Level 233
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The first photo of Level 233.


The second photo of Level 233.


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The fourth photo of Level 233.

Level 233 is the 234th Level of the Backrooms.


Level 233 consists entirely of reception and hotel rooms often partially filled with lukewarm water. There are no hostile entities inside this level, however, frogs can be found in the corner of certain rooms, and the water.

The scent of chlorine is always present, sometimes accompanied by a smell of sea air, but you'll never smell moisture.

If you listen closely, you may hear background music coming from apparently nowhere, often associated with the subgenres known as elevator or mall music (mallsoft). However, the volume is extremely low, and the pitch is changing randomly, making it very disturbing and calm at the same time. You can hear what it would feel like here (without pitch change).

Since this level is infinite, it is not recommended to venture too far away from the elevator, as getting lost is a danger.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

The Children Of Amphitrite (Base Ψ):

The Children of Amphitrite are a religious organization worpshiping the greek god Amphridite that collectively no-clipped into the Backrooms. Their connection to the level is unknown, but they seem to hold reverence for it's waters.

  • Group of 6.
  • Open to new members and trading.
  • Are very friendly and willing to give help to anyone in need.
  • Speaks English as well as an untranslated conlang.

Additional Content:

Points of interest:

Although this level continues infinitely to the East and West, there is a point of interest situated to the North of the entrance.

"The Outside"

One of the two points of interest in Level 233 is the path that leads to "The Outside". It is located approximately 50 kilometers away from the elevator in the North direction.

The path is a long and spacious corridor. It would take one entire day to cross it by walking without stopping. Numerous seashells can be found on the floor, and it is unknown how they ended up there, but the Children of Amphitrite seem to have collected multiple shells.

"The Outside" refers to what comes at the end of that path, which is an abandoned coastal town. Three important things need to be noted to survive:

  • It is always the night
  • The town is bordered by an endless sea.
  • The level of the sea rises every two hours. When the time comes, the sea level rises from 10 to 20 meters in half an hour. It will stay that way for another one hour. Finally, the sea level will drop back to its original height in the same time it took to rise.

Entrances And Exits:


Level 233 can be accessed through Level 33 from an elevator. It is important to note that this elevator is rarely seen.

Unlit tunnels in Level 37 can lead into Level 233


Submerging oneself in the waters of Level 233 can cause one to be transported to a pool in Level 37

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