Level 228
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Handprints won't leave smudges on these mirrors.

Level 228 is a series of mirror mazes lit up by multicolored lights in varying shades of blue, green, and red. Like any fair mazes in the Frontrooms, navigating out of the maze is relatively simple: hold your right hand up to a wall and follow it. Really, the only thing that'll kill you here is a lack of supplies. It can take a couple days to get from entrance to exit, but you'll get out eventually.

I've gone ahead and marked each exit, so don't worry about getting too lost. The level's also pretty stable, so it's a good place to rest for a bit too. Quiet too. Just don't go too deep until you're ready for it.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

Little too cramped for any of these. Barely enough room for one person at some points.

Entrances and Exits

No-clipping through any mirror can take you here. The maze itself has multiple exits, each taking you through a mirror on a specific level. I've marked which exit goes where, so don't be stupid, and pick your exit carefully.

For a quick and safe exit, you can go to Level 11. For supplies, you'll want to exit into Level 196.

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