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I heard something. Skin slapping on the ground, quickly approaching me. When I looked I could only see dust and stones thrown to the side but I knew something was definitely there. I ran with no idea how fast was enough to be safe. I hid in that fort I talked about earlier, which was somehow successful. When I finally looked out again, I swear there was a path of human handprints imprinted in the dust. Many human handprints. Whatever chased me seemed to be just a mass of hands.

I spent some more hours in the parking garage after writing my original post but I’ve since found a way out. In the middle of some of the parking spaces was an out-of-place, concrete wall. It had an opening built into it that revealed the outside world: a long road with houses on either side, bathed in the darkness of a night sky. This didn’t make sense at all though. I could walk behind the wall and I was still inside the parking lot, yet the opening continued to seemingly lead to an American suburb. I was so unsure of what to do that I honestly think I stood around for 10 minutes just figuring out a plan. I ended up going through and now I’m in another new place. The wall I left through disappeared as soon as I was no longer touching it and I don’t think there’s any way I can get back to that parking garage again. I won’t miss it at all.