Nothing At All
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The note with instructions to access Level Nothing at all.

Level Nothing at all it's an hypothetical level which is theorized to exist.


Level Nothing at all is a hypothetical level which is believed to be accessible by following the instructions below:

  1. Cover your eyes with your hands
  2. Advance 7 steps
  3. turn around and take your hands off your face
  4. Find the nearest ladder and climb it
  5. Go down 4 steps and then back up 2
  6. Yell a number between 1 and 1572
  7. Enjoy =)

These instructions were found in a note that appeared hanging with a thumbtack on a light pole, later the same note appeared lying on the floor of Level 0 and hung with a nail in the door that directs the Level 1 in The Hub.

It is theorized that by following these instructions you can access the level already mentioned, however so far no attempt to enter this level has been successful.

The existence of an entity inhabiting this floor is theorized, however, sufficient evidence could not be found, the only clue to determine this are the letters with instructions and a series of crumpled notes that have been appearing in different parts around levels 0, 1 and in The Hub.

Recently, a letter with instructions to access this level was found by James ███████ on Level -██, the letter was slipped under one of the doors of the level, after entering it it was not found to the responsible individual or entity, more research on the subject is pending.

Additionally, the origin and meaning of the instructions described to access this level are unknown.

Update #2


Place of appearance of one of the notes on level-██.

Recently the already named James ███████ tried to enter the Level nothing at all, after 5 failed attempts James apparently managed to shout the correct number, after this he was instantly dematerialized and no one knew about him, Attempts to yell the same number were unsuccessful, apparently the number changes every time it is vocalized.

Update #3

Another note sent by James asking for help was recently discovered, the true origin of this note and the whereabouts of James ███████ were unknown.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known Communities or Outposts on this level

Entrances And Exits:


Until now the only way to access the Level Nothing at all is by following the instructions given in the notes found, however, no attempt to access this level has been successful.


There is no known way to leave this level for now.

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