Level 231

Note: This document is outdated.

Involvement in Level 231 has been discontinued and is no longer in the focus of the B.N.T.G.

Welcome to the city of the future!

- Edward Rocker
Chief Executive of the Level 231 renovation project.

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Class Under Construction

  • Safe
  • Restricted
  • Renovation in process

A picture of Level 231 upon its initial discovery and colonization.


Level 231 is an urban environment completely under the ownership and management of the B.N.T.G.. The level was discovered by a group of merchants on November 19th, 2016, and the access points were quickly sold to the B.N.T.G. on December 9th. When initially colonized, Level 231 consisted of many simple and abandoned skyscrapers surrounded by an infinite, barren, and mountainous desert. The buildings were all weathered due to repeated sandstorms, and the hills all made it laborious to traverse the terrain. Along with being weathered, the buildings were completely made out of concrete, devoid of insulation or furniture. Despite this, the B.N.T.G. showed extreme interest in this level due to the Crystal Phenomenon, the source of the resources, and the value of Level 231 (See below). This phenomenon was overlooked by the merchant group and discovered by the B.N.T.G. Scout while touring the level.


The first B.N.T.G. tents that were installed.

Once purchased, the B.N.T.G. assigned a budget of 9.6% of the total gross revenue of all B.N.T.G. operations to be spent on the renovation of Level 231. Senior Officer Edward Rocker was appointed the Chief Executive of this new project, along with many intellectuals as predecessors. The B.N.T.G. top intellectuals and Edward Rocker were in charge of planning the project, while over 3800 workers were transported from Level 1 and Level 11 to work on the construction.

The Crystals

While on a hill, the scout touring Level 231 noticed a faint yellow glow shine through one of the windows in one of the buildings. Once left to explore Level 231 alone, the scout investigated the building in question. Inside, a bright, yellow, and moist crystal was found dripping small amounts of liquid. This liquid was identified as Almond Water. The crystal was also found to be completely immobile, no matter how much was force asserted. The reason for this phenomenon is unknown. With this information, the B.N.T.G. quickly made it their mission to investigate and use the crystal for commercial benefit, hence the hasty purchase.

Once the B.N.T.G. set up camp and searched more buildings, several more crystals were found. Some crystals were found to have a different color, which were identified to produce different resources. The different crystals are as follows:

Yellow - Almond Water

Green - Matcha Lucky O’ Milk

Red - Firesalt

Blue - Water

The properties of these crystals were initially unknown; however, this changed through further investigation. The amount produced by the crystals has always been hypothesized to be infinite, but the stationed scientists and researchers were unsure of the method of extraction. After bodily contact with the crystals, a discovery was made. To extract the liquids from the green, blue, or yellow crystals, a suction or pulling force was needed. This is why the yellow, blue, and green crystals seem to always be dripping; it is thought to be the pulling force of gravity. For the red crystal, on the other hand, the only way to extract the Firesalt is by scratching or scraping the surface. Doing this does not decrease the volume of the crystal, as one would think, but instead produces the Firesalt at the edge of the blade or other tool of extraction. To make use of this power and opportunity, a project was planned and introduced.

Project "City Of Resources"


The Project of the Future

Financed by the prodigious B.N.T.G. Corporation

Properties range from 200-900 Karma

This is the official publication document for the Project City of Resources, the restoration or renovation of Level 231.


A picture of a finished yellow district in Level 231.


The aim of this project is to industrialize and urbanize Level 231 to fully optimize and take advantage of the resources and extreme value of this asset. A utopia will be built to house B.N.T.G. officials, business associates, and other tenants. Extraction units will be set up around the crystals that automatically extract the resources. All of the resources extracted except for 3% of the Almond Water supply are for miscellaneous B.N.T.G. use and therefore will have a way of being transported out of the level. The final 3% of Almond Water will be pumped into pipes that are to be connected to every building, providing tenants with copious sustenance.


The terrain is to be flattened and excavated, and the buildings are to be rebuilt around their respective crystals. The buildings must also be insulated, painted, and furnished to provide a comfortable living environment. Roads, hospitals, and educational facilities will be built, along with commercial spaces that exclusively sell B.N.T.G. products. Each building will be classified using a different color, directly correlated to the color of the crystal found inside. The purpose of this is to make the different resource sources more identifiable and create a more lively and upbeat city environment. Bushes will also be planted around the edge of the city to further contribute to this.

Contracts and partnerships

The B.B.A.R.


The B.B.A.R. has taken great interest in the sustainability and potential of your project and is therefore eager to invest. The B.B.A.R. specializes in maintaining law and order and unveiling the mysteries of the Backrooms. To do that, we need resources, which you have in immeasurable amounts. In exchange for a research base and ownership of one Firesalt crystal, we will provide administration to your city, along with many tenants who are keen to live here. I cannot wait for our future as business partners.

Director Alexander Robinson


We believe it would be beneficial to have a good relationship with the B.B.A.R. due to their growing power and influence. We desperately need good management and a jurisdictional system here on Level 231, and no group can truly do it like this organization. The B.N.T.G. has accepted these terms.

Backrooms Robotics


While we have many resource sources across the Backrooms, none have equal potential for your Level 231 project. Backrooms Robotics is always in the interest of expanding its inventory of resources in the name of innovation, to bring newer and more exciting inventions to the wanderers across all levels. In good faith, Backrooms Robotics demands you provide a 1% portion of all your resources from Level 231, along with the creation of a robotics center. In return, you will receive many of our marvelous inventions and devices to be used by your tenants. We do not tolerate refusal.

- Backrooms Robotics Corporation

The Backrooms Robotics is a growing concern within the B.N.T.G. We do not have any clue of their power or influence, but recent revelations have caused us to believe it is disturbingly high. We must prevent the further expansion of this group at all costs.

Incident Robotics L231

⚠️ Restricted Access ⚠️

This is a BNTG classified document.

To access the entirety of this document, proper identification is necessary.

This document is only available for B.N.T.G workers and officials associated with Level 231. We assure you that the contents are not being hidden with malicious intent, but simply because this document contains integral details about the construction and management of this city project. Please understand.

The B.N.T.G apologizes for any nuisance this may have caused.

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