Level 229

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Level 229 has the look of a museum, with its polished concrete floors, clean white plaster walls, and huge windows with several buildings from Level 11 being visible from the outside of the windows. The level's walls are highlighted by neon lights, providing the main source of light. The level covers a large area of 20,000 square kilometers with 2 floors and several rooms, each with its own unique lighting, making it a labyrinthine environment for the wanderers to traverse. Interspersed within the level are small rooms with food and Almond Water conveniently located on benches for the wanderers to consume. Rooms are generally sparsely furnished, featuring only paintings.

These paintings range from different styles, the most common being impressionism, realism, surrealism, and pop art. Many famous paintings from the Frontrooms can also be found within the level, such as The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali and Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. Some paintings can evoke certain emotions in people; for example, people who observed Starry Night reported that they felt calm and relaxed, while people who saw The Philosophical Lamp by René Magritte felt happier and funnier. This phenomenon became known as "Visual Emotion" by level explorers, as each painting guaranteed a different emotion to those who saw it. The emotions that people experience when viewing certain paintings may be influenced by subtle elements within the artwork. These elements can have a significant impact on the viewer's emotions and mood. As a result, different people may have varying emotional responses to the same painting.

On occasions, valuable crystals and gems have been seen encased in glass, affixed firmly to pedestals, making any attempts to remove them unsuccessful. These gems possess a remarkable shine, which mesmerizes anyone who approaches them.

Some rooms can also contain decorative pilasters and entities known as "The Statues".


Image of one of the statues, in the form of the famous sculpture The Thinker by Auguste Rodin.


"The Statues" are entities that reside in Level 229. They are immobile and resemble statues that undergo changes in appearance when unobserved. If a person looks at one of these statues, it will freeze in a random pose and appearance until the individual looks away. Once the person breaks eye contact, the statues will return to their randomized form. Although the majority of "The Statues" appear humanoid, there have been instances where they transform into smaller entities like Hounds, Skin-Stealers, and Smilers.

Despite their ability to change forms, "The Statues" are peaceful beings and will not harm wanderers. However, if a person encounters a statue in the form of one of these smaller entities, it is recommended that they avoid it since it is unclear if they may act aggressively.

The level also features "The Guides," a collective of humanoid entities dressed in guide attire, who are dispersed throughout the area. As wanderers explore the level, these Guides accompany them, providing information and insights into the various paintings and sculptures they encounter. Once the tour concludes, the Guides move on to guide other curious wanderers. As the primary source of information for wanderers, these Guides play a crucial role in enhancing wanderers' understanding and appreciation of the level's art. Additionally, they can bring wanderers into rooms showcasing paintings of their interest and rooms offering food.

Similar to the statues, guides exhibit extreme docility and refrain from attacking any wanderers, unless provoked. When queried about their ability to document all the rooms on the level, they respond by asserting their exceptional memory, which enables them to capture even the minutest of particulars.


Curtis Morris, a budding artist with limited recognition, discovered the museum in 1985, becoming its first and only explorer. When he entered the museum, he found it to be a blank canvas, with no existing artwork. Fueled by his artistic drive, Curtis decided to create his own paintings, which now adorn the walls of the museum. Many believe that Curtis continues to reside in the museum, hidden in a remote area, where he creates new masterpieces. Despite extensive searches, this secluded studio has yet to be found.

Curtis Morris' discovery of the museum and his paintings have generated a great deal of interest and curiosity in the art world. Some consider him to be a visionary, while others view him as a mystery. His diary has become a valuable artifact, providing insight into his thoughts and experiences as the first person to explore the museum. The museum has become a popular destination for art lovers and history enthusiasts, who are fascinated by the captivating story of Curtis Morris and the paintings he created.

Entrances And Exits


The entrance to Level 229 can only be accessed from Level 11 by finding a building labelled "Neon Museum".


One may reach Level 11 or Level 317 by opening and entering a door labeled "EXIT" in any part of the level.

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