Level 215
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One of the many streets of Level 215.

Consisting of an entirely self-contained section of a large seaside town by the name of “Harborside View”, Level 215 gets its notoriety from the intrinsic, thick layer of fog around the town, and the existence of a waterfront around most of the town.


Level 215 is a small collection of various downtown streets and avenues surrounded by a waterfront. It is a finite space, its sky permanently darkened and dimmed by a permeating, dreary fog. Structures found in the level are comparable to those found in most North American towns or cities, and despite any proper population to maintain it, the infrastructure and buildings within the town are still in a serviceable state.

The namesake of the town–-the Harbor-–is separate from the slightly worn asphalt of the town’s usual streets. The cracked concrete and soaked wood of the few docks pose no remarkable qualities or uses, having no ships of any type docked. Presumably being one of the edges of the level, the miasma is thickest against the dock, thinning the further into town a wanderer goes.

The majority of buildings, shops, and structures in town are inaccessible and locked, their windows seemingly made of a glossy, indestructible stone substance designed to mimic glass. Interestingly, most items, structures, and objects within the level appear to be made of the same material. Regardless, most devices and items act as they should. Streetlights and traffic signals still light up, buildings still have power, and appliances work without issues. This includes fridges, which seem to have a constant yet mysterious stream of moldy (yet replenishing) foods and beverages1.

Multiple notable locations exist within Level 215, but major locales that are known to exist within the deeper fog of Harborside View have tendencies to be survival hazards, due to entity infestations brought on by the town’s haze. This also applies to other buildings found deeper in the fog.

Compounding all this, Level 215 is home to a swath of hostile entities. It is recommended to avoid places that could lead one to Level 215 due to its dangers. Common entities like Hounds and the occasional Smiler can be found roaming Harborside’s streets, though a more common form of danger is the self-contained Pained Canvases, and the unique phenomena known as “rusting”.


Pained Canvases:

A general name for a category of corrosive entities contained within Harborside. They are described to be humanoid figures with bodies textured similar to taught plastic sheets and bagged meat. They appear in many heights and sizes, lacking any features or prominent appendages aside from contorted stumps as their arms and twisted legs. The bodies of the Pained Canvases are contorted and stuck, with layers of tarp-like skin tightly entrapped in presumed agony. The whole surface of these entities’ bodies are off-putting shades of beiges and tans. Sores and faint purple-blue veins mark the sickly skin of the writhing and pained canvases.

Canvases pursue prey based on sound. According to firsthand sightings and reports, the Pained Canvases are a creation of rusting, birthed from the walls in a groaning stagger. When unaware of any foreign presence, or alone, these entities wander aimlessly in an eternal search for something to fight. Lacking proper movement, Pained Canvases are only dangerous in enclosed spaces and large groups, which they will often be in. Bludgeoning via the upper bodies is the preferred method of attack by Canvases, aided by the rust-like substance secreted by their festering wounds.


Thought to be a reaction involving the material which makes up the fabric of Level 215, rusting–as some people call it–is a process in which oxidization of surfaces within rooms occurs2. Upon entering indoor areas such as homes, stores, and other spaces in Harborside View, walls and furniture within the mundane spaces will grow veiny patterns of red-brown, caustic rust. Touching the growths of rust can result in the corrosion and melting of most substances including skin, fabrics, plastics, and metals with haste, leaving a dark steaming paste with viscous properties.

The chance of rusting occurring is entirely up to chance, regardless of how many people enter a space. It is unknown what the cause of rusting is, but the main theory is that it is a reaction from the stone material that makes up the entire level. Unfortunately, samples cannot be taken to verify this claim due to the rust’s caustic nature.

Deeper Fog:

The deeper fog is a term generally targeted towards the obstructive, soupy mist bordering the downtown region of Level 215. Buildings on the edge and within the deeper fog are subject to infestations in the form of decay and hostile entities. While visibility within the deeper fog is possible, to an extent, the deeper a wanderer or individual goes, the thicker the fog becomes.

Additionally, rusting will extend to outdoor regions, becoming ever-present the further into the deeper fog someone is. This outdoor rust is not only a spawning source for Pained Canvases in the outdoors of Harborside View, but this rusting is also far more widespread and almost all-encompassing. Streets, sidewalks, buildings—all are at the mercy of rusting deep within the haze.

Places of Note and Outposts


A view of the exterior of The Harbor Oyster Hotel.

