Level 250
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Class Habitable

  • Safe
  • Isolated
  • Devoid of Harmful Entities

A place to rest.


Level 250 is a vast field of grass and ferns, with unearthly mountains looming in the distance.
No other life around, the only sound is the rustling of the wind.
Two stars watch over you from above, among visions of an alien galaxy.
So many stars, but those two are yours.

As I gazed down on my plains, I saw something interrupt the endless waves of reeds and typha.
A creature of endless mystery.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities:

Nobody else around. Undisturbed by the white noise, you lie down in the grass. It's soft, the perfect place to sleep. As you stare up at the endless dark of the night sky, you feel your eyes begin to close.
In any other part of this hellish prison, that would be a bad sign.
But not in the Field of the Two Stars.

You looked at me, and you didn't know it. You thought the Two Stars were but balls of plasma, when in reality, they were my eyes, watching my field. I've been sitting up here for eons, staring at the one part of the world that still belongs to me.
And you were the one who made it all new again.


Thank you.

Entrances and Exits:


It was a warm summer night, and you ran to the old valley to watch the sun set. As the silhouette of Mt. Ubbal faded away, you saw the Two Stars shining bright in the vast expanse of space. And suddenly, your eyes refocused, and they had given way to a whole sky littered with pinpricks of light.
Even today, trapped in reality's wastebin, you sometimes still find yourself back here, after no-clipping. It's a piece of your old life to hang on to, one of the reasons you're still alive.
One of the reasons you still remember what it was like.
One of the reasons you hold on to your hopes.
One of the reasons you continue to dream.

When you fell in the cracks between reality's collision, I was worried I would never see you again. I spent months trying to find a way to bring you back out.
And after all else failed, I went in after you.
I found this space between levels to wait for your arrival. I knew eventually you'd find me. And you did.
You recognized your childhood haven.
And you fled.


It looks smaller from a distance.


Please. I came all the way down here just to look for you. Don't leave me so soon.
But if there's somewhere you need to go, exiting is as simple as jumping towards the Two Stars, and finding yourself back where you were before.
There is nothing to fear. This is your memory. You control it.

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