Level 220
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Class 4

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Only recovered image of Level 220.

Level 220 is the 221st level of the Backrooms.


Level 220 consists of lightless tunnels made of dirt and stone. To see within these tunnels, a wanderer must bring a flashlight or other light source. The tunnels can be extremely claustrophobic and go in bizarre directions. For example, some will go straight up or down, and some will have extreme angles. The surface of these tunnels feel like dirt and stone, hard packed and dense in some areas, or soft and malleable in others. However, trying to dig through the walls is very difficult due to the noise-attracting entities and the threat of collapsing dirt. This maze of dirt and stone seems to punish those that try to cheat it, either with vicious entities or a tomb of dirt.

The tunnels appear to go on endlessly, but they seem to be static, as attempts by The M.E.G. to create maps have proven successful. If a section of tunnel seems familiar, it is plausible that an exit could be nearby. There are a few known exits in mapped sections, but it is still very easy to get lost should a wanderer stray beyond any mapped areas.

Staying in this stoney maze for too long poses the risk of being found by the many entities that live in the level. However, the entities that inhabit the level vary in hostility. Some are harmless, and others will kill any human they find on sight. There are Clumps, Hounds, and Chimeras— Chimeras being one of three entities unique to this level and the most common entity to find. The other two unique entities function as a pair with only one of each in the Backrooms. These being the self-named Dr. Bellaphron and his strange, dog-like, personal Chimera known as Pegasus. They explore the level, Dr. Bellaphron illuminating the dark tunnels with his lantern and Pegasus using its keen nose to sniff out potential victims which the good doctor turns into horrid Chimeras.


The Chimeras
The Chimeras appear to be made of mismatched animal and even entity parts (to include Clumps, Hounds, Facelings, Skin Stealers, Bone Thieves, Dullers, Death Rats, Plague Goblins, Dentists, Wranglers, Carnies, Servants, Jack-O-Burgers and even Macchina in older Chimeras, crudely stitched and stapled together and suffering in their horrid forms. They seem to live in constant pain, as it appears they have been frankensteined together. Chimeras can be completely harmless or viciously hostile. Some are so aggressive that they will even attack other Chimera. Whether a Chimera will be friendly or murderous is completely up to chance. Wanderers have documented a few Chimera that were friendly enough to be closely observed. They report that some Chimera don’t have a discernible front or back and some don’t even have a recognizable head.

Before the discoveries made by Kida T. there were only speculations on the nature and purpose of the Chimeras. It was thought that the Chimeras were being made, as some of them seemed more “fresh” than others, but there was no real idea about who or what was making them. Many who enter the level do not return, so evidence about the Chimeras was limited. Some researchers in The M.E.G. made the bold claim that the Chimeras were an attempt to meld human and animals together, but this theory was dismissed as being far-fetched, however, research by Kida T. has led some credence to this theory.

Pegasus appears to be an exceptional Chimera, and it possesses greater intelligence than any other Chimera and can track anything within the endless maze of dirt using its keen scent. It has the head of a doberman dog, functionless wings from an eagle, a torso of a leopard, and an assortment of legs from different animals including a pig, a komodo dragon, an ape, and a kangaroo. Lastly, its tail is that of a horse. Pegasus is notably more well-put together than other Chimeras, able to walk and run smoothly in comparison to the less fortunate Chimeras, who shamble in a grotesque manner. Pegasus obeys any command given to it by its master, Dr. Bellerophon. Should Dr. Bellerophon command Pegasus to attack, Pegasus will do so. It is not known if Pegasus can navigate the level on its own or not, but if Pegasus is spotted, Dr. Bellerophon is not far behind.

Dr. Bellerophon
This entity appears to be the only one able to navigate this level gracefully and effectively, a tall but frail figure in a white cloak. The doctor is described as wearing a white Grim Reaper’s cloak that has pockets like a doctor’s coat. His face cannot be seen under the hood due to low light and a large hood, but his limbs are visibly thin and pale, with veins clearly showing under the sickly, tight skin even in the low light of his lantern. His lantern lights his way, and he is consistently speaking or otherwise making sound as he explores. The lantern appears to never dim or brighten, a long stick with a glass box inside a metal frame hanging from the top that is a constant source of neverending light. He has spared the life of only one known explorer from the M.E.G., even having a conversation with her. This explorer, Kida T., described Dr. Bellerophon and Pegasus in detail in her logs when she met him, these logs being the only record of the doctor and his horrible companion.

Dr. Bellerophon claims to create the abominations that shuffle around the dirt corridors of Level 220, his laboratory in a faraway section that only he knows the way to. Kida T. took the opportunity to learn as much as she could about the entities in question, asking as many questions she could think of in the time she managed to converse with Dr. Bellphron. In the logs, the self-proclaimed doctor refused to divulge his methods of creating the Chimeras, and instead says he expects to find a successor that can find their own way. At this point Kida T. voluntarily ended the conversation, apparently not pleased with this development. She has been asked what the entity could possibly mean in their conversation, but she refused to answer.

Researchers within the M.E.G. are forced to only speculate instead.
The two log transcripts that had been recorded in Level 220 are below, and are the last two logs that Kida T. ever recorded for her personal log series into her explorations for the M.E.G.


The two log transcripts that had been recorded in this location are below, and are the last two logs that Kida T. ever recorded for her personal log series in her explorations for the MEG. Kida T. has allowed the M.E.G. to listen to these logs for insight in Level 220.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no bases, outposts, or communities due to limited sources of consistent power for light and constant attacks by Chimera entities and the occasional Hounds and Clumps.

Many mapping efforts have been to find the doctor’s lab, hoping to make it a safe space given the logs detailing that Chimera cannot reach the lab after creation.

Entrances And Exits

Random trapdoors into Level 220 will appear in Level 8, apartments in Level 13, and even in some places around Level 215. Leaving Level 220 is much riskier; even though trapdoors are fixed in certain sections of the level, they teleport wanderers to a random level upon entry.

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