Level 229
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Class 3e - Environmental

  • Unsafe
  • Dehydration Risk
  • Medium Entity Count

An image of one of the houses' interiors, displaying a sizeable heap of sand pressed up against its aged walls and doorframe


Level 229 is a desert with an estimated area of 92,000 km² (35,521 square miles). The level has a constant temperature of 38°C (100.4°F), which is largely due to its perpetual daytime state. These temperatures, along with the harsh desert landscape and lack of identifiable landmarks, make it hard to navigate the level.

The level features houses built out of different materials, all of them exhibiting signs of wear and tear, both inside and out. The houses have different types of floors depending on their environment. Some floors are destroyed, while others are hidden by mounds of sand. These houses serve as shelter for those who wander this unforgiving level, since they are much cooler than the outside, at a constant temperature of 30ºC (86ºF).


Image of a cluster of houses within the level, consisting of three houses.

The level's terrain is scattered with debris, including broken doors, windows, and pieces of wood; occasionally, one may come across items such as Almond Water and Lucky O' Milk that have found their way into the sand. Although sandstorms are rare, they can occur, though they tend not to last very long. These sandstorms are the only type of storm that exists on the level.

Sands of Time

The level has an anomalous effect known as "Sands of Time". The effect is caused due to the extreme temperatures in the level causing exhaustion in wanderers. As the wanderer walks through the level, they will begin having illusions that will appear in their head. The following illusions may occur:

  • Visions about their past/future self.
  • Visions about oases, rivers, or any body of water.
  • Visions about entities, either in the distance or close up.
  • Visions about their death.

The houses on the level not only provide shelter but also serve as an important way to escape the scorching heat and anomalous illusions.


Due to the severe environment of the level, there are only two entities present on it.

Spiky Tumbleweed

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Image of a Spiky Tumbleweed found outside of the houses of the level.

Spiky Tumbleweeds appear to have the appearance of a normal tumbleweed, but they have a shield of spikes that hides their true form. Despite their resemblance to regular tumbleweeds, these entities possess sentience and will attack any nearby wanderer.

Spiky Tumbleweeds use their shield-like spikes to charge at wanderers and become stuck in their bodies, gradually absorbing their nutrients. While a single Spiky Tumbleweed may not pose a significant threat, a pack of these entities can be dangerous, as they gather in groups to hunt for victims.

Desert Death Rats

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Desert Death Rats are a modified variant of the regular Death Rats, and they are only found inside this level. Unlike their counterparts, the Desert Death Rats don't have any visible fur. These creatures stand about 20 cm (7.87 in) tall and weigh 150 to 200 g (0.33 to 0.44 lb). These entities exhibit extreme hostility and will stop at nothing to attack any wanderers they find. Their method of attack is to get close to their victim and inject a potent venom through their fangs. Once injected, the poison will slowly cause the wanderer to experience fatigue, nausea, and a strong pain behind the eyes. The victim's body temperature will increase, as they eventually succumb to a sharp pain in their chest, leading to a heart attack. This poison can be eliminated by drinking either Almond Water or Lucky O' Milk.

Normally, these entities are located in arid areas of the terrain. However, they can also be found within houses, usually underneath the sand. Their eyes have eyelids similar to those of birds, giving them the ability to analyze their surroundings even when hidden in the sand. Given these circumstances, it is recommended that wanderers be cautious when walking through the terrain and have a big supply of either Almond Water or Lucky O' Milk.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

The Sand Travelers


An image taken from the inside of The Sand Travelers' main base.

The Sand Travelers are a collective of 37 wanderers who all stumbled across a specific house that is particularly hospitable. The group has become the primary source of essential supplies in the level's harsh environment; the group welcomes new members and assists them with navigation, while also expressing cooperative behavior in their willingness to exchange items with wanderers in need.

Entrances And Exits


The only way to enter Level 229 is by entering an old and worn house located on Level 46. Upon entering it, one will arrive at the level.


Finding and entering a dark doorway inside any house on the level leads to Level 9.

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