Puzzle Box Of Mysteries
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Class Puzzle Box

  • Escape rooms and puzzles!
  • Lots of resources!
  • Learn to cooperate!

Here it is! My level!

Welcome to my level — congratulations on finding it! That means you have solved my puzzle, got to know who I am, and have been chosen to join a group of wanderers like you to participate in puzzle solving games. Isn't that exciting?

I made this page all by myself, hehe. I'm not the best at coding so I hope you can forgive me, but it's still better than nothing, right?

Ah, I should get to the formalities…I call this level the "Puzzle Box of Mysteries!", and it is the best place I could've called home…or, well, it is my only home.

This level looks a lot like an indoor playground area. All sorts of weird objects randomly fall from above – I call it my super cute dumpster! These objects vary from magazines, to glasses, to toys, and anything in between!

Once you arrive, you will immediately appear in the lobby, a place to spend your free time in between games! I equipped it with fun attractions, food, beverages and rooms to nap in. It's as comfortable as it can get!

It's not much, because it's a simple waiting room, it has all the equipment from your original world, just it's more… chaotic!

It's going to be so fun!

Fancy right? I made this in… like 10 minutes, but I kept getting distracted by the slide and the ball pit during most of that time, oh, and my cute collection of tiny playground equipment! It's so cute~

I was oversharing again, sorry, I'm just very excited to be meeting someone who was able to beat my puzzles! One of my less easy ones! That's a 1 in 100 person occurrence. With only a 1% chance of success!

After you arrive at the lobby, you'll meet me — you already know who I am, so it'll be easy to recognize me. I will always be able to help you during puzzles and escape room trials, my games are always difficult, but never unfair, so I will give important hints in different methods that will help your group immensely.

I'll be in my staff room for most of the time, monitoring the groups and communicating through radios I plastered around the rooms, just in case you need me!

But I should probably go more in detail about these puzzles I'm talking about…right?

Puzzles and Escape rooms

All of my puzzles will always be random! Really, they could be about the most chaotic things you will ever see, and will follow bizarre rules.

In the past, I've done all kinds of "find the key puzzles", all of them were completely different from the past one, and all of them required the complete collaboration of the group.

I made a little application that will automatically pop up on the device you are using to read, that will allow you to talk between other groups inside the level to gain help and hints! And because all puzzles are different, there's no way to cheat.

Puzzles may also include decoding morse code to find a password, various puzzles that require reading, puzzles being connected to an area or setting, all requiring time and patience, which is why I carefully selected only those that were determined to finish the puzzle to access this link!

I am also a fan of escape rooms, and I love theming them about vague settings! It could be anything, from a museum, to a large forest, to a small reconstruction of a village!

I know everything about tricks that escapists use to easily find information, which is why my escape rooms are constructed to completely cover any problem that average escape rooms have…

You may think that the hints will be scattered in complicated spots, but you could be surprised to know that an apple doesn't fall too far from a tree!

I wonder what I will end up creating for this month, I've grown so bored recently of trying my puzzles on my own and always winning, but so many people are joining my level now! I won't disappoint at all, it'll be the greatest tournament I ever organized. And I'm sure that with the current number of people, it will last very long.

I do wonder what you were seeking while trying my puzzle, if it was for simple boredom or curiosity, or because you were seeking a prize.

Well, in both cases, you will be equally satisfied I hope, maybe you'll be the one to pique my interest and even end up making a puzzle that is completely unbeatable and win against me!

I'm thrilled for that day, the day where my level will be constructed by two people and not just me…

We will have fun, I promise! You'll be able to meet many people and perhaps make friends too!

It seems that I've told you everything needed, I have prepared a little mechanism that should allow you to be automatically transported here.

If you click the button I left at the end of the page, my rubix cube transporter will appear near you, and boom! You'll be here!

I hope I will see you soon, chosen contestant! Keep expanding your mind by seeking curiosity!

Yours sincerely, Puzzle

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