Totally Symmetrical
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Class 3

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The photo has been taken by an M.E.G. employee. Currently he is comatose. This level is completely symmetrical and if you think otherwise, you are not deserving of His blessing.

Totally Symmetrical is the 253th level of the Backrooms. Totally Symmetrical is a dilapidated observatory, which, in relation to the viewer, seems mirrored.


Totally Symmetrical is an old observatory which seems mirrored to the viewer. Only the telescope, which stands in the centre of the room, is not reflected. From it you can see an arrangement of stars in space which does not coincide with any in the Frontrooms. The space itself, as well as the planets, are also mirrored. Only a human who has gone through the "symmetrization" process can see the entire beauty of symmetry.

M.E.G. researchers have documented a pulsation of the planetary surfaces which led them to suggest that the planets "breathe". It is uncertain whether the planets are living beings or the causes of Totally Symmetrical's abnormal conditions.

The level's "symmetry" seems to somehow affect human beings. The victims' appearance gets subjected to irreversible changes reflecting the level's abnormal symmetry, but it is unknown how the process of symmetrization gets carried out. During the physiological changes, the internal organs are also affected, which results in loss of voice, hearing, taste, paralyzation, baldness and sometimes death.

All travellers who have entered this Level have undergone conditioning which forces them to believe that all structures should be built with symmetry in mind. A large amount of notes has also been collected from the level. It is unknown whether they were left by human travellers or some other entity.

"Symmetry is the foundation of beauty."

"The definition of perfection is symmetry."

"Reach the climax of beauty."

"The world was built on symmetry."

"Symmetry is God."

"God has bestowed his blessing upon us."

"Let us embrace it."

M.E.G. Report

It is unknown how exactly the process of "symmetrization" is carried out, but a group of M.E.G. volunteers are assigned to researching it. The "breathing" planets have been designated as separate entities by the name of Symmetroids because of their unusual electromagnetic fields. From earlier reports that contain information about planets' behaviour as well as their reactions to outside stimuli, it can be theorized that the planets are living entities. The waves produced by the electromagnetic fields posses an abnormal shape and an unusually high frequency. The described waves get released during the planets' pulsations and no object possesses a high enough resistance to absorb them. The chemical reactions on Totally Symmetrical are also carried out abnormally: if anything gets separated during the reaction, it forms some sort of a valve, which divides the solution. If the solution gets coloured, the colour starts to change from the sides.

A transmission has been received from a person calling themselves speculatam describing Level Totally Symmetrical. Currently, they are believed to be the first to discover this level. Apparently, this is an altered name, given to them by the level, which has not occurred before. It was not possible to find the person from the transmission. It is likely that before going through the process of symmetrization, the person was not a part of any organization and was a lone researcher instead. Most likely, they became one of the symmetroids. However, verifying this would be difficult.

Transmission from speculatam:

Ok, it seems that this device is working. I ended up on a level which, as it seems, has not been discovered before. I guess I should describe it? Or say how I got here? Well, I got here by walking through a door. I thought it was strange, but I can’t tell why. If only I knew…

Sorry, I accidentally turned the recording device off. What was I talking about? Oh, yes, the level description. The level looks like an old observatory that was somehow distorted. Or do I just see it this way? I can’t describe this with words. I’ll stop the recording for today. Meanwhile, I’ll try to figure out, what’s going on.

I’m recording this to inform you that something has been talking to me. I don’t know where the voice is coming from and what it’s talking about. Can’t find the exit, but I’m still trying to find it.

Several days have passed. My body hurts immensely. I don’t understand what’s happening, but the voice is getting clearer. Sometimes I catch myself thinking that everything outside this level is wrong. I try to get rid of them but they keep coming back.

I know what’s wrong! My body stopped hurting because I changed. This level is humanity’s salvation. We were made the way we were by Him, but we chose to reject symmetry as we were overwhelmed by selfishness.

I spent several weeks on this beautiful level. Fascinating, but I’m changing. I don’t need to drink or eat anymore. This is a blessing! He helps me with researching the level, he tries to show me His beauty, but I can’t see it. He doesn’t like it. He told me that the level is Totally Symmetrical. The level likes it that way. Totally Symmetrical… wonderful… I’ll try to find out more from Him. I need to know how to get out of here.

He told me that He isn’t alone here. I’m happy to know that. But it saddens me that the others don’t want to talk to me. But He comforts me. He says that I’m chosen, that when I ascend, I will be able to speak and be friends with everyone!

Finally my body has finished the alteration. But one last step remains, the last one. My soul has to also change. I need to reject all of my selfish egoism and embrace humanity the way He intended.

I don’t need to record anything anymore. I am no longer confused but I’m still doing it for other people. His voice must be heard. You just need to change and complete the last ritual. So hear his voice and ascend!

The further passage from the recording has been deleted due to its brainwashing properties.

Entrances And Exits:


It is possible to enter this level from any other by entering a mirrored door with two leaves. You can understand that the door is mirrored by looking at defects or dents on it. If they completely mirror each other, this door is the entrance to Totally Symmetrical.


It is unknown how to leave this level, because due to level’s abnormal influence on human beings, travellers who left this level are incapable of explaining how.

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