Level 222

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Class Integral

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Level 222 is the 223rd Level of the Backrooms. What was once an art gallery, has been renovated into a museum/library. I am curator and manager of the Level.


If you are wondering who I am, my name is Leo Castellos. You can go read my entry file that I turned into an autobiography of sorts. Anyways, this is my home and museum. I made this as a place to house and share all the knowledge and specimens about entities.

The museum has three floors, each with a main area and four adjacent areas on each floor, creating an X shape. The first floor houses mainly houses displays for specimens and general information. The second floor contains an archive of everything I've learned about this reality. The third floor is partially closed off, as that's where I live. This place was once an art gallery, but I wiped the place clean and used it for my own purposes. If you're interested, I stored all the paintings away.


One of the display cases.

I have an office, but it's quite a mess to be honest. If you're ever stopping by and can't find me, I'm probably in there. I have a sign outside the door in case I'm sleeping. I probably should have mentioned this earlier but feel free to stop by. I didn't make this all for myself, you know. All I ask is you don't steal anything and don't enter restricted areas.

Most entities you can find info about, I probably have something about them in the info center… or centre? How do you spell it? Either way, feel free to look at what I have written about each entry. If you have new discoveries, please bring them to me, I would be delighted to see them.


My attempt at cataloging everything.

I usually try my best to get specimens of entities, but I will never go out of my way to kill one for this reason. If there is no specimen of an entity, it's either because there's only one in existence, I am unable to find one, or it is extremely dangerous. I would try to make replicas, but I can't do sculptures. I do have illustrations of them, however.

I've been trying my hardest to organize everything, but it's really hard to sort centuries of notes. It's hard to show humor in text without using informal phrases. That first sentence was meant to be humorous but I couldn't figure out how to convey that. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, I'd be glad to help.

Bases, Communities, and Outposts:

It's just me. I sometimes hold meetings for The Lost here as I am affiliated with them. I do appreciate company, though. If you can, bring some scones, specifically Cherry Honey flavored ones. Do keep in mind, I am allergic to dogs, so please keep them out of this Level.

I am not interested in anybody else living here, so please do not request this. It was already a huge pain to renovate this whole place, and I will not redo it.

Entrances and Exits:


You can enter this level by finding and holding any art museum brochure found in Level 46, Level 11, Level 158, and Level 201. You can find these in other levels, but they only seem to function in those specified. Finding a door labelled "Science Room 202 Storage" and entering within Level 190 will also bring you here.


Entering any door marked "EXIT" will bring you to Level 198. I don't recommend this exit unless you want to go skydiving. Exiting through the automatic entrance door will bring you to Level 302.

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