Level 226
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Class 3

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Level 226 is the 227th level of the backrooms. The level appears to be a seemingly infinite table of medieval-style first class dishes lined out in a perfectly organized manner.


Level 226 is a level that takes the form of a blank white void surrounding a strip of ground area with an unknown texture, since there is feces covering the ground, but this sort of feces is not harmful in any way apart from the extreme smell, which can be deadly after around two hours of exposure. The strip appears to be infinite in length and 300 km in width, hosting an aged wooden table that resembles a stereotypical worn down wooden table of the same length as the fecal strip. On this table are a variety of dishes that mostly resemble the sort of foods consumed in a royal court during the medieval period, which the plates the food is situated on cannot be moved or damaged by a human individual.

There are very few entities on this level, with the only entity present being a humanoid dressed in attire strikingly similar to that of waiters in high-end restaurants, however completely lacking in advanced body features outside of a pure black texture. These entities will appear spontaneously about 10 meters away from the table with the intent of either removing food that has been at least partially consumed, causing the food to vanish, or to place a different dish in the place of a removed dish.

The entities are completely docile unless an action by an individual hinders their ability to accomplish their task, whether it be trying to block their access to the table or by knocking food out of their hands. Once provoked, the servers will dismember the aggressor in a violent manner, subsequently causing the remains of the attacker and the entity to disappear. Once the entity is aggravated, the only way to prevent from being dismembered is to run away from the entity, which is not hard to do since these entities will only ever approach at walking speed regardless of the task at hand. The aggravated entity will give up on the chase after approximately a mile of chasing and will resume the task it was focusing on before it was aggravated. Interestingly, the entities will not attack if a section of the dishes were destroyed.

The dishes in question are situated on the standard white porcelain plates that are glued to the table, which contains no seating and appears to be out of place to the dirtied surroundings that the table situates on. The table is indestructible, while also being impossible to permanently stain, as any stains on the table will fade after about fifteen seconds of existing. Despite the varying size of each dish, each plate is of the exact same size and is both immovable by humans and indestructible.

The dishes in appearance are considered to be, as an unnamed explorer states, as "Extraordinarily appetizing, almost as if you would not mind to start eating regardless of how full you are," indicating the large temptation value of looking at such dishes. The food's aroma can be absorbed when standing right next to the table, covering the smell of the feces and further increasing the desire to consume it. Each dish has the capability of either transporting you to another level or carrying a negative effect on the body, and carries an otherworldly taste with it, indicating that the food is not of real world origin and is merely taking the appearance of real world food. A plate of feces can also be present, and will exert extreme discouragement in eating it, although it is completely safe to consume and has no taste. The food will not spoil unless partially consumed.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known Communities or Outposts on this level

Effects of consumption

Each type of dish has a different array of effects that are applied once partially consumed. There will never be multiple of the effects listed as a result of only eating one dish. Keep in mind that there are most likely effects that are not yet known. The known effects of each dish are as follows:

  • Roasted Chicken
    • Transport to Level 20
    • Flu-like symptoms
    • Severe stomach pain
    • Violent diarrhea
  • Various steaks, which fall under the same category of effects
    • Transport to Level 6
    • Cardiac Arrest, inevitably resulting in death within three minutes
    • Severe bleeding of the lungs and throat, will always result in death within the next hour
  • Various pastas
  • Mashed Potatoes
    • Transport to Level 58
    • Severe migraines
    • Bronchitis
    • Blindness
  • Fish of an unknown species
    • Will always result in an instant death
  • Baked bread
  • Turkey legs
    • Loss of Visual and Auditory senses
  • An unknown vegetable that appears along the lines of green beans
    • Transport to Level 10
    • Amnesia
    • Rupturing of the digestive tract, resulting in an instant death

Entrances And Exits:


Can be entered from any level by random chance on the act of falling asleep while malnourished and desiring food. It is also possible to enter by imagining yourself in a massive feast in Level 18, however does not always work unless you are imagining yourself eating alone.


There are many ways to leave, though the majority of methods are questionable at best. The most obvious choice is to take chances with the food, however this is never worth the risk with the majority of the dishes, as some will only transport to either a dangerous level or result in severe health issues, so it is only recommended to eat one of the plates of pasta. Reentering the door will lead to Level 998, but is not recommended either. Falling off of the fecal strip and into the white void below will always transport you to Level -9, which is simple to do since the entry door is at the very edge of the white strip. Falling asleep under the table will send you to Level 226.1. Diving into the table will result in you no-clipping to the negative levels.

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