The Harbor Oyster Hotel:

Despite the inhospitable nature of Level 215, The Harbor Oyster Hotel is the closest to what wanderers would call an outpost. The few people who choose to live within the level inhabit the hotel’s rooms, using them as their own homes or places of shelter from the miasma and mist, since the size of Harbor Oyster Hotel makes it hard for the fog to permeate deep into its halls. The main lobby serves as a secure point, obstructed by tables, chairs, nightstands, beds, and other room furniture acting as a makeshift barricade. Members working for a “Jodi Stringer” maintain law and order, dispatching the various Canvases which might arise within the derelict halls and rooms.

Jodi themself is proclaimed to be an ex-member of the original M.E.G. team which discovered Level 215 and operates a so-called “bar and grill” in the hotel’s dilapidated dining room. Miss Stinger maintains their rule within The Harborside Oyster, controlling who is allowed space and food using her group of loyal followers to carry out orders. Admission to Harbor Oyster Hotel is only granted to those vetted and permitted by the survivors working there, and payments or trades of various items are expected to gain any favor. Food and drinks are provided, though these consist of meals made of moldy things found within safe areas of Harborside View. Fresh foods are considered a commodity.


An image taken by a wanderer of the parking lot outside of Harborside Pitch.

Harborside Pitch:

On the edge of the endless void of thick gloom around Harborside View is a vacant baseball stadium known as Harborside Pitch. Due to the stadium itself being mostly outdoors, visibility is low. The inner corridors and bleachers house shambling Pained Canvases, sourced from the deeper fog neighboring the structure and field which has a similar level of deeper fog. Despite the dangers, wanderers–and in effect–those trying to gain access to the Harbor Oyster Hotel are often sent to search the concession stands of Harborside Pitch for food and drinks. Concessions found at the stands are of no better quality than those in any other house, though stale fries and popcorn are considered unique to the Harborside Pitch Stadium.


A large grocery store on the edge of the downtown section of Harborside, the building known as Save-A-Bunch is visibly more rundown than most other structures in town. The white and blue exterior of the building lost its luster long ago, and the paint peels and chips. Inside, Save-A-Bunch is permeated by an overwhelmingly foul stench originating from the rotting goods.

Being on the border of the deeper fog and Level 215 proper, the building is subject to immediate rusting regardless of the number of people entering. Due to the rusting, the automatic doors of the building sometimes refuse to work for periods ranging from a few seconds to nearly half an hour. Much like with other locations in Harborside View, entities inhibit the Save-A-Bunch, only made worse by the rusting. The few people who attempt to enter Save-A-Bunch only do so because of the medicine that can be found on the back shelves; one of the only two places with medicine on Level 215.

Harborside General Hospital:

Within the deeper fog lies the Harborside General Hospital, it is rarely accessible due to its often dormant state, and those who enter it scarcely return. It is believed that deeper fog causes the building to enter a state of dormancy in which it cannot be entered, similar to all tertiary buildings within the deeper fog. The little documentation that has been recorded indicates that the inside is a completely corroded and unrecognizable metallic interior. Furnishings and items regardless of perceived material also take on a rusted metal appearance. Various forms of Pained Canvases roam the interior of Harborside General, acting in an odd way as patrons to the now-ruined hospital.

Entrances And Exits


  • Entering the glass panel skyscraper at the end of the bus ride on Level 147 and entering one of its corridors can take wanderers right into the Harbor Oyster Hotel’s lobby.
  • Leaving a house on Level 9 has a slim chance of taking wanderers into Level 215.
  • Sleeping on Level 399 can result in being dropped off at the waterfront near the Harbor Oyster Hotel.
  • Entering backroads and alleyways in Level 11 has a small chance of noclipping wanderers into Level 215.
  • Falling asleep in a taxi on Level 11 can noclip wanderers into Level 215.


  • Walking through the fog at the edges of Level 215 has a chance of taking wanderers to Level 9.
  • Entering Harborside Pitch’s gates on rare occasions will immediately transport wanderers to Level 167.
  • Rooms in the Harbor Oyster Hotel can sometimes open to Level 974, or noclip wanderers to Level 13.
  • Leaving Save-A-Bunch sometimes results in noclipping back to Level 9, Level 11, or Level 399.
  • When wanderers enter other non-noteworthy buildings, they can be taken to Level 1, 52, or 109.
  • Rumors from Jodi and others say that reaching Level 100 is possible by jumping into the harbor’s waters.

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