursts of generosity. I can't describe what I lost when I walked into your house… Many people have tried to stop me, but no one has ever stopped me from falling in love with you.

How I loved the violet smell coming from you. Even when my bones were cracking from your love, I loved you even more because I knew that violets are your smell.

I love you, my violet… My sweet flower, I will pluck you out of this dry land. Just like your love tore me apart. I love you, and you love me…

I met you somewhere far beyond this reality, where sound flows into light, and the smell of violets grows heavy and settles in our minds…

I learned to love you a long time ago, and I liked it…

I hate you

And I love you, my flower. My violet, are you warm here? How do you like this new glass dome?

I hate you

You have no idea how hard it is for me without you. You won't leave me, will you?

You escaped from me in the early summer… or was it spring? All this doesn't matter, because the violets were in bloom. I've been searching for you for a long time and finally found you. You were here, in the place where nothing exists but you and the violets.

This is your fault; you sent me to this place!

You know, here, in this field of violets; in this violet forest… your odor is everywhere.

You are a monster! It's your fault that I'm in afraid, that I'm worried… let me go!

If only I had strength to hold you; I didn't have to see your violet blood, didn't have to hear your violet screams and didn't have to end your violet life.


You knew that I hated violets, didn't you?

Wonderful violets in bloom are dancing under the window…
Who'll show me where in the garden my love is living?
My love, who blooms a lot and fades without water.
And flowers, hundreds years old, more beautiful than her.
Wonderful violets in bloom are crying under the window…
Who'll show me where in the garden my love is dying?
My love, how much I want to hug you and forgive you now,
And want to stab you in the chest with thousands of knives.
Wonderful violets in bloom are dying under the window…
Who'll show me where in the garden my love is rotting?
Just die, my love, and no one will threaten you,
And think about it while poison of love devours you…

Wonderful violets in bloom are empty under the window…
Who'll show me where in the garden my love is forgotten?
Until my stream of memory swallows you,
I pray to God, my dear flower, just listen to me…
Just die die DIE

Worse than death is only unconsciousness, forgive me…
How wrong I was in my judgments about you.
My cloudy thoughts are draining in calm water.
We are lying here, and you are drowning me…
Today it's a good day, my violet, isn't it?

I took your whims for granted, my darling;
I drowned in you like the embrace of Death;
I desperatly believed that your blood was cranberry mousse;
Paranoia hid in me me like a coward;
Lighting up the blue sky of your heaven
In the violet tones of the setting sun…

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