Level 230
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Class 3

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The Docks in Level 230. Captured by an unknown person. It is unknown if this picture was truly captured in this location due to the extreme peril it poses to all persons.


The Trade Sector during waking hours. Captured by a wanderer known as UnforeseenDrop.


The Shanty Lands. Photographer unknown.

Level 230 is the 231st Level of the Backrooms.


Level 230, commonly referred to as the "Port of Misgivings", presents itself as a shabby, decaying port.
Rather fittingly, the Level has become a thriving trade hub for major groups in the Backrooms. Naturally occurring resources include somewhat used sailor coats, crackers, dried meat, cookies, and almond water, found in crates that are known to restock occasionally. This level, to the best of its occupants' knowledge, is endless. The furthest distance any wanderer has traveled in Level 230 is approximately 100 miles (~161 km. ) from the trade sector. Up until that point, the explorer remained in contact with the M.E.G. However, his transmission was lost somewhere around that distance from the settlement.

The entirety of this level exists in perpetual nighttime. Entities in this level include Smilers, Baggers, Porters, Facelings, and the occasional Deathmoth. Secured regions function as meeting places to trade valuable items. Secure areas are generally safe, being free of hostile entities save for the occasional Bagger or Faceling. Unfortunately, Level 230 is also notorious for its 'black market' problem. Questionable groups such as the F.T.B. are known to use the level as a base of operations, offering goods and services considered unlawful under M.E.G./B.N.T.G. trade regulations.


The Docks

This sector continues along a body of liquid that appears to be a lake or sea of some kind, stretching out far past the horizon. The depth of this body of liquid, as well as its contents, remains a mystery. Due to the liquid's unknown composition, it is designated as undrinkable until research teams are able to conduct an expedition to the sector and administer a test.

This area is lined with boat slips built above the shore, which extend out onto the water. The slips are presumably made of worn wood, though the material has yet to be thoroughly analyzed. While typically unoccupied, they play host to the occasional container ship. These ships, although unknown in origin, are known to harbor Porters as well as yet to be identified entities. Lighting is present but sparse, in the form of electric lampposts.

Due to hazards such as a high entity count, the docks are considered a restricted zone. Unauthorized entry is strictly prohibited by the M.E.G. and local authorities.

The Trading Sector

The trading sector is Level 230’s key point of interest, and the only sector thought to be safe for wanderers. Home to major groups such as the B.N.T.G., F.T.B., M.E.G., F.S.P, and Homely Hotel, the area houses numerous settlements and bustles with trade. As a core of travel, the sector extends 3 miles (~5 km. ) from its center. The streets in this sector, though wide, are winding, so it is easy to get lost. However, during waking hours, wanderers should be able to acquire directions or even a map from the area's friendly inhabitants.

Being a commercial center, the area offers a multitude of retail and dining establishments, both within and outside its major settlements. Stores, which are typically members of larger trade guilds, vary in size from mere street-side stands to multi-storied general stores. Most of these venues sell basic necessities including food and beverages, which are comparable in variety and quality to the Snackrooms (Level 6.1) from which they are usually sourced. Most conceivable drinks are available, as well as a diverse assortment of produce and non-perishable foods. Numerous restaurants of all kinds offer dining options of a variety of different cuisines. Lodging is also available, offered by groups such as the Homely Hotel.

The trading sector of Level 230 is also well-known for offering high-quality expedition gear. Apart from a small selection found in general stores such as Pershings and Ables, expedition gear is the primary offering of a number of specialty shops, such as the Backrooms Trading Co.

The Shanty Lands

Bordered by the Docks, this sector is made up of narrow, winding streets extending inland past the Trading Sector. Save for a B.N.T.G. Extraction Facility, it is secured by neither the B.N.T.G. nor the M.E.G. This sector is uninhabitable; anyone who wishes to explore this zone is left to themselves and the countless entities lurking within. Only one expedition has been recorded in this sector. The explorer eventually lost communication with M.E.G. personnel and was lost to the unknown.



