Level 245 - "They Can't Hear You"

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Class 2

  • Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • Possible Cognitohazards



A photo of the stall taken just as the photographer escaped.

Level 245 consists of a small elementary school boys restroom containing the standard 2 urinals, 2 sinks, and 3 stalls. The level limits wanderers' movement by restricting accessible area to a singular stall, where wanderers will stay the duration of their time on Level 245; most of this area is drenched in water, supposedly from the smoke-activated sprinklers above. The stall will occasionally have messages and notes left from other wanderers carved into or written on the walls, but wear away with time.

Upon entering the level, wanderers will immediately begin to notice the uncanny screaming and whining coming from outside of the restroom door. Wanderers have described in extreme detail the bloodcurdling wails of children and adults alike, as well as the piercing sounds of various different emergency alarms. One wanderer said "Even muffled by the door, from people who probably didn't and never will exist, I had never heard more distinct cries of pure terror…" Other reported sounds coming from outside of the restroom are those of ambulances, the crackling of fire, explosions and the falling of crumbling debris, and faint crying, typically near the end of one's stay in the level.

The second thing wanderers have reported to immediately happen upon arrival on Level 245 is the extreme sense of dread and paranoia; even the bravest of wanderers explained that they too became frightened, no matter how hard they tried to focus themselves. Described to be one of the most "strangely terrifying" levels in the backrooms, it is not recommended to seek out this level. During one's stay on Level 245, wanderers will begin to notice after a couple of days the lack of need for food or water. Many wanderers have survived weeks inside of the level, yet none have ever died due to lack of these usually necessary items.

When inside of the stall, human figures may often run inside of the restroom, the door swinging open to intensify the chaos of the background noise. Women and men being the most common, these figures will begin to call out for their children and family members, saying phrases such as "Honey, please, where are you!", "(name), are you there?", and "Mommy/daddy is here! Where are you? I'm worried about you!" (Other figures such as children looking for their parents and also members of a "rescue team" may also enter, although rarer.) Due to the intense fear and dread settled into wanderers, wanderers will likely begin to scream out to these figures, begging for help and banging on the stall door, but never once has a figure taken notice; wanderers have also heard the voices of loved ones using their names, furthermore increasing the stress and yearning to get out. After a few seconds to a few minutes, the figure will retreat, once again leaving the wanderer alone in the restroom.

After whatever amount of time it takes for a wanderer to slowly begin to calm themselves, the violent noises will noticeably begin to quiet, and the pull of paranoia will slowly diminish. While figures still enter the restroom and enhance the terrifying screams and cries coming from outside, wanderers must supposedly "learn to master their fear" and block out distractions. When a wanderer, still surrounded by screams of pain and cries of fear, is able to control their emotions, the stall door is said to unlock, allowing wanderers to leave and be transported from the level.



Jeb, the only entity known to reside on Level 245, is a tall, ghostly human with short gray-brown hair, silver eyes, gray stubble on his chin and above his lips, and is missing his left arm. He is always seen wearing a janitorial outfit and usually drags a yellow mop bucket behind him. He can be rarely seen appearing in the stall with wanderers, usually manifesting at the same time a figure walks into the restroom. He is said to have a low, calming, whispery voice, his first words to the wanderer nearly always being "They can't hear you." Despite his unsettling appearance, Jeb is completely harmless when unprovoked and will even console weeping wanderers, whispering kind messages but most oftentimes telling stories "from his life". While he usually carries a sweet expression, wanderers report his smile turning more melancholy when they exit, prompting many wanderers to stay for a few minutes even after they are granted release; these wanderers are more likely to encounter Jeb outside of this level, as he seems to be able to openly explore the backrooms.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The Writers

"The Writers" is the name that has been given to a group of people known to leave encouraging messages and stories posted throughout the small bathroom stall, likely to help wanderers relax and escape faster. While it is likely that the authors of these notes themselves have never actually met, there is still a growing collection of sticky notes and carvings detailing bright summer days and happy moments. Wanderers will never actually meet anyone on the level besides Jeb, leaving these notes to be the only true communication possible. It is highly recommended to read these notes and add one if possible because relaxing is the only way to escape from the level.

Entrances And Exits


While no definitive entrance has been located, many wanderers will report being transported to this level after going through traumatic experiences such as the loss of a loved one.


The only known exit to this level is accessed by totally relaxing and clearing oneself of fear, stress, and anxiety. After exiting this level, wanderers have said that they have led a much happier and less anxious life afterward. By becoming calm, wanderers will be transported outside the doorway of a destroyed building on Level-11.

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