Level 235
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Class 5

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  • Medium Entity Count

First confirmed photo of a Safe Area


Level 235 is an infinite trampoline park containing a large number of decaying trampolines. The walls can be green, yellow, or purple and reek of mildew. Almond Water is abundant in the level, dispensed from vending machines and water fountains scattered throughout the building.

Some rooms are blocked by glass doors labeled "Happy Birthday!" Inside these spaces are long plastic tables draped in a green and yellow tablecloth. Sitting on the chairs there are Facelings attending a "birthday party." They will never leave the room. On the tables, there are presents varying in scale from tiny to human-sized.

Due to the hostile nature of the Facelings guarding the presents, it is strongly advised not to enter these areas unless you enter with a group. Inside the presents, you may find weapons, clothing, and other novelties. Dolls made of human flesh are created nightly and stored here. They are looking to add more to the collection.

Safe Areas are rooms wanderers may eventually come across. These rooms are dimly lit and have damp, dirty concrete floors devoid of trampolines. Entities are not able to enter these spaces, as they are blocked by an invisible force. Keep in mind these areas are rare and often spaced out by several miles.


Fire alarm

The Wi-Fi is very strong, but the native Smiler's time-distorting properties interfere with the signal in this level. It has been theorized that smilers feed on the energy of human wanderers, likely being the reason many report feeling nauseous around the entities. Because of their alternative diet, the Smilers are not physically aggressive here.

Scattered around the level are fire alarms. Every hour, a random fire alarm goes off near the wanderer. Leave the area swiftly when you hear the loud blare of an alarm. The fate dwellers meet is uncertain.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

M.E.G. Base Omicron

[Destroyed, circa 2014]
  • 57 former members (deceased).
  • Was located in a safe area.
  • Previously researching [REMOVED].
  • They were friendly and always open to trade.
  • At last contact, they were holding 2 entities captive, a Smiler and a Duplicate.

The Market

  • Group of around 43 members.
  • The community is located in a safe area.
    • They are friendly and open to trade.
  • The walls are lined with stalls selling items collected from presents.
    • However, many of these items are extremely overpriced.

Entrances And Exits


  • It is possible to no-clip from Level 283 if you fall deep into The Pits.
  • When you try to open a door labeled 235 in Level 13.
  • Tripping and falling on the tracks of Level 59.


  • Jumping on a trampoline without springs will send you to Level 34.
  • No-clipping through a Vending Machine sends you to Level 6.1.
  • Finding an exit door will take you to Level 236.



Memory. Artist ~[REMOVED]

If Duplicates have a wanderer in sight, they will swiftly morph to mimic the person. The Stalker will follow the wanderer until they get to a Safe Space. When looked at, it will hide behind anything possible.

Stalkers look exactly like the wanderer and move in the same demeanor that they do.
Never drink almond water near a Stalker.


This log is by [REMOVED]-


XvyZVG8vIqkVxkpwWoKZkbZUfoSDzh6rwc9VwkBL+BQ= Y

This video log never existed.

Or perhaps it did.

Nothing is known about this person.

Except the fact, that the Duplicates caused their demise.

Their fate should be used as a warning to wanderers.

The risk of death is substantial in Level 235, and everyone you once knew will soon neglect your memory.


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