Level 225
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Class 3

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The beginning of Level 225.

Level 225 is the 226th Level of the Backrooms. It is a series of service hallways with an unstable structure, which have destructive effects for any living being inside of them.


Upon entering Level 225, the Wanderer will find themselves in a concrete corridor which has tiled floors and white walls. On the ceiling, there is an 'Exit' sign, the backlight of which sometimes dims for a few seconds but is otherwise functional. Wanderers are advised to set a 15-minute timer. You can safely move around the Level for the next 15 minutes. After this 15-minute period elapses, the Level will begin to fix you. The Level's geometry will change to a vastly different orientation. The walls, floor, locked doors, and "Exit" sign will not change position, but the Level itself will look different. Such sudden but periodic changes are called cycles.


Level 225 during the fourth cycle.

Regardless of the number of cycles that have occurred, there is always at least one open door in the corridor the Wanderer will find themselves in that leads to another similar corridor, making the Level virtually endless. It is considered pointless to document each corridor, as the only stable structure in the Level is the beginning of your journey.

The Purification:

Level 225 has some unusual properties. At the beginning of each cycle, objects that are inside the Level will be cleaned. The effect is beneficial at first, but the longer Wanderers stay in Level 225, the smaller their chances are of emerging impure. A full list of the effects of each cycle is provided below.

Cycle 1-3

Wanderers will feel more cheerful. Their clothes become a little bit cleaner, and they smell better, as if they had just gotten out of the shower and applied cologne to themselves. Their hands are moisturized, and all small physical wounds on their body are entirely removed. Mechanical tools Wanderers may have on their person become much easier to work with, feeling like they had been cleaned and oiled, and all chargeable electronics a Wanderer is carrying become slightly recharged. Should one eat the food that they had on them prior to the cycle, they will find that it satiates them much better, becoming tastier and fresher even if it had previously expired or gone stale. The path to perfection has begun.

Cycle 4-5

Clothes the Wanderer is wearing look cleaner, as if they had been taken straight out of a dry cleaner. Machines and tools work better, as if they were fresh out of the factory. Knives become razor-sharp, and machines that the Wanderer has on them will work as if brand new. Electronics become fully charged and now perform better than they ever could have.

Cycle 6-8

At this point, Wanderers will begin to feel slightly distressed. They suddenly feel more perfect, their clothes start to fray in some areas, their electronics will turn on randomly, their tools and mechanisms become loose, and food they may have on them begins to harden.

Cycle 9-13

Wanderers will begin to feel sick at this point.1 Clothes are gradually torn, leather cracks and begins to crumble, fluff seems to melt away, and dense fabrics begin to unravel into smaller, simpler, more perfect fibres. Machines begin to crumble as well; friction forces between them become so low that the nuts that hold them together begin to slide off on their own, and the tension fasteners and wedges fall off the machine. Electrical appliances refuse to work, as their batteries cease to function and die. Food becomes extremely hard and tough to chew. Wanderers will begin feeling itchy, and dead skin begins to slide off their body at alarming rates.

Cycle 14-25

At this point, Wanderers will have most likely expired due to perfection, or the death of all of the body's cells. Since the bacteria that normally decompose corpses are eliminated, corpses do not get broken down after death, and they are perfectly preserved, as they were intended to be. All machines will fall apart into their elementary components, becoming impossible to assemble once again due to the fact that all parts spontaneously become so slippery that grabbing them from the ground is impossible. Clothes will completely break down at this point, turning into a mess of fabric and crumbs. The rest of the insignificant contraptions of mankind will have been disposed of.

Cycle 26-31

Your corpse will wither away; your body will have turned to meager bones and flesh. All your belongings, all your possessions, your memories, your mind, you. You will soon be turned to mere atoms, closer to the void than you could ever hope to be: Isolation, singularity, perfection.

Cycle 32

At this point, there will be absolutely nothing left of you. You have practically never existed. All that has been left of you is a clean spot on the floor. Everything you have brought here has vanished into oblivion, just like you have. This is how the Purifier works. This is how perfection is made. This is how you too can come close to the best possible version of yourself you could ever be.

It is yet unknown whether the decomposition that occurs with each cycle happens because of the Level's nature in itself, or if there is an independent Entity feeding off Wanderers this way.

But where did you get this idea that I feed on your kind?


The entrance to Level 4.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known bases, outposts, or communities on this Level.

Entrances and Exits:


  • You can get to the Level by entering the emergency exit in Level 33, but this is highly unlikely to occur since the probability of being transported to this Level from there is close to zero.
  • An easier way to enter this Level is through a door in Level 6.1 which is marked with 'Staff Only'.


  • Exiting from the door you came from is the most reliable and advisable way to exit Level 225.
  • Following the 'Exit' signs scattered throughout the Level will lead you to a door with a wide, green sticker. Entering said door will send you to Level 4.
  • During the 7th cycle, you will occasionally find a beige-coloured door, which is visibly different from the rest of the doors in the Level. This door will lead to Level 60.

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