Level 25
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More past is uncovered… right over here.

The current iteration of Level 25 has been written by Boring Talking :L.
Previously rewritten by Captaiin, and the original creator is one u/kingsheep17.

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Level 25 is the 26th Level of The Backrooms,
resembling a dusty, long-abandoned video game
arcade. Containing…
Hm… Nah, I think I'll restart.


Here is Level 25. It's where I currently am, and
it's the location I'm going to be describing to
you all. One way or another.

As much as I may dislike those template
pages and articles given to me by the M.E.G.,
I'm still going to keep my thoughts and
observations still and proper, like a true writer.

I mean, I am absolutely not a good writer.
I think all my failed high school and college
assignments on English really drive that
point home. I still feel like trying, though.

Just in case anyone finds these notes.

Actually, no. I don't like how cryptic or
or stupid that sounds. I should really
preface this by saying that I am NOT
stuck here, quite the opposite actually.

In fact, I'd say this level is the easiest
to ever leave. I'm not somewhere like
Level 256 or Level 790, I'm not dead or
stuck here.

Let me properly gather my thoughts again.

So, Level 25 is a large video game arcade
room. I named it Level 25 for a very special
reason, but that reason is something I'll have
to get back to. For now, I feel I should take
some notes and pictures on the general
architecture of this Level. So, without
further hesitancy. Level 25:


Level 25, at least on the surface, is just
an arcade. A pretty busted one at that, too.
However, I feel this levels holds a pretty big
secret too, or at least a bigger picture than
just some random arcade level. This place is
somewhere I like to call the "Quarter Hub".

The layout of Level 25 is surprisingly small,
actually. From my few weeks of walking, I
have hit the 'end' of The Quarter Hub before,
albeit only once. I'd say this level is about eight
to ten miles long because of that.

This whole level is coated in dust and signs of
mellowing. From the aforementioned dust, to
fading paint on the arcades and all colours wall
paint, all the way to the occasional finding of
mould, faulty electrical outlets, and dripping
water from pipes up above the polystyrene

The rooms themselves are all sorts of
shapes and sizes, and usually all contain
arcade cabinets. Even the hallways that
intersperse the large 'play rooms', as I'll
dub them, can have one or two arcade
machines placed within them.

Level 25's arcade cabinets are mostly
wrecked, with this damage being intentional.
I can spot burn marks, smashes from
baseball bats or other blunt weapons.
Even bullet holes on a few, I think it's the
first time I've ever seen a bullet holes in years,
in fact.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the layout and
shape of Level 25, that's basically all I can log.
Without looking deeper, this level is extremely
void of depth and detail. I'm not exactly a big
traveller, but most levels I've been to have had
a lot more than just destroyed arcades.


Which is why this level is much more than
just that.

There is something deeper to this level,
something which I can only go into describing
via explaining and detailing more about what
these arcade machines are, and what they
can all do, at least for the working ones.

Out of all the arcade machines I've found,
I want to say I've only discovered about 20
working ones. At first, when I initially got here,
I tried about 15 of the machines. However, the
ones that work are honestly rather incredible.


Here are some of places I can go to within
Level 25.

Maybe now you see why I named this level the
"Quarter Hub". These machines are a hub to…
well, in their prime I'm sure that these arcades
could've lead to all kinds of Backrooms levels.
Maybe some we don't we don't even know
about yet. The reason for the name quarter?
Well there is a slight fee for these machines.
As there is with any arcade. These cabinets
allow both your average, American quarter,
and a second, larger opening underneath
that for, what I'm assuming, is another type
of currency.

Activating the actual machines themselves
is rather easy. After inserting your coin, all
one has to do is try to play the game, which
will take you to the level the cabinet is
tethered to. For each time I've done this,
there has been an arcade behind me.
Though each arcade I've seen has clearly
been damaged and exposed to the
elements, they always still work decently.

This level connects to many, many others.
It acts as a hub, of sorts. For what or why? I
don't know, I didn't make these. But I feel that
someone most likely did. Who had the power
to make these? I'm… not sure. But, I know why.
Or at least I feel I do. There was some big
group or organisation here once, and I bet they
used this level as their method travelling to
their various bases on these levels.

I'm… really not the person to be trying to
describe these, I'm not an investigator, and
I definitely don't have the full piece of the
puzzle. I'm leaving these notes right by
where I arrived in Level 25. I'm well aware
that if you find any arcade cabinets in other
levels, then you can get to Level 25.
However, this level, as I've already
described, is not one of particular size.
I think you'll be able to find my notes
rather easily.

For how I got here, I found an odd door
inside of Level 4. It resembled a janitors
closet, in a way. Simply just heading
through that door will take you to Level 25,
where you'll find these very notes.

