Level 254
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Class Rho

  • Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • Psionic Hazard

Level 254 is the 255th Level of the Backrooms. At this time most information about the level comes from a single source (see M.E.G. Interview Log 7359); as a result, the information is likely incomplete, and its validity cannot yet be confirmed.


Level 254 is an empty blue expanse of completely uniform color. The level contains no structures, or geographic features, and no entities can be found within. Level 254 exhibits a psychic effect on people who enter it, causing them to want to stay in the level at all costs. These effects do not dissipate upon leaving Level 254. Aside for one occasion (see M.E.G. Interview Log 7350), no person entering Level 254 has ever returned. Because of this, exploration of Level 254 is not recommended.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

The Meditation Circle

The Meditation Circle is group of Wanderers affected by the level's psychic influence who spend all of their time sitting on the floor of Level 254. Because of the properties of the level, all wanderers who enter join this group.

Entrances And Exits:


Level 254 can be accessed by no-clipping through the walls of Level 287.


No-clipping through the floor of Level 254 will lead you to Level 11.

Supplementary Documentation:

M.E.G. Interview Log 7350

Interviewer: Solomon Myers
Interviewee: Elise Beck (identity unconfirmed)
Forward: An unknown person was found no-clipping out of a wall near Base Beta. When detained, she claimed to be Elise Beck, leader of M.E.G. Track Mappers Team "Elise". Team "Elise" was last seen in Level -1 approximately 2 days ago.

<Begin Interview>

Interviewer: Please state your name for the record.

Beck: I already told you that. Now please, it's very important that I get back.

Interviewer: For the record please.

Beck: Elise, Elise Beck. Leader of Team Elise. Track Mappers Regiment. Now can I go freely?

Interviewer: You will be released after you answer our questions.

Beck: Alright.

Interviewer: You've stated that you "need to get back". Where exactly do you need to go to?

Beck: The Blue Void. We found it by no-clipping in minus one.

Interviewer: What exactly is the blue void?

Beck: It's not something that you can understand unless you see it in person. It's the most beautiful shade of blue you will ever see. Stretching out forever. It's so serene, I can almost just float away.

Interviewer: Where is the rest of Team Elise?

Beck: They're sill there. Basking in its glory. Of course, I ended up clipping through the floor. The Lord works in mysterious ways I guess, but if you'll just let me go back-

Interviewer: After the questions. Why do you want to go back to "The Blue Void" as you called it?

Beck: I already told you, it's not something you can understand unless you've been there. It's so peaceful. All of your troubles are gone. The outside world doesn't matter. Everything is just blue.

Interviewer: Did you see any other M.E.G. members? Team "Tung" went missing in Level Negative One a few months ago.

Beck: A few months? They're probably long gone. With nothing to eat or drink aside from whatever rations you brought, everyone succumbs eventually. It's worth it though— the experience worth trading your life for. And when you do pass on, you will be one with the void.

<End of Interview>

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