Pershings and Ables

Pershings and Ables is a well-regarded general store established on Level 230 by Thomas Pershings and Robert Ables. We are a member of the B.N.T.G. Set on the ground floor of a large building, we supply many goods such as sundries, foods, apparel, and gear. As one of the first fine retail establishments in Level 230, we are endorsed by the Free State of Portage and are a reputable retailer for all your trading needs. The purveyors of Pershings and Ables are pleased to announce new offerings of jewelry and other objects of interest.

Backrooms Supply Co.

The Backrooms Supply Company is an outfitter for many a wanderer. It's stocked with equipment such as outerwear, ropes, non-perishable foods, lights, weapons, Smiler Juice, and other supplies. The Backrooms are known to deplete wanderers of their gear, whether it be the entities or hostile environs. Restock in the safety of the Trade Sector in Level 230 for your venture into the depths of the Backrooms. Now a reputable member of the F.T.B.


Tony's Catch of the Day

Tony's restaurant is a quaint, if not odd, dining opportunity on Level 230. Its somewhat exotic (but still local) meats vary upon what's available that day. Unlike in the Frontrooms, meat is not confined to livestock, rather the meat is almost always that of some entity. On any given night, it may be anything from Skin-Stealer flank to Fried Deathmoth (often of the non-toxic Male variant). Few rumors of a Smiler stew have been heard around the area. However, whether or not it actually contains any part of a Smiler will often lead to an animated debate.

Flying Deathmoth Pub

Greetings, Traveler. We at the Flying Deathmoth have heard you were hungry after a long day of traipsing through the Backrooms. If a drink and some company are what you're after, you've come to the right place. Lucky for you, we are now parasite-free. Except for a few Deathmoths of course! Haha, relax; we're only joking. Maybe.

Watchman's Lantern

Watchman's Lantern is a small, hole-in-the-wall tavern on the edge of the Trade Sector. It is frequented mainly by weary, off-duty operatives of the M.E.G. and workers at the nearby B.N.T.G. Extraction Facility. While certainly not unique in its offerings, it provides warm food, a hearty drink, and a warm hearth for tired workers.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities:

The Trader's Guild

An established outpost of the B.N.T.G. operating to supply various wanderers traveling through the area. Consists of roughly 40 members.

The Free Traders of the Backrooms (F.T.B.)

This loose coalition of somewhat unscrupulous traders has formed a rather questionable guild of merchants operating out of their primary base in Level 230. They have no consistent or credible form of identification. Wanderers should be wary of entities known as Baggers posing as their members. The number of F.T.B. merchants is not known.

M.E.G. Base Delta

Before the M.E.G. arrived, Level 230 was notorious for being completely infested with hostile entities, and unsuitable for habitation. Any wanderer who stumbled into the level prayed that they would soon find a way to leave.

However, following the M.E.G.’s arrival, they quickly established Base Delta with roughly 100 permanent personnel. The M.E.G. proceeded to secure the region around Base Delta, repairing the failing infrastructure and exterminating the entities.

Other groups such as the B.N.T.G. and the F.T.B. soon arrived, eager to do business. A community known as the Free State of Portage also sprung up in the area, resulting in the Trading Sector as it is known today.

Free State of Portage

This settlement, situated inland of the docks in the trading sector, plays host to traders of both the B.N.T.G. and the F.T.B. Interestingly, they have no security forces of their own patrolling for entities, relying entirely on the M.E.G. for their collective safety. Residents primarily dwell in the many clapboard houses lining the streets. Permanent residents number about 400.

Homely Hotel

This group operates a small hostel in the trade sector providing lodging and service to wanderers in that area. Their original hotel is in Level 5, and their second is in Level 11.

B.N.T.G. Unit 230 Resource Extraction

This outpost was built by the B.N.T.G. to extract the many valuable resources in this area. Located in the dangerous Shanty Lands, they have secured a corridor leading to the base with their own forces. Mined resources here include almond water drilled from below the ground, building materials from the houses, and gypsum from the cobblestone. This base consists of 20 constant guards and 50 workers.

Entrances And Exits:


  • Level 230 may definitively be entered by pressing the coin return button on a vending machine on Level 6.1.
  • Entering a store with a closed sign on most discovered levels will often lead to Level 230.


  • Going through a door labeled "Salty Sal's Cave Spelunking" will no-clip you to Level 8.
  • Going through a door labeled "Rusty Rick's Room Remodeling" will no-clip you to Level 90.

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