In terms of exits, I've found arcades to
Level 19, Level 50, Level 165, Level 5,
and a server level I'm not all too familiar

So, what do I think this place is? Well,
I think it's an old commercial hub. I think
some random group from who knows how
long ago were able to make the arcades, or
the whole of Level 25 for all I know, and
possibly made a profit off this easy
transport. Probably by the various
residence of however many bases they used
to have.

I don't know where they could be.
Maybe they're long dead, or hiding in one
of these here arcades on a level we don't
know. I certainly don't know, so, maybe
some other people can figure this out where
I can't.

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File collection name: Level 25 first contact.

Date submitted: 24/08/17

Submitted by: Melody J Parker

File used in: pa-listing, retired-pa43

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One of the broken, dilapidated arcade cabinets within Level 25.

Level 25 resembles a long-abandoned, faintly ransacked, and looted video game arcade building. It was initially discovered on 12/07/17.1


Level 25 is mostly comprised of large, echoey rooms that are often filled with arcade machines. These rooms are coated with a constant yet thin layer of dust on the floor, as well as the various ledges or shelves that can oftentimes be found nailed into the tall, often maroon-painted walls.

Interspersed within the gaming rooms of Level 25, wanderers will often locate smaller, less inviting hallways. These back scene areas will often be empty, though have been known to infrequently contain boxes or old, long un-steamed, and freezing boilers. The latter of which often contains the usual, expected Backrooms supplies such as Almond Water or general snack-based foods.

While the entirety of Level 25 is yet to be fully explored, similar to almost all documented levels, Level 25's rough length and width have been estimated to be some 8.5 miles from north to south, and about 9.2 miles wide from east to west.2

Arcade Cabinets

Level 25 is mainly occupied and decorated by video game arcade machines. Resembling those of the early to mid-1980s, an extremely large majority of them have been ransacked, scavenged, and otherwise bent or broken in a variety of ways and methods. Oftentimes, entire rooms of this location are littered with these deactivated or battered-down video game cabinets.

The machines that do work, which is about 1 in every 1500 machines, are retrofitted with the capacity to take their current user to a predetermined level of The Backrooms. Simply by inserting a quarter into these cabinets and interacting with them, an item that can be found rather commonly within the boxes and corners of Level 25, the user will be teleported into another level of The Backrooms. This trip is not a one-sided connection, too, as another arcade machine will always be discoverable either behind the wanderer or within around 100ft of their current position.

However, since these cabinets have simply been left out in the elements for a presumed large span of time, the functionality of them can often be patchy and irregular, with the cabinet tethered to Level 10 having gone entirely non-functional to water damage.

The arcade machines and the levels they are tethered to not correlate aesthetic or namesakes, however, the M.E.G. and other, independent persons have been known to leave hints to the environment on the other side, or a simple level number anywhere on the devices.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

There are no known bases, communities, or Outposts on this level.

Entrances And Exits

Level 25's entrances and exits are virtually identical, as the arcade machines to enter or leave Level 25 can be found both in this level and the other tethered levels. The unique entrance to Level 25 is in Level 4, whereby a single door resembling that of a janitors closet can occasionally be spotted in isolated, small rooms of the aforementioned office level.

For exits, however, working arcade machines have been known to transport to the following levels:

The Backforums

Enjoy your stay…
(Thread #83)

MiniMinim: So… I can't help but notice something here.

Starch: Yeah…?

MiniMinim: I submitted these papers like three years ago, and we got them written into a full level. It was a fairly interesting place? Albeit just fairly standard stuff, you know?

MiniMinim: I mean, we haven't touched the page since 2019 since nothing new has been found on it, other than a few exits to levels we already know about.

Starch: Well I mean, yeah XD. Level 25 is unique! But there's not much to it.

MiniMinim: But there is, and that's what I'm talking about! There is more here, the author of these said as such.

MiniMinim: By the way, did we ever find out who made these?

Starch: It was Fletcher Jennings from Level 4, lmao. He got lost and a bit paranoid. He did give us one hell of a find though!

MiniMinim:Hah, yeah…

MiniMinim: But I feel positive when I say that there's deeper stuff here, and I'm not saying that baselessly. I have Fletcher's missing piece, we all do. We found it recently!

Starch: Yeah…?

Starch: Wait do you mean

MiniMinim: Yes, Stretch. I think three years ago Fletcher found an old Leaders Base, and none of us even knew what it was.

Starch: That would explain a lot!

Starch: I didn't even think they could build level hopping things? Hm. XD

MiniMinim: Considering the stuff we've found on them in Level 120, I bet making those arcades was easy in comparison to some of their other stuff.

MiniMinim: I think we should get someone to look into these.

Starch: I… yeah, I agree with you.

Starch: Took a moment to ponder, and I think you're right. There isn't exactly much of Emstable or The Leaders left, but any clue as to why they did what they did could exist inside Level 25, and I don't think we should pass that chance up.

MiniMinim: Couldn't have said it better myself.

MiniMinim: Meet up at Level 4 to go to Level 25?

Starch: Sure!

Starch: See you in a bit!

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